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Best 7 Nowruz Outfits Significance, And History

Best 7 Nowruz Outfits Significance, And History

  • Do you know the history, significance of this Iranian New Year? Here in this blog, we will talk about the 7 Nowruz outfits' ideas for the 2022 celebration.
Nowruz outfits

Nowruz 2022 is here! People across the globe are super excited to celebrate the festival. Do you know the history, significance of this Iranian New Year? Here in this blog, we will talk about the 7 Nowruz outfits’ ideas for the 2022 celebration.

But before jumping into the Nowruz outfits let’s give you a quick glimpse of what is Nowruz 2022 and its great significance in Parsi Culture across the world.

Top 7 Nowruz outfits to add more charm to your celebration

Bonfires are built at night across the streets during the Nowruz week. On the last day, people celebrate the festival of fire where they jump and dance near the bonfire and welcome the new year with great enthusiasm and love. Here are the best 7 Nowruz outfits: 

1. The yellow Kurti with a green jacket

Nowruz 2022

Yellow and green are the most beautiful color combination. So, the very first Nowruz outfit is a yellow Kurti and pair it up with the green jacket with embroidery. To complete the look you can carry headscarves so that it compliments the entire look.

2. The Red and Golden Outfits 

On the occasion of Nowruz people prefer wearing red and golden color outfits. The red color is a symbolic representation of luck and prosperity. The Women dress up in long sleeves suits with a blend of golden and red colors. Also, the dupatta is either carried over the head or you can tie it up around the waist.

3. A White Gown or shorts

Nowruz 2022

You can go for a white gown or a white bralette top with ripped shorts and pair it up with knee-length boots. Add more color to the outfit by pairing it up with bright and poppy colors earrings and hand bands. It really doesn’t matter what you wear but the outfit should be the new one is the ritual if you are celebrating Nowruz.

4. Colorful layered skirt with matching waistcoat

The colorful layered skirts are a quite common Nowruz outfit. It looks so vibrant and cheerful. Also, long headscarves are embellished with hand-stitched designs or ornaments. These all together make the entire outfit look perfect.

5. Shalwar kameez

You can go for a blue, pink, or yellow shalwar kameez for you. One can pair it up with different jewelry, or ornaments. like gold bracelets and brooches. Also, you can pair the shalwar Kameez with the longer shawl.

6. Baggy Clothes

Men and women tend to wear baggy clothes on the occasion of Nowruz. The men pair it up with matching jackets while the females decorate their headscarves with jewels and coins.

7. Black hats and white shaals

Nowruz 2022

You can carry a black hat and white shaals to adorn your Nowruz outfits. Women wear bright and poppy colors while men prefer neutral colors. Don’t forget to pair your outfits with earrings and amazing headscarves. There are so many colors and patterns that you can come across while designing headscarves. You can shop the headscarves from here.

What is Nowruz 2022?

Nowruz or Navroz is the beginning of the spring season and celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm in the Parsi community across the globe. ‘Now’ means ‘new’ and ‘ruz‘ means the day so, Nowruz means ‘a new day’. It is one of the most important festivals in Iran and marks the beginning of the New year.

Nowruz is celebrated in the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia Balkans, and East Africa. You will be surprised to know that this festival is 3,000 years old.

How do people celebrate Nowruz?

Nowruz festival season is celebrated across the globe in a different style. In Iran, it is followed by a four-day public holiday, and schools and universities remain closed for two weeks. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

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People clean their homes and families decorate their houses with flowers. After that, the family prepares a special table where different small dishes are placed.

These dishes are 7 in number and have a symbolic representation. These dishes contain wheat, vinegar, apple, garlic, pudding, a red spice, and wild olive. Along with this people paint eggs, candles, and mirrors to mark the beginning of new life filled with love, good health, and prosperity.

Summing up: 

So, let’s welcome this beautiful season with a smile on our faces and flaunt our new fashion statements.  Festivals are the best occasion when you can experiment with your styles, outfits and create mix and match. The significance of Nowruz is to welcome the new year with a  positive approach and keep old memories behind.

From cleaning homes to buying new outfits and celebrating together, Nowruz has united the world of love and compassion.
Happy Nowruz 2022


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