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How Long Does Lipstick Last? Want To Know More, Click

How Long Does Lipstick Last? Want To Know More, Click


Lipstick is a pigmented and coloured cosmetic that is designed to be applied on the lips from a small-sized solid stick. It has now become an essential part of every individual’s makeup collection. A lipstick can either make or break the look on an individual’s face.

It does not just apply colour to the lips but it also adds texture and protects the lips. A lipstick can also provide moisture to the lips with the appropriate amount of ingredients in it and that is why individuals love it. But how long can a lipstick last?

This question arises from the very fact that some individuals prefer to have their lipstick on or intact for a lot of hours and do not get smudged away. Individuals nowadays look for a lipstick that is long-lasting as it does not make them worry about reapplying another layer and is also hassle-free and convenient. A lip shade just enhances the features of an individual’s face and even with absolutely no makeup and just the lipstick an individual can manage to look flawless but the opposite scenario will not look the same.

The history of a lipstick

A look back at the history of lipsticks says that the ancient Summerland and Indus Valley men and women were probably the first to invent lipstick and later use it. This is dated back to around five thousand years ago from the present time. It is said that they used gemstones to decorate their lips and the area around the eyes by crushing those stones. Later, during Cleopatra’s time, the red colour on the lips was obtained by crushing bugs. Later the red lac and beeswax were used for obtaining the red colour on the lips.


A fun fact is that in earlier times, lip shade got its shimmery texture through a pearlescent substance that is found in the scales of a fish. Beeswax was later used in making lipstick in an effort to protect the delicate skin of the lips, by the Chinese. It is believed that lipsticks got their fragrance when an essential oil was added to them in order on making the mouth an enticing factor.

How long does lipstick last?

A lipstick can only last according to the ingredients in it and if the individual wearing it is careful while the lipstick is still on their lips. By ingredients, it meant the product needed to keep a lipstick smudge-proof, waterproof and sweatproof. Well, all this seems a lot to expect from a small-sized makeup product like lipstick. So here are some ways in which an individual can make their lipstick last longer than usual.

Firstly, using a lip balm to moisturize your lips before the application of lip shade is important and is the first step toward a long-lasting lip shade. Secondly, applying a lip liner on the borders of the lips and the inner corners is also quite essential. Thirdly, only if one can layer the lipstick well, then can it be long lasting.


If you are a fan of a long-lasting matte lipstick then here’s the trick for you. Grab some loose powder or translucent face powder on a brush while placing a thin layer of tissue on your lips. Next, dap that powder over the tissue on your lips that already has lip shade on it. This will ensure that the lipstick turns into a matte and long-lasting flawless lipstick that is also transfer-proof.

Well, not sure if you are aware of this fact but oils tend to break down the lipsticks so one has to make sure that while eating or while consuming anything that contains oil, they should eat smaller bites of the food and avoid the cutlery and food from touching their lips.

The various modern-day uses of a lip shade

In today’s time, everything is so fast and no one has the time for anything other than their schedule. Everyone has a tightly packed schedule a so prefer things that can be of multiple-use or things that can be used in multiple ways so as to save time, energy and effort and so the makeup industry is trying to evolve its products to keep up with the very same demands of their customers. And since lipstick is one of the best and highest selling products in the makeup industry.

These can be used in a variety of different ways such as a blush, as a colour correcter for the pigmented areas of the face, as a contour, as an eyeliner and even as an eye shadow colour. Since there are several shades, textures and prices available for lipsticks one can easily choose one according to their convenience.


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Starting with the blush, it is generally used over the apples of the cheeks and to add a flush of colour over the plain or pale face. A cream blush is the most preferred type of blush these days as it is easy and quick to blend into the skin. So, a cream-based lip shade in any shade of red, pink or orange will be perfect as a blush on the face. This will give a naturally flushed look to the face.

As a colour correcter, lip shade can help to hide any hyperpigmentation or the dark spots or even dark circles of the eyes which the other makeup products will not be able to do. So for that, one can use red or orange lipstick depending upon their skin tone and then cover it up with a foundation and a concealer or vice versa.

A contour helps the face to look more defined and it lifts up the cheekbones and gives the face a much more angular look than before. For this to happen, a lip shade with a brown shade that is comparatively darker than an individual’s skin tone is to be used on the face and it would be even easier if the lip shade is cream-based.

Summing up

An eyeliner creates a good and impressive look over the eyes and makes them look attractive in nature while adding beauty to the face. An eyeliner can enhance the beauty of the face if applied according to the shape of the eyes and in the right style and thickness. A long-lasting liquid lip shade of any shade will be a perfect smudge-proof eyeliner that can be worn all day and adds a pop of colour to the eyes and makes one look cool and interesting.

Bullet lip shade can make some of the best eye shadows that are easy to blend and even remove. They can be easily reapplied and are even buildable. Such colours won’t cause damage to the eyes as it does not involve the strokes of a harsh brush nor does it involve powdery residue that can spoil the rest of the makeup on the face. So, any colour of lipstick will be just fine as an eye shadow on the face.

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