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6 Best Makeup Ideas For Engagement To Make Your Day Special

6 Best Makeup Ideas For Engagement To Make Your Day Special

  • Looking for some of the trending makeup ideas for engagement, here we have some of the best looks for you to enhance your look and style.
Makeup Ideas For Engagement

Looking for makeup ideas for engagement, here you are on the right page. Engagements and weddings are an important part of one’s life since it is a life-changing decision, especially for a girl or woman since it is they who usually have to adjust to major changes in their lives. While being engaged to the love of your life, one expects there to be a groom to just set eyes on them and have the most of the moment. This moment will then be enhanced only if the to-be bride looks gorgeous and elegant, which is possible using makeup.

Your eyes are the most important element for the overall look. So, need to be a little extra careful while deciding your eye look. Don’t be experimental on your special day make sure that you pick the colors and nail art that complement your look.

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6 makeup ideas for engagement

There are various different styles and ways of doing makeup so let us specifically focus on makeup ideas for engagement.

1. The Shimmery shadow 

Makeup Ideas For Engagement
Makeup Ideas For Engagement pictures

Inculcating shimmery eye shadow adds brightness and makes the eye look popped up and combining it with glossy lips will invite the best of compliments for anyone. Using nude and shimmery eye shadows also brings a soft and subtle touch to your makeup which does not look over the top but suits the person on their special day.

The application of light-colored glosses such as a cool-toned peach or even a light baby pink gloss is the cherry on top of the cake. Since this turns into a glowy and dewy look, highlighting the high points of the face and matching the shade of the blush with the lip gloss will create the best makeup look.

2. Bronzer instead of a counter

Since we Indians have brown skin, most of our makeup needs to match our skin tone in a manner that our skin feels comfortable and looks enhanced in such a look. This can be done by using a bronzer instead of a counter.

Adding a bronzer on the temples and on the cheeks gives a sculpted, sharp, and defined look to the face. The addition of a highlighter on all the high points of the face will bring a glow and brightness to the face. Keeping the rest of the makeup really light and simple, you have your engagement party look-ready.

3. Pop color

Makeup Ideas For Engagement
Makeup Ideas For Engagement pictures

Some women prefer going a little bolder and with some pop of color over their face as they simply cannot imagine themselves in plain and simple makeup which is quite common and many find them boring as well.

For such women, having clean and flawless base makeup along with black eyeliner depending upon the shape of their eyes can be paired to create their engagement look.

To add some amount of color to this look, using a bold poppy color such as red can be done since it is quite an attractive color and to nullify its bold effect a bit, bold brow makeup needs to be done.

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4. Brown smokey eyes

The smokey eye makeup look is quite the trend these days and all the hype around it actually makes sense since it is a subtle way of adding intensity and depth to the eyes while giving them a sharp look.

Brown smokey eyes are the best in terms of engagement makeup since using black color will become too intense and bold while brown being dark but subtle will manage to create its magic on any skin tone since it is quite a versatile color.

One has to make sure to keep the base makeup light here so as to keep the focus over the eyes and go with a light hand while doing the blush and bronzer. Accordingly using a medium dark shade of lip color will then complete the look.

5. Dual-toned makeup look

Makeup Ideas For Engagement
Makeup Ideas For Engagement pictures

A lot of women prefer having a shimmery eye look but with a dark color that becomes the center of attraction because it adds a pop of color to the pale face. One can use silver sparkly eye shadow and then combine it with a dark pink or mauve eye shadow to intensify the look in a magical manner. 

Adding the same dark shade over the lips such as a mauve matte lip color will just do its job very well. Keeping the shade of the highlighter similar to the sparkly eye shadow will help to create a dual-toned makeup look instead of having inculcated a lot of different colored makeup products.

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6. No-makeup makeup look

There still exists a rare amount of women who prefer to go as light as possible over their makeup. These are such women who if it were possible for them then they might have just skipped doing their makeup on their engagement day.

But they know they cannot do that since their face then, will look all dull, dark, and oily in real life as well in the pictures especially if the engagement takes place in a well-lit place. Such women can always opt for the no-makeup makeup look.

Using a medium coverage foundation and concealer, setting them well with a loose powder, and then going over the brows with a light hand is what one must do. Adding the slightest layer of mascara and then some amount of kohl on the water line can be followed along with a coral shade of blush or any shade that matches one’s undertone.

Using a light bronzer and a highlighter with a shade close to one’s skin tone is necessary. Using a nude lip color will then complete the look.

Summing up:

These were some makeup ideas for engagement. Try these out and look extravagant on your special day. Girl, you are so beautiful, remember that. This wedding season flaunts your style and charm. These makeup looks will help you to elevate your entire look. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid these looks will add more beauty and elegance. The makeup ideas for engagement make you look super stylish. These look enhance your overall look and make you look amazing.


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