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Best 10 Maternity Winter Jackets For All The Mom’s-To-Be

Best 10 Maternity Winter Jackets For All The Mom’s-To-Be

  • Hey all the mom's to be! Here, we have some best maternity winter jackets listed for you. You can check all the latest trends and styles.
Maternity winter jackets

Mothers-to-be living in colder regions know that a good winter jacket is something non-negotiable. Keeping you and your bump warm throughout the winter used to be an art form for pregnant women using capes, layers, or scarves to cover, but these days there are so many options to keep you cozy throughout the season. We have the ideas for the maternity winter jackets.

Many women run warmer during their pregnancy thanks to hormones, weight gain, and more blood circulating, so you may not need as many coats as you think.

You also have to do some calculating before buying maternity winter jackets. Women with a winter due delivery date will need a maternity jacket more than someone in early stages of pregnancy. You want a coat that fits over your baby comfortably when you wear it. Multi-functional 3-in-1 jackets, zip-in extenders are great for this purpose. You must layer up, so you can adjust them as needed.

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Best Maternity winter jackets for all the mom’s to be

Most women want to look cute no matter what they’re wearing, even during their pregnancy. We are here enlisting all the cute, comfortable and warm jackets and coats that are just perfect for winters, whether you’re an expecting mother or not. Here, we have listed the best maternity winter jackets for all the beautiful mom’s-to-be. 

1. 3-in-1 Quilted Maternity winter jacket

Maternity winter jackets
Maternity winter jackets: 3 in 1 Quilted

This jacket transforms from a maternity to a baby-wearing jacket with adjusting a couple of zips. You can wear it after maternity or add in an extra piece with it to fit your bump – or you can wear it while carrying your baby. A complete jacket for “baby in, baby out, and done with baby.”

2. 5-in-1 Maternity Convertible Jacket

You can’t get over how many options this cute down puffer maternity winter jacket has to offer you. It has a removable hood along with removable sleeves that transforms it into a vest, perfect for the fall and even during the spring. You can use the extender panel for prenatal and carrying your baby. Remove the extended part for a jacket that you can continue wearing afterward.

3. Puffer Maternity Jacket

Maternity winter jackets
Maternity winter jackets: Puffer

Puffer jackets are a must during fall, and they are perfect for any expecting mothers. There’s no denying warm and toasty puffer jackets are. Some of the features that you’ll love, for sure, includes the zip-up closure, machine washable, and size zippers to expand the jacket according to your belly needs. It is the no-frills warm and cozy jacket that every lady in a cold region needs. This jacket is great during pregnancy and beyond it.

4. Wool Jackets and Coats

Wool coats and jackets are ideal during the changing weather, because of its natural thermoregulation properties that make it cozy and at the same time comfortable during a little warm weather. You’ll have a variety of options to choose from in this category.

It is great for pregnant women who get suddenly and unpredictably hot due to hormonal changes. They are sleek and mostly have a flattering A-line silhouette, side pockets, with a stand-up collar, and a generously sized hood that is removable. It’s warm, but not so warm that you’ll overheat.

5. 3-in-1 Waterproof Maternity Raincoat

Maternity winter jackets
Maternity winter jackets: 3-in-1 Waterproof Raincoat

In case you haven’t noticed raincoats out there, then don’t worry, we got it in this list just for you. You’ll love a multipurpose coat. They are available in a wide color range. This stylish raincoat with a locked hood will keep you and baby dry while you are out in the snowfall, and the extender panel allows you an easy nursing to the baby.

6. Fleece-Lined Maternity Coat

This is available in a wide range of colors and prints. Some may have hood and three-in-one technology along with a drawstring waist, that will allow more room for your bump. Perfect for brunch and comfortable enough for any task. The price range is also decent according to these options for pregnancy and beyond it. This maternity winter jacket is often made with a soft, polar fleece that you’ll carry comfortably through multiple seasons. It’s soft and easy to move in.

It’s great for day-to-day wear, as well as for outdoor activities. If you’re someone who lives in a place where temperatures don’t get too low, or you need a spring or fall jacket, this lightweight fleece is a smart pick that you’ll not regret. While it’s great to accommodate a growing bump, it is also very comfortable for baby-wearing, because of the flexible fleece. The extender panel is sold separately that you can add or remove according to your need.

7. Maternity Sweater Coat

Maternity winter jackets
Maternity winter jackets: Sweater Coat

If you live in a warmer climate, you may not need a puffer or parka during your pregnancy. This cozy sweater coat can be the right choice for you. It can be layered with a jean and a simple tee or even a long dress and your bump will be cozy and comfortable right there.

8. Oversized Wool Coat

Many pregnant women, and the stylists of such women, swear that you really don’t need to buy a maternity coat at all. Instead, you can go with the oversize coat that is in trend. This is an inexpensive option that easily fits over your bump. Even if you get a size up from your usual one, it’ll still be perfect for you. This option will go with you during your pregnancy and after your delivery.

9. Sweatshirt-Style Maternity Jacket

Maternity winter jackets
Maternity winter jackets: Sweatshirt-Style

For another lightweight option, you can throw on this more of a sweatshirt jacket. It is comfortable, soft and provides you with just the right amount of warmth. It’s designed to be roomy all over, especially around your tummy area. You can also layer a sweater underneath it if you want to. The best part is that you’ll find yourself wearing it post-pregnancy.

10. Non-Maternity (But Bump-Friendly) Jacket

Although it’s not a maternity dedicated coat, it is loved by the mother-to-be community. They consistently love warmth, roominess it provides and versatility to be worn post-pregnancy, as well. It has large pockets and, mostly, cozy Sherpa material.

The inside is super warm and spacious to accommodate your growing belly. Though it’s not maternity specific, many pregnant people prefer it to dedicated maternity jackets.

11. Maternity Parka

These maternity winter jackets have a long hem, hitting below the hips, and is perfect for chillier climates. It’s an adjustable coat to give you a better fit. The sleeves provide enough space for you to layer a heavy sweater underneath with much more ease and comfort.

It’s also a great lightweight option for wearing during spring or fall or in areas where winters aren’t too cold. It’s roomy and allows plenty of space for a growing belly, but it doesn’t look over like a usual maternity coat, and you can wear post-pregnancy, too.


For all the future moms to be, this is your guide to get a perfect maternity winter jackets and coat that will keep you and your baby cozy and warm. Maternity winter jackets not only look stylish and fashionable, these also protect one from the chilled winter waves.

Currently, the temperature around the world is dropping states in India like UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh are experiencing the cold waves. So, it is very essential to protect yourself and stay healthy. Drink soups, eat egg and take all the right nutrients required by the body. Soon to be mother’s it is essential for you to take extra care.

If you are looking for some fashionable winter jackets looks, we have a list for you ready. Do check out the blog on the best winter jackets to invest in! 


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