Best 21 Different Odisha Traditional Dresses In 2024

  • Odisha had a  great history and rich culture and all of this is greatly reflected in the clothing and attires as well. Its ancient culture is known for its dresses and classical dance.
Traditional Dresses of Odisha

Located in the eastern region of India by the beautiful Bay of Bengal Odisha are one such state that is known for its unique culture and religious population. The stunning history, dialects, architecture, vibrant art music, and dance forms combined with beautiful clothing attire make Odisha an ideal place to explore in India. Odisha was the battleground for the Kalinga war that was fought by Ashoka the great. The Odisha traditional dresses are vibrant and beautiful.

Odisha had a  great history and rich culture and all of this is greatly reflected in the clothing and attires as well. Its ancient culture is known for its dresses and classical dance. Shalwar Kameez is a famous costume in India, here girls are also interested in Shalwar Kameez. Some tribal people also live in some areas of Odisha, they have a variety of dresses to wear. Hence, most of the women Odisha traditional dresses love to beautify themselves by wearing valuable jewelry, fancy ornaments, and many other decorative pieces of jewelry.

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Best Odisha Traditional Dress for 2023

Odisha has a lot of ancient history. Even Kalinga is the place which made to change the entire life attitude of Samrat Ashoka. Here, the people preserve their traditions and culture. In Odisha, women wear different types of saree, which makes for glowing beautiful women.

Odisha is famous for Kataki Saree and Sambalpuri Saree. These saree designs contain very peculiar designs and seem very dignified. Most of the women in Odisha wear these saree during festival occasions, Marriage occasions, and other auspicious days.


If you want to know more about the traditional dresses of Odisha then you are in the right place. Here we are going to talk about all the different dresses that are usually worn by the locals of the state and how even after modernity the traditional dress of Odisha still shines and is being worn with pride by the locals.

Top 10 Odisha Traditional Dresses for Women

Women from every culture of India love wearing Saree but there is always a catch in the way she wears it or the design that signifies their culture and the same is true for the Odisha traditional dresses for women. So, without further ado let’s talk about all the women dressed in Odisha.

1. Sambhalpuri Saree

Odisha traditional dresses
Odisha traditional dresses: The Green Sambhalpuri Saree

It is a traditional handwoven ikat in which weft and warp are tie-dyed before the weaving process is done. It is one of the most chosen Odisha traditional dresses by women. Women of every age just love to wear this dress on every occasion. If you talk about one of the most authentic in traditional Orissa outfit than Sambalpuri saree is the number. It is one of the most common and preferred outfit by traditional Orissa women.

If you have ever heard the term “Baandha” it is originally reflected in the Sambalpuri saree. It has be images of flora and fauna or the geometrical patterns. These saree prices range from 3000 to 5,00,000. It is dependent upon the intensive work of the craft man over that saree.


2. Khandua Saree

Odisha Traditional Saree
Odisha Traditional Saree: Khandua Sari

Khandua Saree is another popular dress among Odisha women. This dress has a special place in the hearts of Odisha as it is aesthetically pleasing and as well as culturally special because it is used to decorate the idol of Lord Jagannath. Khandua saree are lightweight and pocket friendly. The saree is originally designed in different colours like red maroon or yellow. These are the sarees that are won by artist or dancers representing India or Orissa culture.

Do you know what is so special about the sarees. These are not only cultural special but are also aesthetically pleasing. That is why these are one of the most loved Odisha traditional dresses worn by women. Khandua Saree are won by women during a wedding occasion because these are considered religious and are quite beautiful.


3. Odisha Traditional Dress For Bridal

Traditional Dress of Odisha
Odisha Traditional Dress For Bridal

The majority of brides in Oriya wear the traditionally draped yellow saree with flaming red borders that have boula Patta side work in it. But, most modern-day brides usually prefer to adorn sarees such as Benarasi or Kanjeevaram, another popular pick is the Ikkat a local silk saree. The bride on her D-day is dressed up in all red look with the prints that are quite impressive. You will find different patterns or geometrical designs or flora and fauna. 

4. Dupatta or Uttariyo

An Uttariyo is another mandatory part of a bride’s dress in Odisha. The bride wears a long piece of cloth to cover the head. The zari work on the cloth makes it quite adoring. The matching headgear makes this entire look even more attractive. It is one of the most important element of a bridal ceremony. Generally, the cotton or the silk dupatta is used for the D-day occasion of the bride. 

5. Shanka Palaa

Shanka Palaa is an additional accessory that brides in Odisha wear. The female wears a pair of red and white bangles on both hands. In many parts of Odisha Shanka (Red Bangles) is mandatory while the white ones contrast well.

6. Tanta Cotton of Baleswar

Tanta cotton Kurtis made in the Baleswar district of Odisha is another bridal attire option that many brides in Odisha choose these days.

