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6 Best Net Blouse Designs Ideas To Try This Season

6 Best Net Blouse Designs Ideas To Try This Season

  • Net blouse designs can never go out of trend! Read the article to know the best net blouse designs to flaunt this wedding season
Net blouse designs

Get your hands on some amazing net blouse design ideas, here we have so many options for you! A traditional garment such as a saree looks equally gorgeous on any woman irrespective of her size, color, or shape.

It can be worn at any event possible and can be termed casual as well as formal and can also be treated as a party wear modern outfit, not just a traditional outfit. The fact is that no wonder how beautiful or dull your saree may look, the main focus of your look is your blouse and it can be an ultimate game changer.

6 Net blouse designs ideas for you to try 

Having a variety of designs and patterns to choose from in the market, the trend these days is wearing a netted blouse. So let us now have a look at some of the net blouse designs.

1. The high-neck net blouse design

Net blouse designs

South actresses such as Samantha, and Nayanthara seem to be the ones who have been actively wearing the high-neck net blouses and look absolutely stunning in them. These are like the non-traditional patterns or designs to go for in case of needing a change from the typical and boring patterns of blouses. Be it plain netted blouses or half or fully embroidered ones, if paired well with the right saree then the blouse will do a great job on its own.

The trend these days is going for a simple and plain U-shaped neckline blouse that is sleeveless which gives the look of a crop top and then adding a high neck netted and embroidered blouse on top to give it the cape-like effect or wear it like a jacket on top of that blouse. Or alternatively, one can tick the net to the blouse itself so as to make it appear like one whole blouse and then can even further style it by adding some fancy border to it.

2. The net sleeves blouse design

Netted sleeves of a normal fabric blouse also look pretty appealing and stylish and are all over the internet. It gives one an opportunity to flaunt their curves and to show some skin or their biceps if they have any.

The advantage of this net sleeves blouse design is that one can design their sleeve the way they want it to be so it can be puffed, ruffled, multi-layered, pleated, normal as in three forth sleeves, full sleeves or even short sleeves or even cold shoulders. With some amount of aari or zardosi work over the whole blouse or adding some light floral embroidery over it, any person can slay in such a blouse design.

3. The cold shoulder net blouse design

Net blouse designs

The cold shoulder designs have driven people crazy as a lot of people seem to be loving the idea of showing a minimal amount of their skin through the blouse and giving it a sort of an Indo western look.

Adding netted cold shoulders to your blouse is a great alternative for an over-accessorized blouse because the cold shoulder can manage to look presentable even in the fanciest environments and can even be simple and minimal looking. It now completely depends on a person upon how they want their cold shoulder blouse to be designed and how will they wear it with their saree.

4. The full sleeves net blouse design

Full sleeves net blouses are those kinds of garments that tend to look more comfortable over a person with long arms since such sleeves enhance their length.

With complete netted full sleeves, one can add some beads or a huge border to it to make sure it does not look too plain and simple and can be worn for even high-class events. It adds glamour and elegance and gives definition to the tones of the arms upon wearing it.

5. The off-shoulder net blouse design

Off-shoulder blouses are the perfect way of showing everyone your curves or toned shoulders while revealing some amount of your skin. It’s a perfect take on the typical and common designs of the blouse available in the market and so a Blouse can have either full sleeves or half sleeves or three-fourth sleeves.

Net blouse designs

It can be matched with a sheer fabric to give it a summery vibe or a thick and rich fabric to give it those classy vibes. If not to be paired with a typical saree, such a blouse can also be individually used as a crop top.

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6. The puffed sleeves net blouse design

Puffed sleeves were a huge trend back in the day and while going through the pictures of your grandmothers and the older generations, one can very often spot women wearing such kinds of blouses under the saree.

This trend suddenly disappeared from the fashion game just to make a solid and dashing entry in the 2020s and this trend is also widely accepted by the current generation. The puffy sleeves can be oversized or can be medium in terms of the puff that is needed to make it look bigger and this sort of design can be donned over any figure and by any person.

Summing up:

So, these were some of the best net blouse design ideas. So, next time when you get an idea to wear a saree you can get your hands on these amazing ideas, and don’t forget to share your picture.

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