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Nakul Mehta Fashion: Best Looks in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

Nakul Mehta Fashion: Best Looks in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

Nakul Gupta Fashion

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 actor Nakul Mehta fashion is ruling the industry today. Everyone is loving his trending looks and outfits. There are several daily soap shows that have created a lasting impact on the minds of the typical Indian wives and grandmothers and the rest of the folk.

One such show is Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 since it portrays the challenges faced by two complete strangers who are hitched in a relationship wherein they have to fight against all the odds of society to find their love and respect for the other person and as they embark on a bath to marital bliss.

Nakul Mehta fashion looks on the show

The protagonist of the show, Nakul Mehta is like the Hritik Roshan of the television industry as he leaves his spectators in charm due to his good looks and now even in terms of his fashion in the show. Let us now have a look at some of Nakul Mehta fashion looks on the show.

1. The cool guy

In a teaser that was released prior to the launch of the show, there was a balcony seen in which both Nakul Mehta and Disha Parmar are seen enjoying a rainy day in the balcony while having a hearty talk. In this scene, it can be seen that Nakul is rather dressed in a casual manner than he would in the show and appears to be a cool guy.

Here in contrast to the hyperactive person that he is. He is seen donning a sky blue shirt with a black vest and black trousers with a round dialled brown leather belt wrist watch enjoying fritters and a hot cup of tea in the pouring rains.

Nakul Mehta fashion
Nakul Mehta fashion images

In a similar poster of the show that was released during the same time, he is seen wearing a very similar outfit and to be honest he looks quite handsome in such dashing outfits. Well, he wore an ink blue shirt with a vest that had dual shades of grey cheques over it with black-coloured buttons and the same patterned trousers. His hair appeared a bit longer in length here and he also wore a round dialled but this time a black leather belt wrist watch to match the grey tones over his outfit.

Well in yet another poster as well, Nakul is seen posing alongside Disha Parmar wearing a dual-toned grey blazer and grey pant while as usual and as expected, his hair, moustache and beard tend to remain in the same style as it is in the show.

2. The promotions

While promoting the show across several other shows on the same channel as their show, Nakul wore quite similar but quite exquisite pieces of garments that looked super fashionable and up to the trend. In one such promotion, he is seen wearing a white shirt underneath a black suit jacket and the same coloured pant.

He kept up with his long-haired and well-maintained beard and moustache here as well so as to stick to his character and still looked good and not boring in it.

3. The dashing groom

In a poster of the show released by the makers, Nakul is seen posing beside his on-screen lady love, Disha Parmar while both of them are dressed in traditional wedding attire.

Nakul Mehta fashion
Nakul Mehta fashion images

He wore an off-white sherwani with silk work all over it and brown-coloured huge buttons as well. To let there be some pop of colour but in a subtle manner, there was a light pista green coloured dupatta with silver zardozi border added over the shoulder and to give away those to be groom feels, there was also a matching sehra, which is a turban worn by a groom, worn by the actor.

So both the pista green garments did not look overpowering on the off-white sherwani but served the purpose of adding a hint or a pop of colour over the groom on his big day and so he looked charming in it.

4. The party look

Parties are quite the overrated events shown on television shows as everyone is overly dressed for even attending the simplest of the parties. But in the case of Nakul Mehta’s character in the show, a mature and smart businessman, he knows how to dress and to look presentable in even casual if not the most formal looks. Since tuxedos are the uniform outfit for any television businessman hero, Nakul too is seen wearing them in most episodes of the show.

In one such event, he is seen wearing a blue tuxedo that had a blue blazer and a satin shirt of the same colour as well as the trousers. His hair was kept comparatively sleek and was slightly curved towards the edges to give a clean and tidy look. And since the brown colour is quite a versatile colour, brown leather boots were added to this look to complete it well.

5. The hard worker

Being a protagonist of an Indian television show, a hero is always seen working late in the office and towards the development and welfare of his employees and his industry of firm or his business overall. Imagining such a businessman will always be imagining a macho man in a tux or a three-piece formal suit as is described by most such daily soap shows.

Nakul Mehta Fashion looks
Nakul Mehta Fashion looks

So, in one episode, Nakul is seen wearing a typical three-piece suit that is formal and quite dashing. He wore a white linen shirt underneath a black blazer and the same coloured trousers. His hair was well tamed here and side parted and his moustache and beard were trimmed to give an even and tidy look so he looked like the dashing and hardworking hero of the show.

6. The macho man

Being a macho man and reflecting the personality of a mature and sensible man, there are certain dress codes that one needs to follow to look like that. For example, dressing in a decent and tidy manner, having well-combed hair and beard and moustache and maintaining them well.

This gives the person an attractive look too. If observed carefully, this is exactly what is followed by Nakul Mehta on the show. In one of the episodes, he is dressed in a black tuxedo that has a pair of parallel black lines over it. To give it a decent look, a round dialled wristwatch with a golden belt has been added to it. Long and unkempt hair but well-maintained beard and moustache gave Nakul the needed macho man looks.

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Summing up:

These were some of the famous Nakul Mehta fashion looks. Do let us know which is your favourite one!

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