7. Odissi Costume

Odisha Traditional Dresses
Odisha Traditional Dresses : Costume for dancers

You might know that Odissi is one of the classical dances of India. The jewelry worn during the dance form is attractive. These ornaments adorn the head, ear, neck, hands, fingers, and waist of the dancer. The ornaments include a choker, ‘bahichudi’ or anklets, bells,’ tayila kapa ’ (armlets), (earrings) and a ‘ kankana ’,’ padakatilaka ’ (bracelets), a ‘ (a long necklace), mekhalaa ‘ seenthi ’ ‘ (belt), (ornament work on the hair and forehead). These ornaments are of natural unlined silver and gold. People of the Cuttack city of Orissa state are majorly involved in creating this art. More than a hundred families in Cuttack city produce various patterns of filigree jewelry.

6 Traditional Accessories in Odisha

1. Neck Ring

Odisha Traditional Dresses
Odisha Traditional Dresses : Neck Ring

With polished contours, these round metallic elements add a dash of boldness to every tribal woman. Known as Kondh and Hansuli by Kagdang Oraon by Kutia, and Kagudika Kondh by Dongra, these items not only complement the collarbone but also accentuate their outfit. Not just one or two, women mostly prefer to wear a lot of them at a time!

2. Necklace

By adding a glamorous vibe to the tribal trend, these look amazing on a tribal woman. Attire colorful necklaces are it with different shades or brass beads and even paired with coins of fancy charms, these elegant necklaces are extremely subtle and modish.

3. Nose Ring

Odisha Traditional Dresses
Odisha Traditional Dresses : Nose Ring

To give an edgy look, these nose rings are perfect. Septum rings are. Not only do these rings give a classy twist to the tribal look of women but also describe their mystique allure!

4. Anklet:

With the amalgamation of style and elegance, these tribal anklets kindle the charm of one personality. Addressed as Andu, Khadu, Pairi, Kalpati, or Panhari by different tribes, these graceful anklets create their own unique style and are a definite pick for any season.

5. Earrings:

Odisha Traditional Dresses
Odisha Traditional Dresses : Earrings

The trend is to typically stack too many hoop rings on the upper ear! Apart from being interesting, these earrings reflect the culture of the nomadic and adventurous lifestyle of tribal women! These hooop earrings are so in trend these days and has been inspired from the Odisha traditional Outfits.  

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6. Filigree:

The filigree jewelry is particularly rich in patterns. In, the stress is on arm jewelry, necklaces, toe rings, and especially anklets, which are Odisha a great favorite. Filigree is auspicious and pretty attractive. The people combine intricate anklets and semiprecious stones for more refined look.

Odisha Traditional Dresses for Men

Even though modernization has deeply swept away the craze for traditional dresses in the youth of Odisha few dresses are still worn with pride by the Odisha men. Here is a list of Orissa Traditional Dress for men that are loved by males of every age in Odisha.

1. Dhoti

Odisha Traditional Dresses
Odisha Traditional Dresses: Dhoti

Indian men of different cultures and traditions wear a dhoti on different occasions. But, one thing that sets Odisha’s Dhoti apart is its beautiful traditional border of brick colors. Dhoti is one of the most worn traditional dresses in Odisha for men and you should check it out during your next trip to Odisha.

2. Sambalpuri Kurta

Shambalpuri Kurta is a short variant of your regular kurta. It is extremely famous amongst the men of Odisha. There is a huge variety of different colors and designs for both youngsters and adults. The sambalpuri Kurta looks absolutely amazing on the men and is designed with so much handwork and pleasing patterns. 

3. Kurta

As we have mentioned above, a Kurta comes in many different styles and designs and for the wedding, most of Odisha men choose an elaborate kurta. Men mostly choose asymmetrical buttoned-down kurtas with a minimal print pattern on sleeves and a minute amount of patchwork on the lower side.

4. Payjama

The type and design of Pajamas mostly depend on the Kurta. Mostly, the groom chooses a simple white pajama that complements the color of the kurta. The Payjama’s are quite comfortable and easy to wear option during a ceremony or a wedding occasion. 

5. Sherwani

Odisha traditional dresses
Odisha traditional dresses: Sherwani

Apart from the traditional Kurta Pajama, Sherwani is what many grooms in Odisha love to wear during their wedding. Similar to other parts of the country, Sherwani in Odisha can be an embroidered form of Kurta and Pajama.  The sherwani is Odisha are designed with beautiful colors and geometrical patterns. 


So, these are some of the Odisha traditional dresses  that showcase its culture and beauty. Make sure you check them out on your next trip to Odisha. Do comment on your favorite look or accessory. Every culture has its different colors and pattern which make the particular style unique and special.

Hope this blog help you in knowing different Odisha traditional dresses that are worn by men and women. There outfits are quite colorful and graceful. People these days are looking for a lot of varieties and Deepika dresses from other traditions and cultures.

In a country like India where we have so many religions religions and traditions people across the globe love the patterns the traditions and the cultural variety we have. Along with this, there are different traditional outfits which are loved by so many people both in India.


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