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8 Gorgeous Modern Collar Blouse Design Ideas To Try

8 Gorgeous Modern Collar Blouse Design Ideas To Try

  • Front collar blouses are quite the trendy ones these days since a lot of actresses from different backgrounds have been trying to promote such blouse. Check-out the look.
collar blouse designs

Get your hands on the amazing modern collar blouse design ideas. It is tough to decide which is the perfect blouse design when it comes to special occasions.  So, here we have reduced your work by listing some modern blouse design ideas specially handpicked for you.

A blouse with collars is just a piece of elegant art work which formalizes the look of any casual blouses than usual but can even be used for casual wearing if paired with an appropriate saree.  There are so many huge variety of modern collar blouse design available in the market that picking up the right one for yourself becomes a daunting task. 

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8 Modern collar blouse designs

A saree being an amazing and a unique type of outfit, has different ways of styling it and one such way is adding collars to its blouse. This can be a new fashion trend for the gen z and a game changer as well so let us now have a look at modern collar blouse designs.

1. The modern collar blouse design

Modern collar blouse designs
Modern collar blouse designs : Blue Boluse

Since the new generation is all about new styles and trying out new things rather than going on with the old styles, the modern collar blouse is something worth giving some try. This type of a blouse had a very unique design as though it is like two medium sized strips attached together in a round form or a round neck which more or less give the appearance of a high neck blouse. The front of such blouses look beautiful and modern but can be still worn as traditional wear.

2. The stand collar design

The stand collar design is typically like that of any school uniform collar. It basically is a comparatively high standing collar which stands still and so looks very classy as well as royal.

This can be styled in quite a few different ways such as a V neck, a U neck, a high neck or even a closed neck so having a thin and a long neck can be beneficial while wearing such a design since it looks toned and beautiful.

3. The sleeveless blouse design

collar blouse designs
collar blouse designs : Sleeveless Blouse

Sleeveless blouses are quite needed these days with the growing heat and humidity in our climate. Such blouses keep a person cool since it exposes the arms to the air and so a person sweats comparatively lesser in this blouse. It gives the as a toned effect and one can even flaunt their curves effortlessly in such a blouse.

4. The lucknowi collar design

Lucknowi collars have been quite typically ancient in the Indian fashion from the earliest times as one can remember. Such blouses the different patterns and borders along with some embroidery over such a blouse can even be worn as a crop top and such ones can have either full sleeves, half sleeves or even three forth of sleeves.

It let’s one wear any sort of a saree on such a blouse since this sort of a blouse typically becomes the attention stealer and a complete game changer if needed to have a change in one’s style.

5. The half collar designs

collar blouse designs
collar blouse designs

One can design the neckline of such a blouse according to their comfort and choice and such blouses look even more prettier with a combination of colours such as red and gold or even blue and black, etc.

The half collars are typically like that of the kurtas that most ladies wear or like some shirts have. The best part of this is that it can have various necklines and sleeves as well. It looks well on formal as well as casual wear.

6. The front collar design

Front collar blouses are quite the trendy ones these days since a lot of actresses from different backgrounds have been trying to promote such blouses.

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They usually look more good with the V shaped necklines since with a V shaped neckline, one can add different types of collars to it such as those like the stiff neck, even a bit of a high neck, even adding zips to such a blouse can even enhance the looks of such a blouse.

7. The simple collar blouse design

collar blouse designs
collar blouse designs pictures

Since every person has a different preference for their blouses, adding a neckline such as a U shaped or a V shaped or even a square shaped neckline or even an almond cut on the front side of the blouse makes the blouse seems very fancy and even chic.

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Having such blouses are not just really simple but their simplicity and minimal style stills gives it a very fancy look. Since a lot of people tend to like not going over the top with their sarees since their sarees tend to be very fancy, they tend to go for simple blouses and so such sort of a blouse is the best option possible.

8. The full collar blouse design

If observed closely, a full modern collar blouse is the only sort of a design that is preferred by almost all the people irrespective of their age groups and even their shape for that matter. So adding any kind of a neckline looks very rich and fancy and even decent over such a blouse.

With a boat shaped neckline, the blouse tends to look like an indo western type. The best part is that such a Blouse is the best to be worn in any type of a weather or a season such as winter, summer, autumn, etc.

Summing up

So, here are some of the best modern collar blouse design ideas. We have so many patterns, designs available. So, try out different patterns and flaunt your style. So, this wedding season flaunt your favorite collar saree look, with the most trending designs and flawless look. So, whether it a wedding at your place or you are looking for a perfect farewell look the list of our modern collar blouse ideas is definitely help you out. 


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