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5 Makeup Hacks For The Eyes To Save Your Time

5 Makeup Hacks For The Eyes To Save Your Time

makeup hacks for the eyes

Makeup these days has become a very quick and easy process since people are always in a hurry. So, here are some easy makeup hacks for the eyes. The makeup hacks were invented for the very same reason.

The makeup hacks were invented for the very same reason. Being a  beginner, eye makeup tends to make one feel a little messy and a difficult process to do on the eyes, so people tend to avoid doing eye makeup.

But since eye makeup enhances and defines well the shape of the eyes, one cannot completely skip eye makeup. In such cases,  makeup hacks for the eyes are needed and so here are a few to be followed in order to achieve the eye makeup look of your dreams.

1. Makeup hacks for the eyes to achieve thicker eyelashes

A lot of the girls have quite thinner eyelashes and so it looks like they barely have any. Such girls are usually insecure when it comes to their facial appearance just because of their lashes.

Some are reluctant over using false lashes to achieve a fuller look while some even opt for eyelash extensions that are quite expensive and so here are an inexpensive and quick hack that does not need any false lashes or extensions done in order to achieve or rather fake having thicker lashes.

One has to use a translucent setting powder over their lashes after the application of the first coat of their mascara. This will help you to fake the impression of having voluminous and thick eyelashes.

This should be followed by a second coat of mascara to cover all the dustiness of the powder and to remove any leftover lumps.

2. Makeup hacks for the eyes to achieve a dramatic eyeliner look

Eyeliners need a firm and steady hand to work with since even the slightest movement can ruin the rest of the makeup causing it to turn blackish due to the pigmentation of the eyeliner.

There are various ways of doing eyeliner but the most trending one these days is the cat-eyed eyeliner look.

This dramatic and sassy liner takes quite a lot of patience and effort to be achieved perfectly, which is something that most eyeliner users lack especially beginners and so here’s the hack to achieve an eyeliner look in just a few minutes.

makeup hacks for the eyes
makeup hacks for the eyes pictures

Since a lot of the girls use hair pins and clips, owning bobby pins is quite common among girls and so very easy to find them. This is the key that one needs to get that sassy eyeliner done. Using your eyeliner, apply some amount over the edge of the bobby pin and then place it well towards the outer corner of your eyelid.

Pressing it sufficiently onto your skin will then leave you with a wing-like design that you later have to fill in using your liner. One can then draw the liner or extend it to the inner corner of the eye and this process can then be repeated over the other eye so as to have the most perfect cat-eyed eyeliner look.

3. Makeup hacks for the eyes to  get a good coat of mascara 

Just like eyeliners, mascara too can be quite tricky to be applied over the eyelashes since her too one can too have a light but firm hand while swiping the mascara wand into the eyelashes as even the slightest mistake can then spread the mascara all over the face, ruining the makeup and causing a mess. To avoid all this, one can resort to the viral spoon hack.

Using a clean spoon, place it well over your eyelids such that it does not cover your lashes but the rest of your eye in a manner that looks like the spoon is hugging your eye.

The spoon now will shy the rest of the eye from getting ruined by the mascara and it will ensure that only the lashes get coated with the mascara.

Applying your mascara over the lashes now will seem easier than before since all the excess mascara that would usually end up on the top of your eyelid will now be finding a place on the back of the spoon and not your face.

4. Makeup hacks for the eyes to achieve a smokey eye 

makeup hacks for the eyes
makeup hacks for the eyes images

The smokey eye makeup look is a trend that never grows old and has now become evergreen. This makeup look is so hyped all because it gives a dramatic and intense effect to the eyes in a manner that adds glamour and enhancement to them.

This is exactly what a lot of the girls want to don over their faces but sadly they can’t since they do not possess the skills and the experience needed to achieve that eye makeup look. Well, there’s nothing to be sad about since there is a hack for this problem of yours as well.

One can use a black or a brown eye shadow and then with the help of an eye shadow brush, draw the shape of a hashtag over your eyelid or towards the outer corner of the eye. With that done, start blending that pigment into your skin in gentle motions. By following this process, you will end up having a very easy and quick smokey eye look that can be replicated on the other eye as well. Who else would have thought that a hashtag can serve such a useful purpose rather than just tagging over social media?

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5. Makeup hacks for the eyes to look poppy

A lot of the girls have small eyes and feel insecure about it. But they feel like there’s nothing that they can do about it whereas the fact is that there is a rather lengthy hack (compared to the rest of the hacks mentioned above) that can be followed to fake the impression of a slightly bigger and poppy eyes.

This involves using a concealer to cover the dark circles. This can be done by drawing an inverted triangle under the eye and then blending it well into the skin to give an illuminating effect. One has to cover the whole of the eye area starting from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer corners.

makeup hacks for the eyes
Makeup hacks for the eyes images

This needs to be followed by curling up the eyelashes since this helps to make the eye look bigger, wider, and open. The shape of the eye then looks enhanced, framed, and well highlighted. Follow up with a smokey eye makeup look to add depth and dimension around the eye to make it look sharper.

Using a darker shade of the eyeliner on the outer corner and a lighter shade on the inner corner of the eye defines the edges and gives the eye a lifted appearance. Apply some on the lower lash line as well.

The next step is to add a good coat of voluminous mascara that makes the eyelashes look lifted and helps the eye to look poppy. This also helps in looking awake and fresh. The highlighter is what comes next. Using it in the inner corners of the eyes helps the eyes look bigger. Follow up with a drastically winged eyeliner look and there you go with your poppy eye. The process needs to be followed on the other eye as well.

Summing up:

These were some quick and easy makeup hacks for the eyes that will surely save your time and make you look flawless.

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