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The Best 8 Trending Mirror Work Blouse Designs

The Best 8 Trending Mirror Work Blouse Designs

mirror work blouse design

Mirror work blouse designs are quite trending in the market these days. Nowadays, women love to carry saree and experiment with them. There are so many design patterns available in the market these days but middle work blouse designs are quite loved by women. 

Here, we have listed some of the trending mirror work blouse designs for you. So, flaunt your saree design on any occasion with the best mirror blouse designs that we have for you. Enjoy reading this article and scroll down to know more!

8 Trending mirror work blouse design

On the Internet, you will find many mirror work blouse designs. There is no limit! We understand that sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right choice for you. So here we have a list of some trending mirror work blouse designs only for you.

1. Silk saree mirror work

mirror work blouse design

If you are someone who loves carrying silk saree then we have so many ideas for you. You can take a combination of red and blue saree which is absolutely perfect for every occasion. The blouse stone work should match with the saree mirror work perfectly. These two mirrors should complement each other and this will give you a beautiful and vibrant look. You can also pick a blouse in which a particular pattern is created like a flower at the back or something.

2. Boat neck blouse design

Next up, we have a boat neck blouse design. This blouse design is quite popular these days. It looks absolutely beautiful if pair up with the right saree complementing your blouse look. 

3. Lehenga dress blouse design

mirror work blouse design

Mirror works look amazing when paired up with the plain lehenga. You can pick up clean Ganga and parents with the mirror work blouse that has no reflection. You are going to love this look. 

4. Front and back mirror work blouse design 

You can go for front and back mirror work blouse designs. This is one of the trending designs these days. This pattern was pretty in demand in 2018 and 19 but we are seeing it back in trend with the twist. Here, we have collar neck blouse design absolutely for you. 

5. Multi colour mirror work blouse 

Next up we have is a multi colour mirror work blouse design. You can pair this beautiful combination of multi colour blouse designs with any of your silk saree. If you are planning to go for a multi colour mirror work look for your best friend’s wedding day then this is definitely going to add more spark to your look. 

6. Contrasting mirror work design

You can go for a contrasting mirror work blouse design for any of your designer saree. Contrast colour blouse design are a new trend and look absolutely cool. You can pick either triangle or circular design. You can also please mirror work on the sleeves of the blouse. 

7. Mirror with filled thread work 

Another popular mirror work trend is mirror work with filled thread work. These are basically the scattered mirror and the thread work design works on them. These are also one of the quite trending blouse design looks that you can try on. 

8. White mirror blouse design

mirror work blouse design

Last but not the least, we have a white mirror blouse design. This blouse design looks amazing and so be beautiful. If you want to carry a white or an Ivory lehenga on your wedding day or on your best friend’s wedding day then this blouse is just the optimum choice. You can also pair this blouse with the contrasting saree which will absolutely look beautiful.

How to wear a saree in the right manner? Some quick tips

Yes, we know that wearing a saree is one of the most daunting tasks. So here are some tips that are definitely going to help you out ladies! 

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1. Always choose the right contrasting blouse and petticoat for your saree. These days we have saree shapers which help in keeping your saree intact and beautiful. You need to choose the right fitting petticoat and blouse for you. This will help in enhancing the overall look. 

2. Comfort is very important so you need to choose the right fabric according to your comfort. If you are wearing a chiffon saree getting inspired by a Bollywood Eva didn’t remember that ship on can lead to skin irritation. There are different natural fabrics like cotton and silk which are pretty expensive.  

3. Yes, we know that some heels are pretty uncomfortable but these heels boost up your saree look. Yes, we know high heels are painful! So, you can pick a heel which is pretty much comfortable and is the right fit for you. 

4. While picking or carrying a saree you need to understand how to accessorize it in the right manner. Yes, you read it the right exercise in the right manner is very important. Look for beautiful ornaments neck pieces rings earrings maang tikka according to the look and feel of your saree and occasion. 

5. Last but not least, you need to decide the style of your pallu. It is completely your choice whether you want to go for extremely short or high pallu. 

Summing up 

So beautiful ladies, hope this article has helped you out! Try these new patterns and let us know in the comment section which is your favourite mirror work design. 

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