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Mallika Sherawat Fashion 7 Best Outfits Which Are Worth Giving Try

Mallika Sherawat Fashion 7 Best Outfits Which Are Worth Giving Try

Mallika Sherawat Fashion

Reema Lamba now known as Mallika Sherawat is a Bollywood Actress known for her choice of portraying bold and intimate scenes on camera. Her beauty charmed most men and her chemistry with her co-stars was considered to be one of the best on-screen chemistries.

Besides her acting skills, she is also known for her choice of fashion and so let us now have a look at Mallika Sherawat fashion.

Best 7 Mallika Sherawat Fashion outfits 

Here are some of the best Mallika Sherawat fashion outfits that you just can’t miss out on:

1. Go Green

Mallika Sherawat Fashion
Mallika Sherawat Fashion pictures

The colour green indicates nature and a healthy environment. It is a soothing colour and adds a pop of colour with its vibrant and eye-catching shade. Mallika Sherawat was seen wearing a green top and matching pants while relaxing on her couch and sipping over her cup of coffee in her home in Los Angeles. Green and white themed sheer outfit with a white circular pendant on the neck, bare skin and open hair, Mallika looked classy in it.

2. The beauty

Floral printed outfits have been a trend for decades now and do not seem to go out of fashion at least for the next few decades. A floral printed outfit is versatile since it can be worn at any time of the year and will still create the same cute and comfortable impact. Seen in a picture is Mallika Sherawat wearing a white and pink floral long dress while she seems to be enjoying the beauty of nature in her garden.

3. The cool dresses

Mallika Sherawat Fashion
Mallika Sherawat Fashion pictures

A brown and orange coloured dress with yellow and red themed patterns over it and strappy sleeves along with a thigh-high slit in the middle of the dress and it being backless, it is a cool and relaxing day outfit. A light green crystal balls necklace and another lightweight brown necklace along with a pair of huge silver hoops is what the accessories looked like. Mallika chose to wear a loose and side-parted high ponytail over the dress.

While enjoying a relaxing vacation in Goa, Mallika wore a strapless wrap-up blue dress with a white and black pattern over it. Multiple bangles in one hand, black and green floral strapped flip flops, a small white pendant in the neck, light blue sunglasses and a side parted hair bun matched very well over the dress.

She wore a similar outfit while going for a walk on the beach as well. The yellow, black and blue shaded multi-patterned wrap-up strapless dress was just what is needed to enjoy the beach in comfortable outfits. This time she wore a golden chain and a green beaded necklace on her neck while she added numerous amount of bangles in one of her hands and obviously a pair of huge silver hoops as earrings. Open hair and her bare skin matched the vibe of the less is more outfit.

On a beach day, one prefers to wear a comfortable outfit and stay laid back and enjoy soaking in the sun and getting tanned if possible. Mallika wore a blue strappy dress with a V-shaped neckline and small white patterns over it. A black and gold coloured chain, a white pearl pendant, a silver belt wrist watch, golden hoops, side-parted hair and a pair of round brown sunglasses was what Mallika chose to pair the dress with.

4. The classic white look

Chikankari outfits are back in trend and almost everyone seems to be loving them lately as they are super comfortable and suits anyone and everyone irrespective of their shape or colour such an outfit is also made of breathable material so one sweats less in such an outfit and can remain cool. A white coloured chikankari outfit is the most classy one of them.

Mallika Sherawat was seen wearing a white chikankari kurta with a matching dupatta and pants while she was in Mumbai some time ago. The full sleeves chikankari kurta with a U-shaped neck were glammed up by an oxidized necklace and earrings along with a Louis Vuitton handbag and a messy hair bun.

5. The cool vibes

Mallika Sherawat Fashion
Mallika Sherawat Fashion images

While in Darjeeling, one wears as comfortable and warm clothes as possible. A yellow shirt, an olive green jacket with golden spikes all over its sleeves, black denim pant and black and dark pink sneakers is what Mallika chose to wear in such awesome weather.

It looks like Mallika does not enjoy having makeup over her face and so most of her pictures are with a bare face and absolutely no makeup over it. She seemingly is not onto trying different hairstyles and so is seen with her hair open almost all the time. Mallika has no accessories this time and still managed to look gorgeous in the outfit that she wore.

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6. The traditional fewer

The Indian traditional wear outfit is a saree that in itself is a gorgeous and most elegant piece of clothing in our culture. It can be styled and worn in many different ways and in that sense saree is quite versatile and flexible.

Mallika Sherawat fashion was seen wearing a vibrant green saree with a golden flowery border over it and a yellow and orange puffed sleeves Blouse with a green border over its edges. Huge gold earrings, several bangles on both her wrists, a maangtika, a red bindi, lip colour, some kajal and black eye shadow all added the needed touch to the look unordered to look completely ethnic in the saree.

7. Polka dots and love

Polka dotted outfits had been a trend in the retro years and seem like they are back in fashion now that a lot of people have started donning them. Mallika Sherawat was seen wearing a dark green and white polka dotted outfit while reading a book on her couch and seeping in the knowledge from it. A no-makeup makeup look and open hair as always make one realise that Mallika is the queen of simple and minimal looks.

Summing up

Mallika Sherawat became a huge sensation of her time. She is indeed a fashionista and  knows how to flaunt even a simple outfit in the most modest manner.

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