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Makeup Hacks for Girls: A Perfect Guide For Beginners

Makeup Hacks for Girls: A Perfect Guide For Beginners

Makeup Hacks for Girls

Makeup hacks for girls are trending all over Instagram and other social media platforms as everyone wants to get a quick and easy makeup done which can also make them look flawless and effortlessly beautiful. Before begging with the Hacks, let us try and understand the history of makeup.

The Origin of Makeup

Makeup Hacks for Girls

It is believed that around six thousand years ago, cosmetics were first used in Egypt where makeup was considered to be a sign of wealth and it was also believed that makeup would help to appeal to the gods. As early as around 4000 BCE, the men and women appeared wearing the elaborate eyeliner characteristic that belongs to the Egyptian art.

Cosmetics such as the white face powder (to add lightness to the complexion), the rouge, and the green eye shadow also referred to as the malachite eye shadow (green colour represented the gods like Horus and Re) and the kohl were all put to use in this time.

It was in the 1920s that cosmetics such as bold, dark eyeliner and red lipsticks which were considered the highly visible makeup at that point entered the mainstream. This industry also referred to as the beauty industry started spreading when one woman would end up selling a cosmetic product to another woman and this helped the industry to gain a financial foothold.

The cosmetics then began to productize and advertise as the dissenters realized that they could no more compete. Later, makeup was again beginning to seem like a sign of status and wealth. It also emphasized the physical features of a person. It was at this point in time that advertisers started persuading women to believe that makeup is now a necessary part of their life.

Makeup Hacks for Girls

Quick Insta Worthy Makeup hacks For Girls 

Well, it is pretty evident that any hack or trick that can be used in real-life daily is something that one can definitely find on Instagram, especially during random scrolling done for the sake of time pass. So now let us dive into the world of easy makeup hacks for girls.

Makeup Hacks for Girls

The first and currently the most trending app is converting any dry glittery eye shadow into a sticky and shiny eye shadow.

For this hack, one has to use a lip balm or chapstick and rub it against any eye shadow colour of their choice for a while. After the pigment has been transferred onto the lip balm or the chapstick then it can be used on the eyes to create an easy, kind of creamy and blendable eye shadow look.

The advantage of this hack is that it helps to prevent products fall out thereby saving the product from being wasted and also helps to blend the eye makeup easily without using much amount of pressure and so preventing the eyes from the harsh strokes of the makeup brush. This look also helps to put those products to use which were kept away for being less pigmented or less blendable.

At home bb cream

Were you aware of the fact that you can prepare yourself a BBC cream at home that matches your skin tone perfectly? For this hack, all you have to do is mix some amount of your favourite moisturiser with some amount of your favourite loose powder or you can also scrape some powder from your face compact.

By mixing the right quantities of both the products, you will be having a BB cream in your possession that is also capable of moisturizing your skin while providing you with an even tone. Adding some amount of SPF (sun protecting formula) will make this cream a three in one cream. Storing it in an airtight container will make it easier to carry.

The Dewy skin look

Literally, everyone on the internet is been yearning for a dewy skin makeup look and so this can be of use to such people. If you want to create a quick dewy skin, we have makeup hacks for girls.

Combining some amount of your sheer coverage foundation or a concealer with essential oil or a moisturiser or a strobe cream will provide the best dewy skin look to your skin. This is a very simple hack to ace the dewy complexion look. And the best part is that you do not have to worry about blotting away the extra shine from your skin due to the dewy finish.

The Perfect Eyeliner on the go

Makeup Hacks for Girls

Well, a lot of girls always keep wondering about how to get the perfect cat-eye look and not create an eyeliner look that looks thicker on one eye and comparatively thinner on the other eye. This might be a life-saving hack for you. So, here is a quick makeup hacks for girls that you need to try out.

A booby pin (used to make hairstyles) is the secret to getting a perfect cat liner. One needs to apply some amount of eyeliner (preferably a liquid eyeliner) on the edge of the Bobby pin and then press it onto the eyelid. After pressing it for a while on the eyelid, it will create a design or a shape that will have to be filled with some colour.

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After adding in your favourite colour inside that design or shape, one will have to draw the rest of the line till the inner corner of the eye to complete the look. By repeating the same process on the other eye, you will be having a perfect cat eyeliner look that you can flaunt in your selfie and Instagram posts and stories.

Transfer proof matte lip colour

Makeup Hacks for Girls

The matte lip colours are back in trend and now the demand is to make them transfer-proof. But how can a lip colour that is not matte be converted into a matte lip colour that too will be transfer-proof? There definitely must be such a lip colour in your makeup vanity that you feel would have looked much better if it were matte right? So here is the hack for it. This is yet another quick makeup hacks for girls.

By applying your favourite lip colour on your lips, place a clean tissue on your lips and make sure that it is not folded into many layers as that might prevent the hack from working. Adding some amount of loose powder or face compact over that tissue and then taking off the tissue will leave behind a matte and transfer-proof lip colour on your lips.

This hack can also be used to simply convert a matte lip colour that smudges off to a matte lip colour that is transfer-proof and so you do not have to worry about your lipstick leaving behind a stain on things like a cup of tea or coffee while drinking and you can comfortably enjoy your drink.

Summing Up: 

According to a few reports based on this topic, they state that makeup was used mainly to cause a camouflage effect. Since fair skin was the only complexion that was believed to be beautiful in early times, women who were insecure would tend to use makeup in order to avoid anxiety and look less noticeable.

The second reason stated for the use of makeup was that it was used for seduction. Women, with the help of makeup, would feel more confident, social and assertive and they would try to look noticeably more attractive by wearing makeup.

Hope these quick makeup hacks for girls help you out and don’t forget to try these ones when you do the make-up next time.


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