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10 Latest Mangtikka Designs You Need To Have

10 Latest Mangtikka Designs You Need To Have

  • Mangtikka designs has long been our traditional occasion staple, elegantly placed amidst centrally parted hair. Here are some trending mangtikka designs for you

Mangtikka is one of the pre-eminent jewellery pieces in the a woman’s cabinet. They add beauty to your face, enhance your facial features, and can be a valuable accessory which brings flattering remarks to your outfit.

Perfect 10 mangtikka designs 

But picking the perfect maangtikka is not as easy as it seem, especially if you have an extensive collection. So, we’ve curated a list of latest’s designs that you need to try this season.

1. Jhumka style  


Whether you are a bride to be, a bridesmaid or any stunning diva, this stunning bold and elegant ‘jhumka style mangtikka” can instantly add glamour and style to your look.

“Jhumka is the term that is used to describe the most traditional earrings in India. Now, the question that fills our mind is “ if it is a term used to name earrings, how can it be a design for a mangtikka?” Well, while the origins of jhumka can be traced back to centuries-old temple jewellery, these timeless designs continue to enjoy popularity in comtemporary Indian culture with natural diamond and gemstone varients.

Today, jhumka style mangtikka are likely ato be a staple of ones’s festive and wedding season wardrobe. Its timelessness adds a traditional update to any given look, while its versatility allows for pairing with contemporary occasionwear too.

2. Matha Patti Style 

A matha patti is an elaboration of mangtikka, with two chains acting like bands on either side of the mangtikka, going across the woman’s forehead. The matha  patti is also worn as bridal jewellery and can create a royal look making the bride look grand and regal on her special day.

While traditionally, this ornament was worn by brides on their wedding days, with changing times, women wear these even as bridesmaids or while just attending a festival or wedding even before they are married.

3. Tear drop mangtikka 


The design of mangtikka may varies from culture to culture. But, the classic and simple design of tear drop is an exceptionally charming design that everyone adores. These are beautiful, fashion forward designs etched for your attires.

This classic tear drop mangtikkas suit best to women with close features or smaller faces.

4. Borla

Borla, also known as Rakhdi is the traditional Rajesthani mangtikka. These are different from the usual mangtikka with their spherical or bell-like shape.

It comes in colourful and eye-catchy patterns. Borla ca be made with a variety of metals like gold, silver, brass, etc and comes in a variety of stone-studded forms like kundan, meena and pearls. The borla brings a touch of royalty to every woman who wears it.

5. Crescent 


The crescent mangtikka usually involves work of kundan or stone and is a light wear adding comfort to your outfit. This golden half-moon design makes it a jewellery item you have to have in your collection.

Traditionally, a crescent tikka is wore as a more substantial piece of jewellery but with polka and pearl, this makes the perfect jewellery item you need for any occasion.

6. Passa

It just takes a little shift in your fashion statement to turn heads of everyone in the room where you enter. How about shifting your mantikka to the side and make it a side mangtikka? Yes, that’s exactly what a Passa means. Passa is a traditional ornament of muslims and sikh brides.

Women either wear it along with the regular mang tikka or alone, it looks gorgeous either ways. It is being worn on the left side of the head to elevate their look to royalty.

7. Oversized 


While mindlessly scrolling the explore section of Instagram, we come across millions of unique and edgy mangtikka designs. While most people admire the simple ones, there is a bunch of women who wants everything to be extra-ordinary including their choice of jewellery.

If you are someone who loves to leave a striking Impression wherever you go, an oversized mangtikka is just what you need to match your style quotient. These are enough in themselves to add glam and stunning look to any attire.

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8. Polki 

Polki is an uncut diamond. The raw beauty and nature of polki diamonds studded into the mangtikka makes sure that no two stones are similar to each other, making every of polki jewellery unique. Being one of the oldest forms of traditional jewellery, Polki holds rich heritage of itself.

Polki mangtikka that is backed with gold or silver foil to lend the stones a brilliant shine when they reflect light. Owning Polki jewellery is considered a valued and distinctive addition to one’s collection.

9. Tiara mangtikka 

This ultra stylish tiara-style mangtikka rests eminence on your hat, giving you a one-of-a-kind appearance. It flaunts the entire get-up by its crown like appearance.

While wearing an actual tiara to a wedding might feel obnoxious, you can always opt for this tiara style mangtikka.

10. Floral mangtikka 

These mangtikkas are mostly preferred by the brides for their mehndi/haldi ceremony. Generally, women go for all natural look for these ceremonies and what screams natural more than the evergreen floral jewellery?

These mangtikkas are environmental friendly along with being beautiful. These are typically handcrafted with flowers such as marigold, rose, jasmine and many more.

Summing Up:

Mangtikka designs has long been our traditional occasion staple, elegantly placed amidst centrally parted hair. However, the younger generations have brought their own spin to the classic resulting in a wide range of styles and methods of wearing a mangtikka which we discussed above. Hope the curated list helped you to find the design that suits your personality the best.

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