Best 10 Long Kurti With Jeans That Are Trending In 2023

  • Below we have listed some of the most recent variations of Kurti styles for women that pair well with jeans. Women of all ages adore these long Kurti with jeans for girls that feature a design of jeans
long Kurti with jeans

Today, a long Kurti with jeans can be the best way to make a fashion statement anywhere. Kurtis is the best way to look classy and casual at traditional events and casual get-togethers. Patialas or Kurti worn with leggings may appear far too conventional for trying something new; we could wear jeans or a kurta.

It is effective in a wide range of contexts and scenarios. Additionally, there is a variety of long Kurti with jeans to choose from. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind appearance, you can wear Jeans top Kurti to work. The styles of long kurtas and jeans that every woman should have are listed below.

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Best long Kurti with jean ideas for office and work look

This chic long Kurti with jeans is perfect for a unique, sophisticated appearance at any event or location.

1. Long Kurti With Side Slits

Wear this stunning navy blue long Kurti with jeans for casual occasions. Despite the fact that it is a long kurti, the long side slit lends it a more casual appearance than is typical.

long Kurti with jeans
long Kurti with jeans with side slit

If you pair it with your favourite pair of jeans, you can achieve a stunning appearance. Additionally, it is significantly more comfortable than short tops.

2. Long Kurta For A Party

When you want to look like a traditional partygoer, this stunning long kurti with jeans is ideal. It is the ideal amalgamation of contemporary fashion and traditional styles.

This kurta can make you the centre of attention at any event when paired with jeans that are slightly ripped and high heels. Its beauty is enhanced by the long slit and distinctive high neck pattern.

3. Buttoned Kurta 

Wearing a long kurta with buttons and jeans can really transform your wardrobe. It is simple to wear to formal settings like workplaces, offices, and colleges.

It has a longer, buttoned pattern than the majority of kurtas, making it look more like a long shirt than a kurta. Additionally, the kurta’s plain, light appearance suggests a formal appearance.

4. Long Semi-sheer Kurti

The semi-sheer pattern on the long Kurti makes it look even better, and the one in red colour is the best among all the colours to wear with Kurtis. This jeans kurta is ideal for all casual occasions.

long Kurti with jeans
long Kurti with jeans with semi-sheer design

This chic long Kurti with jeans and a flowy pattern and beautiful colour can make you look amazing on a date.

5. Kurta With Multiple Slits

This orange kurta with multiple slits is a recent party trend. At any event, this ladies’ kurta with jeans can put you in the spotlight. This kurta’s vibrant orange colour makes it look extremely stylish and trendy, making it ideal for girls in their 20s and beyond.

6. Long Denim Kurta

When worn over jeans, a denim kurta can create a very creative look. The ladies’ blue kurta with jeans can transform your entire look into a fashion statement. This Kurti has an amazing appearance due to its distinctive pocketed pattern.

7. Front Slit Kurta

The front-slit kurta is the most recent style for ladies’ jeans and kurtas. This front-slit kurta can make a fashion statement at any party or event. This long Kurti with its floral print, beautiful cream colour, and jeans give an elegant but fun look. This kurta is appropriate for any occasion.

8. Long Up-and-down Kurta

This ladies’ kurta with jeans is ideal for all occasions. The Kurtis looks very trendy and stylish thanks to the contemporary printing style. The combination of the kurta and jeans looks very trendy and modern.

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long Kurti with jeans
long Kurti with jeans: Long Up-and-down Kurt

The kurta can also be worn to the office because of its straightforward, light colours.

9. Traditional Kurta 

This long, a-line kurta has a really classic vibe. This kurta is very classy thanks to the unique high neck pattern and up-down pattern with jeans. The pattern on this jeans kurta is very contemporary; it is ideal for festivals and has a more traditional appearance.

10. Jacket Kurti 

long Kurti with jeans
long Kurti with jeans and jacket

This is a fashionable and original style of wearing a long Kurti with jeans. This Kurti can be worn over any plain t-shirt like a jacket. This is an extremely stylish and exquisite piece. It can be worn to rock any social event or party.


These are some of the most recent variations of Kurti styles for women that pair well with jeans. Women of all ages adore these long Kurti with jeans for girls that feature a design of jeans. Therefore, if you’re stuck on what to wear or don’t know what to wear at all, pick one of the above-mentioned designs of long Kurti with jeans and make a fashion statement right away.

Combine a long Kurti with jeans for a look that is effortlessly chic. Everywhere you go, people will notice the pretty, subtle combination. You can wear a variety of jeans-and-top Kurtis to various events and locations. For any occasion, these ladies’ jeans and kurtas are an extremely comfortable choice.

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