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6 Best And Trending Nail Polish Design To Try This Season

6 Best And Trending Nail Polish Design To Try This Season

Nail Polish Design

The varnish that adds colour and shine to the fingernails and toenails is nail polish. So, if you are looking for the right nail polish designs here you are on the right page.

Since the pandemic normalised the concept of working from home, people started getting time for self-care. What better way to maintain your nails than get them coated with some vibrant colours.

Nail polish designs that are vibrant and presentable 

Adding a few designs or patterns over the nail polish can indeed add more effect to the nails and make them look enhanced. So, now let us have a look at some of the trendy nail polish designs.

1. The Branded Nail Design

Nail Polish Design

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Channel are some of the brands that almost every person dreams of owning but it is a fact that not all can afford. But how about satisfying the desire to own such a classy brand, people started going for the branded nail art design. Yes, it is one of the best nail polish designs. 

Adding a simple and neutral colour as the base for the nail. Later, adding a bright colour such as white to the tips of the nails can create a good look. Adding the icon of your favourite brand over the white-coloured fingertips will pay homage to your favourite brand or brands.

2. The Natural and Gold Design

The gold colour is simply a shining pigment that can grab the attention of a person by observing it from even a long distance. When using such a highly pigmented colour, it tends to become necessary to use a natural or neutral colour that can let the golden colour shine bright and stand out over the nails.

Using a neutral colour such as a light beige or caramel brown, rose gold, light pink or baby pink or white or even skipping a base coat can be done and one can directly begin to do the nail art with the golden colour over the natural nails. With a thin brush, create the design of your choice such as a diamond, heart, etc.

3.  The Heart-Shaped Design

Nail Polish Design

A red coloured heart is a symbol of love and even prosperity and it even promotes peace and positive energy among individuals. A heart-shaped design is considered cute and loving by people. So most people have once in their lives trued the heart-shaped nail design and they probably loved it. A heart-shaped design is also easy and quick to create so it does not use a lot of your efforts and time and even energy.

Start off with a neutral or light colour such as light pink, white, beige, or subtle brown or even one can go for a dark shade for the base such as black, dark pink or even orange colour. After the base coat has dried completely, use a thin brush and dip it in red-coloured nail polish and start drawing a heart shape in the middle of your nail.

One can even draw a half heart towards the edge of the nail and even towards the tip to create numerous hearts over just a single nail.

4. The Tie Dye Design

Tie-dye is a concept that has been widely accepted and adapted almost over the whole world people have now seemed to get the hang of it so much so to the extent that be it a T-shirt, dress, shoes or even the nails for that matter, people want to get then coloured in the tie-dye design to make them look trendy and attractive.

Tie-dye is a concept that can be created even at home within a span of a few minutes and so one does not have to go to the nail salon to get it done.

The advantage of such a design is that one can use any colour of your choice to be added over the nails. Step one is to apply a light nail polish as the base such as white nail polish and whole that has still not dried, one can add little spots of the colours of their choice over the nail.

Before that dries, use a plastic bag and cover that nail completely and then start by adding a slight amount of pressure over the nail so as to merge all those spots together. With the help of a pin or a toothpick or any sharp object, run it through the nail polish over the nail before it all dries off and with that your tie-dye nails are ready.

5. The Colour Palette Design

Nail Polish Design

Not all people are a fan of using the same colour over all of their nails. They think that this seems boring and very common so they want to go for something that is unique and that does not seem boring but still it looks minimal and classic.

When all this must be considered, it is always best to go for the colour palette nail polish design. Using vibrant and medium to dark shades of nail polish colours is the most basic thing in this type of design.

Using nail polish colours such as orange, beige, brown, pink, red or even neon colours is what most people prefer to do. Adding the same colour over the alternate nails or even skipping two nails in between the nails of the same colour is what can be done in this design. Such colours add glow to the nails and give them an enhanced and glamorous look. With that, one can have simple but good-looking nails.

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6. The Ombre Nails Design

People obsessed with the rainbow theme can go for the ombre nail art design and can satisfy their need for a rainbow-themed nail art design. As usual, start by applying light or neutral shade of the nail polish so as to create a good base for the colours to be seen and to look dominant over the nails. Applying a white or any shade that is very much closer to your original skin colour is the best for this design.

After the base coat has dried completely, take a dry sponge and apply some amount of nail polish of your choice over it. Then it onto your nails to give it that ombre effect. You can repeat this procedure with different colours of different textures over all of your nails to achieve a beautiful ombre nail art design at home since it is easy, simple and mess-free to replicate at home.

Summing up 

These were some of the most rending nail polish designs for you. There are a lot more and experiments have no limit. So, next time try these nail polish designs and flaunt your nails. Now, we are shifting from home to offices so it is important to look classy and presentable and don’t forget nails are one of the most important of all. 

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