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Mouni Roy Fashion: Her Glamorous Diva’s 10 Outfits

Mouni Roy Fashion: Her Glamorous Diva’s 10 Outfits

  • Mouni Roy fashion outfits are the perfect look for someone who is lazy and does not want to take a lot of extra effort to look good. This is the aptest way for a person who prefers minimalism in their fashion but still has the desire to look beautiful.
Mouni Roy fashion

Moun Roy fashion is incredibly amazing and she charms others every time she makes an appearance while on an outing or on any other event. Popularly known as the Naagin of the Indian television industry, Mouni is also a model and a trained Kathak dancer.

She considers Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit as her inspiration and it seems like they do share some kind of similarities especially while dancing.

Top 10 Mouni Roy Fashion Outfits 

Here is a quick look at her top fashionable outfits.

1. The Typical Bollywood Glamour

Well, let’s not forget the fact that Mouni recently tied the knot with her long-time beau Sooraj Nambiar in an intimate wedding ceremony in Goa. As you might have already guessed, just like other Bollywood divas, she wore a lehenga designed by ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and she served as the perfect bride in her wedding pictures.

A headset, nosepiece, gigantic earrings, choker, and bangles all made of uncut diamonds and other rare jewels, exclusively designed by Sabyasachi, is something that all bride-to-be ladies are yearning for and Mouni managed to wear all of these on her big day with grace and elegance.

With an all-red wedding outfit, Mouni looked like a royal queen who is all decked up and excited to begin a new chapter of her life and to welcome all the happiness on the way. The bridal glow on Mouni’s face reveals how happy she was on the day of her wedding.

2. The Newlywed Bride’s First Appearance

Mouni made her first appearance post her wedding in an elegant red saree with a heavy gold floral pattern all over the saree. To add glamour to the look, she added a necklace made of gold with intricate work along with similar gold jhumkas to it.

Mouni Roy Fashion

How can a bride’s look be complete without a kajal, right? Mouni was also seen wearing bold black kajal and eyeliner with a soft pink matte lip color, well-defined eyebrows, and some sindoor. Now, this makes it the most ideal bridal look. Isn’t it?

3. The White Sweatshirt And Caramel Pants

Kashmir is considered to be the heaven resting on the earth. Being able to spend quality time with the love of your life in such a beautiful and snowy region will definitely help to strengthen the bond between a couple and will also provide peace of mind as there will not be the interference by media there so one can truly enjoy their time whole in Kashmir. Mouni Roy fashion during the honeymoon phase was on point.

Obviously, being in one of the coldest regions of India, one will have to wear quite a few layers of clothing to keep themselves warm and in such cases, a lot of girls usually end up looking like a stuffed cloth bag as they do not know how to properly add the layers. Well well well, Mouni might have the best guide for such girls.

In one of the pictures shared from her honeymoon while in Kashmir, Mouni is seen wearing a white sweatshirt white caramel-colored leather pants, a furry animal printed long coat, a brown muffler, black hand gloves, and huge black snow boots. To add some vibe to the outfit, Mouni has soft curls at the ends of her hair, a pink nude, matte lip color, and a slight amount of face makeup.

4. The Turtle Neck 

Mouni Roy Fashion

Aren’t turtle neck outfits the current favorites of all the people in 2022? Well definitely, yes! Most girls love wearing turtle neck outfits as they look cool but not all can pair a turtle neck with the right amount of style is what I have observed. Well, have a look at Mouni then.

5. Grey Full-Sleeved Sweatshirt

She looks effortlessly gorgeous in the pictures clicked while she was on her room’s balcony which had an amazing picture-perfect background. Mouni is seen flaunting a grey full-sleeved sweatshirt with black slim-fit pants and red go-go boots. Seeing Mouni in such an outfit, make me feel so warm and comfortable so I can imagine for comfy Mouni must be feeling while she was wearing that outfit.

6. White is the new black 

They say “orange is the new black” but observing the outfits of most Bollywood divas these days makes us want to scream at top of my voice and say that “white is the new black”.

While on a trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka, Mouni was seen admiring herself in the mirror while she was also trying to flaunt her all-white dress. She wore a long white backless dress with no accessories at all and just some amount of bold, black kajal, and soft pink lip color.

Mouni Roy fashion outfits are the perfect look for someone who is lazy and does not want to take a lot of extra effort to look good. This is the aptest way for a person who prefers minimalism in their fashion but still has the desire to look beautiful.

7. Lavender Satin Dress

Mouni Roy fashion

Has anyone ever complimented you by saying that you look like a doll? How does that feel? Don’t you feel confident in your own self after getting such a compliment? Well, sure yes. Isn’t it? And Mouni too must have felt the same while she wore this outfit and later compliments started pouring in.

With a trendy lavender, satin dress has a slit on the leg, wearing diamond-shaped earrings and numerous fancy diamond hair clips, middle partitioned sleek hair, Mouni is giving Barbie doll vibes in this outfit.

Mouni Roy Fashion looks in this dress are just too mesmerizing for anyone to move ahead and think of something else but Mouni in this pretty doll-like look. This can be an ideal look for a party and one can actually create a lasting impression in others’ minds if worn with the right amount of self-confidence.

8. Mouni Roy in Metallic Saree 

Mouni Roy fashion

Every Bollywood diva has at least two to three pictures of them in a saree as a saree is just a beautiful and underrated piece of clothing. Wearing a beautiful and attractive saree definitely mandates clicking a good amount of pictures to flaunt on social media right?

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In a post shared by Mouni on her Instagram account, she is seen wearing a metallic saree with a beaded blouse and a diamond maang tika. She looks like a goddess in this look and definitely worth being captured by the lenses of the cameras.

Summing up

To sum up, Mouni is an underrated fashion icon in the industry. Mouni Roy fashion and outfits are appreciated every time. She understands how exactly to pair one piece of clothing with another. Her gratefulness, elegance, and self-confidence are what make her overall look so stunning.

Mouni Roy fashion is all about comfort, elegance and beauty.


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