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Easy Makeup Brush Guide: 13 Brush You Need To Invest In

Easy Makeup Brush Guide: 13 Brush You Need To Invest In

  • You should start using makeup brush to apply your makeup RIGHT AWAY if you don't already. We provide a beginner's guide with a list of makeup brush and their applications so you can style your face like a true pro.
Makeup Brush Guide

A nice set of makeup brushes should be at the top of your list of must-have accessories because your beauty routine is only as successful as the tools at your disposal. With their advice, you can master a smoldering smoky eye, fake supermodel-sequel cheekbones, and cover up an unexpected zit like a pro. It can be tough to choose from the various makeup brush that are offered on the market. To clear up this confusion for you, we are here.

According to Dani Kimiko Vincent, owner of KIMIKO beauty and a well-known celebrity makeup and brow artist, having the proper cosmetic brushes in your collection allows you to be far more versatile, create countless styles, and set color more precisely. Use this guide as a shopping list, follow Vincent’s advice to learn what each brush’s strange bristles are for, or use it to learn the makeup application instructions we’ve provided for each brush.

How Should I Use It? Which Brush Should I Choose?

You should start using makeup brush to apply your makeup RIGHT AWAY if you don’t already. We provide a beginner’s guide with a list of makeup brush and their applications so you can style your face like a true pro.

1. The Foundation Brush

Makeup Brush Guide: Foundation brush
Makeup Brush Guide

The tapered edges are ideal for smoothly blending cream and liquid makeup into nose corners. It works well for establishing coverage for a more flawless appearance and will stop the embarrassing streaking effect. Use it to apply the product with downward strokes.

2.The Concealer Brush

You can conceal flaws around the face’s contours by blending with a flat, rounded brush. Apply creamy concealer using one side, flip it over, and use the other side to smooth away in the under-eye area and around fine lines and spots.

3. The Blush brush

Makeup Brush Guide
Makeup Brush Guide: Blushbrush

You need to pick up color and sweep it on for that rosy glow with this gentle, domed bristle brush. When applying colour, use short, circular strokes that are directed towards your hairline while smiling to assist accentuate the apples of your cheeks.

4. A lip brush

For enhancing your pucker, use these little brushes. The color comes out deeper and more precisely when bright lipsticks are applied using a brush rather than directly from the tube, which is why experts do it that way. Additionally, it keeps your gorgeous color from fading and prevents creasing.

5. Eyeshadow Brush

Makeup Brush Guide
Makeup Brush Guide: Eyeshadow brush

This little, firm brush that deposits colour effortlessly along your lids is essential if you’re a girl who loves to make her eyes sparkle. Apply any eyeshadow with it to give the pigments a deeper appearance than they do when you apply it with your fingertips.

6. Using the Smudge/Blending Brush

It is ideal for blending in makeup, especially around the creases of the eyes, due to its small bristles’ ability to smudge color in concentrated areas. It is also essential for mixing colors, giving it the secret weapon for perfecting the look-at-me smoky eye.

7. A powder brush

Makeup Brush Guide
Makeup Brush Guide: Powder brush

The powder brush, which is the most typical brush included in most makeup kits, is excellent for lightly dusting on powder foundation or translucent powder to set your entire look. Use it all over your face to evenly blend and set your makeup so it lasts longer.

8. The contour brush

This is precisely what you need to add more definition and let those cheekbones stand out. Use it to sweep shimmer, highlighter, or bronzer across your cheekbones, along the sides of your cheeks, and to draw attention to your brow bone.

Use it to smooth the sides of the bridge of your nose as well for a more sculpted appearance. Applying highlighter gives you a lovely shine, especially when light catches the angles of your face.

9. Brush Stippler

Applying foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, and highlighters can all be done with this multi-purpose brush. It is useful for applying liquid and cream products in addition to this. Therefore, girls, be sure to have this blush because it obviously has many uses.

10. Fan Brush

Major applications for these brushes include applying highlighters, bronzing powders, or even tinted moisturisers. This brush can also be used to remove any excess makeup that may have remained on your face.

11. Eyeliner Brush

This brush makes it easier for you to apply eyeliner precisely so that your wing liner is flawless. It can be applied to creamy, gel, or liquid eyeliners. Using a straight line on your eyelid, you can also do this to apply eyeshadow. It gives your eyeliner a softer, more natural appearance.

12. Shader’s Brush

A delicate and fluffy brush is necessary while applying bronzer. This bronzer brush accomplishes this and aids in applying colour behind the cheekbones with a single stroke. The brush’s delicate bristles help to evenly distribute the proper amount of colour, creating a natural-looking effect.

13. Brush Or Spoolie For Mascara

For taking care of your eyelashes, there are several mascara wands available. You may easily reach the shorter lashes with a tapered mascara wand. The eyelashes can be curled using a curved mascara wand. Your eyelashes would be thicker after using a thicker wand to apply mascara.


You now know which makeup brush to use for smoky eyes and which to use for contouring, but cleaning your brushes frequently is also an essential component of your beauty routine. Every time you use a makeup brush, bacteria, oil, debris, and remnants of makeup get caught between the bristles and are transmitted to your skin, which may explain why your pores suddenly start to clog up and you start breaking out.

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If you use your brushes frequently, aim to clean them once a week. You just need to follow these easy steps:

Step 1: To remove any remaining makeup, rinse the bristles of your brush under lukewarm water.

Step 2: Take a bowl, add a few drops of shampoo, tepid water, and then dip and swirl your brushes in the basin.

Step 3: Water rinsing.

Step 4: Wipe them down with a gentle towel and lay them out to dry.

Hope this blog gave you some ideas on a perfect makeup brush guide with every small details required. Don’t forget to subscribe our new letter to receive instant notification of what we post. 


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