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4 Gorgeous Nail Polish Designs For Short Nails

4 Gorgeous Nail Polish Designs For Short Nails

Are you looking for nail polish designs for short nails? You are on the right page, my friend! Nail art is an impressive and intriguing form of art that has been emerging as a trend for the past few years. 

It has kept almost every person engaged in it and people have been spending generously on it to just gain a design over their nails. They look for a design that can stand out from the crowd and look attractive from even a distance.

But, this can be done by people with long nails and people with short nails tend to feel offended because the space and length of their nails are not sufficient enough to create nail polish designs over their nails.

Now, this concern of yours will be covered here and so let us have a look at some of the nail polish designs for short nails.

4 Nail Polish Designs For Short Nails

1. The pink and white combo

The good thing about having short nails is that they have a cute-looking appearance and since the colours pink and white are soft shades, they are also associated with being cute.

So what better than adding these two colours to your already cute nails to make them look even cuter, right?  These nail polish designs for short nails are adorable!

Nail Polish Designs For Short Nails

So one can start off with a light shade of pink such as a baby pink shade that goes well with almost every casual outfit. Since French manicure is a trend these days, one can add white nail polish to the edges of the pink painted nails to give it the French manicure effect.

If not the French manicure effect, then one can create small polka dots with the white nail polish or even tiny stars that give a classy and cool effect and do not look overdone in any way.

2. The neon pink and yellow combo

Neon colours have been keeping their fans crazy and indicate the fun personality of a person. While they even look cool and kind of attractive and they even enhance the skin tone of a person.

The neon shades of pink and yellow are the most popular colors among nail polish shades. This combination will be best suited for short nails to give them a unique look and glow.

Nail Polish Designs For Short Nails

This combination of actions never goes out of fashion for some reason. So, looks cool and fun and even have a lot of radiance in them. One must ensure to stick to the idea of ‘the less is the more.’ While handling neon nails in order to prevent them from looking extravagant and over the top.

To achieve this, one can use the neon shades of pink and yellow on each of their alternate nails or even switch up the pattern in a unique manner.

One can even create two-toned nails by adding the neon shade of pink on one side of the nail.  The neon shade of yellow on the other side of the nail makes it look like the nail has been divided into two equal parts.

Both the shades of neon colours and this too can give the nails an elongated and sturdy look while still sticking to the idea of the less is the more.

3. The classic red nails design

Red colour has been a classic colour that seems to have a bold and strong effect. It also gives a lot of definition and enhancement to the nails. This makes them look beautiful and gracious. Its dark shades tend to add glow to the skin and make your nails look highlighted and your skin even more glowing.

Nail Polish Designs For Short Nails

So, adding red nail polish to the nails can always save your day. As it matched well with most casual, formal, traditional or even western outfits giving them a beautiful effect.

The hot red shade of red colour tends to be a great shade for short nails and to make them look elongated. The red hue looks classic on short nails and will never look dull at any point of the day be it when exposed to the sun or when exposed to the darkness of the night.

The hot red nail polish has an eye-catching shine. While walking in the sun gives the required sense of elegance in the darkness of the night. By simply painting your nails with the hot red colour, it looks fun and maintains elegance in its simplicity.

4. The nude nails design

As mentioned earlier, to make the nails seem more lengthened, short nails need to be painted using nude and light shades of nail polish. There is an advantage of using nude nail polish that it works well with almost every shape of the nails as well as every shade of the skin tone. 

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Nail Polish Designs For Short Nails

Since nude nails might seem to be dull to a lot of people. Its advantage is that it is suitable for a variety of occasions be it formal, casual, traditional or western occasions. The matte or even a glossy finish of nude nail polishes can work well over short nails.

Nude shades such as grey, off-white, pink or ivory can be mixed and matched to create a variety of designs such as polka dots, French manicure, tiny stars, strips, etc to give the short nails an enhanced look.

Tips for nail polish designs for short nails

Now, let’s understand the basics of using nail polish for creating designs over short nails.

  1. The first and the most important step is to use a lighter shade of nail polish to make your nails appear lengthened. A darker shade of nail polish tends to highlight the actual length of the nail.
  2. Cleaning the cuticle build-up around the edges of the nails reveals more edges of the nail plate. This helps the nails to look instantly longer.
  3. One can then create an almond-shaped nail structure which helps to create the visual of a lengthened nail. This can then, be followed by a lighter or rather a nude shade of paint.
  4. These elongated nails can then be followed by nail art of different kinds to enhance and create an elongated effect over the short nails. 

Summing up

These are some of the best nail polish designs for short nails, so try out these. So, ladies try out these nail paint designs.  Do let us know which one is your favourite one!

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