10 New Color Combinations Which Are Worth Trying in 2023

  • Looking for new color combinations to try this season here we have curated a complete list to help you with the best possible color combinations.
new color combinations

Trying to get your hands on a new color combinations outfits? A desi set of churidars or salwar kameez always fits well, regardless of how dressed up one becomes in western clothing. Any suit looks its best when the color combinations are used.

Its essential essence can only be perceived through the one color scheme, regardless of whether it is a basic salwar with a profusely embroidered kameez or a pair of churidar that are entirely plain.

The pattern, design, and fit undoubtedly have a big impact on how wonderful the outfit looks, but if the color scheme is off, everything else is for naught. Every situation has specific requirements, and colors unquestionably meet them.

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10 New Color Combinations that are worth trying 

While many colors are vibrant and trendy, others are calming and peaceful. However, it might be very challenging to choose complementary hues. It can be a little unsettling at times to choose from so many options.

The suit must have contrasting hues that work well together. Below are a few of the new color combinations that can bring out the finest in any salwar kameez, making things easy.

1. Rust & Green

Rust and green are often found together in nature, which is inspirational. Particularly if the occasion is an outdoor one, it seamlessly fits into the surroundings. The combo may become more alluring in the sunshine.

2. White and red

new color combinations
new color combinations

White is a consistently calming, soul-nourishing color. These festive color combinations provide a sense of great ethnicity and monarchy when worn with red and gold. It can capture anyone’s interest and is ideal for practically any situation. White and red saree combination is so just perfect. We have seen many Bollywood diva’s nailing this color combination. 

3. Beige and Red

Shades of beige and red are unquestionably a terrific choice at any time. Although the salwar kameez is quite boring, the stark, contrasting dupatta with the ideal detailing is unquestionably a superb pick.

4. Yellow and black

new color combinations
new color combinations

With practically every color, black complements it perfectly. The combination of black and yellow can make a spectator feel both calm and ecstatic. It is one of the most traditional color schemes that has ever existed.

The fashion trend that black and yellow previously broke cannot be broken by any other new color combinations.

5. Blue and Navy Blue

Blue is the ideal color. It is calming to the eyes and comes in a variety of shades, from sky blue to the deepest navy blue. It complements both other colors and itself effectively. You can notice the changes in the blue shade in the image.

Your sophisticated clothing looks more charming with a touch of tiny granite hue.

6. Orange and Brown

These three colors—brown, orange, and gold—when combined speak for themselves. It is quite a popular new color combination. It enhances the beauty of the overall style by giving the clothing a royal appearance. You can effortlessly carry the churidar while still projecting an air of strength. To achieve a perfect match, one can work around the dress’s gold embellishments.

7. Pink & Blue

new color combinations
new color combinations

If you prefer the most muted hues and don’t want to go overboard, this pairing is ideal for you. Your anxieties will be calmed by a light blue with a bittersweet pink color. When you have to stay inside particular parameters, they are ideal. These colors look so beautiful together. 

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8. Gray and brown

Grey, brown, and gold are still another exquisitely regal combination. The inherent beauty of the grey tone is fully highlighted by the rich brown shade. While the two hues may not complement each other well on their own, they look fantastic when worn together. Gray and brown has become the new color combinations and a popular talk of the town. 

9. Green & Gold

This color scheme of green and arsenic is perfect for a festive occasion. You will stand out from the crowd as a result of it. This one is definitely for you if you enjoy experimenting with the most daring combinations. Depending on how elaborate you want to get with the intricacy or design, it can be changed.

10. Blue and Pink

A nice pick would be a soft baby pink outfit with a striking blue and golden accents. It is a hue that is both striking and soothing. The suit seems rather opulent and avant-garde because to the unusual tone of the gold embellishments. Any occasion would be ideal for this new color combinations.  Blue and pink are one of the best color combinations. 

11. Peach & Purple

Not just for the audience, but also for you, this duo can be utterly soothing. The combo has a distinctive air of carefree charm attached to it. The clothing looks better overall because of the small details. This looks absolutely amazing and blend with each other so well and so perfectly. 

Summing up:

These were some of the new color combinations that you can try. These colors will add more spark to any of your outfits. So, ditch your old color combinations and style and get your hands on these. They impact and effect they create is so lovely and you will be the talk of the party or anywhere you go. But while styling these make sure to accessories them right and don’t over do anything.


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