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Best 10 Pleated Saree Looks For This Wedding Season

Best 10 Pleated Saree Looks For This Wedding Season

  • Every woman appears stunning in a saree, so the saying goes. You can pull off any saree look by wearing the appropriate saree and accessories. Here are some of the best looks listed for you.
Pleated saree

The saree is quickly becoming the preferred attire for social occasions. Then why not? This incredibly lovely Indian clothing is the epitome of glitz, refinement, and style. There are many new patterns and types of party wear pleated sarees since sarees are popular and liked by many girls.

Every woman appears stunning in a saree, so the saying goes. You can pull off any saree look by wearing the appropriate saree and accessories. The Indian tradition and culture are represented by sarees. Sarees have never gone out of style despite the constant shift in fashion. Due to its elegance and richness, it is regarded as a royal garment. In actuality, a saree can enhance any woman’s beauty and make her look stunning.

Some women believe that draping a saree is a difficult task and that, furthermore, if it is not done properly, it loses its appeal. The designers have created the ideal remedy to solve this issue in the form of a ready-pleated or pre-pleated saree. The outcome is not just tidy, but also flawless. The pre-pleated or ready-pleated saree is a fantastic innovation in the saree industry.

Best Pleated Saree looks for this wedding season 2022

Here, we will assist you in getting ready with party wear sarees that will make you stand out.

1. A Pleated saree look

Pleated saree
Pleated saree pictures

For formal gatherings, this works beautifully. This outfit should be worn if you have to go to an office party. For your office party, a saree made of cotton or linen with subtle pleating is ideal. Simple blouses in solid colours are acceptable, but if you want to make a statement, add a fashionable blouse. A strapless blouse or even a pair of halter neck blouses can work wonders.

2. Casual flowing palla look 

Any non-formal party outfit will look great with this. You can add more beauty to the appearance by leaving your pallu open in this place. With the blouse, you could wear a contrasting bindi. Choose a plain blouse if your saree has a busy pattern, and vice versa.

3. The Belt It Up look

Pleated saree
Pleated saree pictures

Cocktail parties are the perfect setting for this saree style. If you want to add drama to your outfit, this is the ideal statement look. To spice up your saree look, put on a simple belt in a solid colour or a Kamar bandh. Your saree will complete the look if you add an off-shoulder blouse.

4. The Dhoti saree look 

This outfit is ideal for your closest friend’s wedding. The costume may seem a little difficult at first, but don’t worry. You merely need to wear leggings in place of a petticoat. It is pretty fashionable, and you can look great in it with a simple yet appropriate jewelry combination.

5.  Ready made saree gown

Pleated saree
Pleated saree pictures

This pre-stitched saree looks fantastic. This is ideal for those who don’t know how to properly drape a saree but are looking for party wear sarees that they can carry with ease. Both formal events and casual parties can accommodate this saree ensemble. This appearance is quite adaptable.

6. Size of the neck drape

Another eye-catching saree ensemble is this one. You must drape the pallu around your neck in this method rather than leaving it freely exposed. Another chic saree appearance is this. Again, depending on your accessory choices, you may play around with this style.

7. Simple saree and navel blouse

An additional multipurpose outfit is this one. Using a striking blouse, you may dress up this simple saree. Your decision to choose a saree with a border or without one is entirely up to you. With an off-shoulder blouse or even a voluminous sleeve top, you can go completely floral, a little theatrical, or both.

8. Skirt on a saree

Another fashionable and trendy saree appearance is this one. You will adore the way you look wearing a saree over a skirt in this situation. The ideal choice for any family gathering. By wearing a saree and a fancy skirt, you can make this look elegant. Include jewelry of your choice with this look as well.

9.  Ruffle saree look

One more saree look that is currently popular. You can add perfect drama and illusion to your outfit with this saree style. Everything goes well with this saree ensemble. As well as any other family event, you can wear it to your best friend’s event. Simple jewelry can complement this look.

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10. Sleek Pant look

For millennial girls, this is the ideal saree ensemble. If you choose the right saree, you can wear this as a formal saree look or a perfect cocktail look by adding a pant underneath.When worn for a formal occasion, sarees look sophisticated and elegant when accessorized properly.

Summing up

Never had it been simpler to drape a saree. The easiest way to achieve an elegant appearance is in this way. The best part is that you don’t need anyone’s assistance, so you can now wear a saree even if you’ve never done so before. In actuality, it is just as simple to put on and takes only a few minutes to complete.

To dress for any formal occasion, simply layer a petticoat over a pre-pleated saree and adjust the pallu over your left shoulder. These sarees are widely accessible in a variety of colors and materials, including silk, net, and crepe. You also have a variety of embroidery options, including lace work, zardozi, phulkari, and chikankari.

Which of the saree looks from above is your favorite? Let us know. If you’ve tried any of these saree looks, kindly share a photo with us. Your response would be greatly appreciated.


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