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Glamorous Lisa Haydon Lifestyle: Her Success Story

Glamorous Lisa Haydon Lifestyle: Her Success Story

Lisa Haydon Lifestyle

Elisabeth Marie Haydon, usually known as Lisa Haydon or Lisa Haydon Lalwani is an international model, an Indian actress, and a television presenter who has mostly appeared in Bollywood movies. After marriage to Dino Lalwani in 2016, Lisa has been keeping their distance from the cameras. But her lifestyle is something that interests a lot of people.

Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Verve, Vogue, Femina, and Hello! are the names of some popular magazines on the covers of which Lisa has made an appearance. Lisa Hayden has previously been the face of Lakme.

From being a psychology student, wanting to be a yoga instructor to taking up modeling for the payment of bills and later making it her profession and getting into Bollywood films. Life has been like a ride for Lisa Hayden.

Lisa’s Endorsement with Global Brands 

Endorsing global brands such as Pantene, Yves Saint Laurent, Sephora, Biore, Versace, etc make Lisa Hayden’s lifestyle pretty lavish. A look through Lisa’s Instagram account makes one feel that she cannot do without going to a beach and enjoying a relaxed day soaking in the sunlight.

Though maintaining a distance from the big screen for a while now, Lisa Haydon has been keeping her fans updated regarding her amazing lifestyle. Reportedly, her net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 million dollars.

Being on a beach vacation, surfing, and enjoying plane rides are all explained by a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. But the truth of the fact is that Lisa has earned all this through her hard work and determination and dedication.

One of her picturesque posts on her official Instagram account shows Lisa on her way to board a private jet along with one of her sons to a snowy destination. This picture is like a treat to the eyes and a dream of millions of girls out there. Having to afford a trip on the private jet makes one realize the level of her richness.

Lisa Haydon Lifestyle

The Trained Bharatnatyam Dancer

Lisa is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and has also worked under Bollywood choreographer Shiamak Davar for a few years and later got an education in acting as well. Being a mother of three kids, Lisa has managed to stay in shape and is balancing her work life while managing her private life which is truly commendable and incredible.

It is evident through her social media posts that Lisa Hayden is a water baby and enjoys surfing in exotic locations. Not all can manage to look this good while doing a risky and scary sport such as water surfing but Lisa is someone different and so she easily manages to look calm while doing such a water sport not just once but several other times.

Lisa Haydon Instagram Account 

Lisa Haydon Lifestyle

In two of her Instagram posts, Lisa is seen doing baking and the other chores in her kitchen which have also appeared on the cover pages of a famous magazine. Her kitchen interiors look minimal but classy and elegant. It gives a very modern and modular look to the whole kitchen that is visible through the pictures that have been posted.

In another picture posted during the Christmas season of 2019, Lisa has shared a glimpse of her lavish dining table. With candles, fancy glasses, and beautiful Christmas decorations, Lisa must have had a good time with her loved ones and one can take ideas from this picture regarding their decorations this Christmas season.

Flaunting an apple iPhone 12 max in a mirror selfie, showing her pregnant belly is something that not all individuals can afford to do. But Lisa can and she has done it. She is seen in a messy hair bun, a turtle neck dress, and metal earrings in this picture and it seems like she clicked the picture while she was in the hospital. Well, I must say that ‘mama has got the looks’.

The Glamorous Side of Lisa Haydon


Lisa Haydon LIfestyle

Now let’s get to the point where we actually see the glamorous side of Lisa Haydon. In a picture dated back in 2019, Lisa is seen wearing a yellow shimmery dress with a slit in between the legs, black high heels and a side partitioned, layered hairdo. Even with a dress having a low neckline, Lisa looks confident enough and has completely pulled off the outfit which is from an award show.

Well, Lisa is not wearing much makeup nor is she wearing many accessories and she has a very simple hairstyle in the look mentioned above and yet she manages to look elegant in this look. A must-try for the girls who are ready to be in bold outfits or who want to try and explore such an outfit.

Lisa Haydon Lifestyle

Isn’t red a bold statement color? Very well, it is and Lisa definitely has created a strong statement with this red two-piece suit and red lip color, and her short hair. On her trip to Japan, Lisa looks ready to influence others with her fashion sense and improve their levels of fashion.

How would you feel I you got to celebrate the festival of lights, that is, Diwali on one of the topmost buildings of New York from where you can see the other high-rise buildings shine bright in the dark at night? The thought of imagining this situation itself is so fantastic and now imagine how Lisa would have felt after experiencing the same. Wow! Beyond incredible it would be. Right?

A light pink lehenga with some golden work on it and a similar dupatta with a shimmery silver blouse is the apt thing she could have worn in order to make her own self shine among those brightly lit buildings of New York.

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Well, to be honest, Lisa Haydon has shared more of her pictures from her real life, unlike other celebrities who prefer sharing pictures only from the glamorous parts of their lives where they usually fake their personalities but we believe it is the opposite in Lisa Haydon’s life by looking at the way Lisa Haydon’s lifestyle is.

Summing up 

This makes me happy with the fact that though Lisa Haydon’s lifestyle is something that is truly filled with richness, she prefers living it on her own terms and unlike others, she does not boast about the things she owns and also keeps her family in her top priorities.









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