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10 Makeup Hacks for Eyes Quick And Easy

10 Makeup Hacks for Eyes Quick And Easy

Makeup Hacks for Eyes

Looking for some quick and easy makeup hacks for eyes, here you have landed on the right page. Makeup is an important part of the beauty regimen since it helps to hide the dark spots and pigmentation or any flaws over your skin and give it a flawless and looking look.

Applying eye shadow enhances the makeup and gives drama and definition to the eyes. But not all people are good at applying eye shadow and the slightest amount of mistake here and there can ruin the entire makeup and that in turn will spoil your mood as well as your day.

Easy Makeup hacks for your eyes to save you 

To save you from such misery, here are a few makeup hacks for eyes that can save your day and mood from being spoiled and that can make you look phenomenal.

1. The voluminous and thick eyelashes

Makeup Hacks for Eyes
Makeup Hacks for Eyes pictures

Have you ever wondered where the celebrities such as Kim Kardashian get their voluminous and thick eyelashes from? You must have thought of genetics as the answer but it actually is just a simple makeup trick or a hack that is used to achieve those Barbie doll-like lashes.

Simply, add a coat of voluminous mascara over your lashes, and then add some amount of translucent loose powder over it. Your lashes will look instantly thicker as this step adds volume to them. The addition of a second coat of mascara is necessary for the dustiness of the powder to be covered properly. This is how you will achieve voluminous and thick eyelashes.

2. Brightening your eyes

Indian skin usually has pretty dominant dark eye circles that are hard to cover with a sheer or medium coverage foundation for an everyday look since a high coverage foundation can look too heavy over the face for an everyday makeup look.

Some even use a bb or cc cream instead of a foundation for an everyday makeup look and so have medium coverage over their face which is not sufficient enough to cover all the dark spots and dark circles or any amount of darkness over the face. In such cases, a concealer is a must-have but since a lot of people do not have a concealer, here’s the trick to create it at home.

On a clean plate or a face, palette adds some amount of your foundation or bb or cc cream and then add some loose or translucent powder to that and mix both of them well to get a slightly thicker amount of consistency. Once that is done, you have your concealer ready to be applied anywhere over the face to cover the darkness and brighten your face.

Applying the concealer correctly is also quite necessary to look brightened and for your makeup to not look cakey or too much. Dipping a brush in the concealer, draw an inverted triangular shape under the eyes, in a manner that covers your dark circles well. Using your finger or a beauty sponge or a brush then start blending the concealer into your skin. The key here is to dab the concealer and not to rub it into the skin for a more natural effect and to add brightness that can draw attention to the pupils.

3. The eyeshadow to eyeliner hack

Makeup Hacks for Eyes
Makeup Hacks for Eyes pictures

Another popular makeup hack for eyes is here!  Has it ever happened to you that you have almost completed your makeup and the last step is an eyeliner that you need to apply so as to achieve that glam makeup look and suddenly, to your horror, you realize that your eyeliner is over and that now you cannot complete your makeup look? In such a situation, you do not actually have to worry if you have an eye shadow palette and a lip balm or a setting spray and a thin brush since these are the products needed to create an eyeliner of any shade instantly at home.

Dip a thin makeup brush into some setting spray or a lip balm to moisten it and make it wet and then dip that same brush into an eye shadow of your choice that you would like to have upon your eyes as an eyeliner. After picking the pigment over the brush, apply it the way you would apply eyeliner normally with an eyeliner brush.

4. The wider eyes hack

Do you’ll have small eyes that look even smaller upon the application of a dark eyeliner or an eye shadow that makes you feel like giving up on both of them? Do you’ll feel insecure about your small eyes? Do you’ll keep wondering if there was a way other than some surgical process that could help you to make your eye look wider and better? Well, then the answer is yes. All you have to do is rush to the nearest makeup or drugstore and grab a white makeup pencil for a hack that can help to widen your eyes.

Since your eye tends to define your looks, it tends to become important to add the required amount of makeup over it and not overdo the makeup. Using a white liner pencil, start lining the water liner or the line or the lower lash line and simply add a good coat or two of it so as to make its white color visible over the water line.

Once that is done, you will instantly have a wider-looking eye than usual and will never look back, and can easily wear any dark shade of eyeliner or an eye shadow while your eye will no longer look smaller with their application.

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One even needs to brush and tame their eyebrows well to make their eyes look wider and add some concealer to make their eyes look brighter. Applying some white eye pencil under the eyebrows will give them a proper definition and adding some highlighter over rather brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes as well will indeed make your eye look wider than before.

5. Repeated curling of eyelashes

Makeup Hacks for Eyes
Makeup Hacks for Eyes pictures

If one needs to have natural-looking eyelashes, then warming up an eyelash curler, waiting for a few seconds to lower its heat, and then curling your natural as well as false eyelashes individually is important. Once both types of eyelashes are curled well, the false lashes can then be glued to the natural ones.

Once the false lashes are dried well over the natural ones, then both the lashes need to be curled together using the same process used earlier but since this time the false lashes have been attached to the real lashes, one needs to make sure to place the eyelash curler properly on the eyelids so that it can curl the false and natural eyelashes together in a mess-free and painless manner.

Summing up:

So, these were some of the best makeup hacks for eyes that are worth life-saving. So, try these out and let us know in the comment which your favorite hacks are.

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