Best 11 Polka Dot Outfits That You Can Try In 2023

  • Polka dot outfits are timeless classics. If you know how to style them correctly, they will be perfect for almost any occasion, be it summer or winter. National Dots Day is celebrated on January 22 every year to rock the dots in homage to the iconic style of Minnie Mouse.
polka dot outfits

The polka dot outfits are and will remain  a fashion trend! And that for decades. So if you think only of the  1950s “Petticoat” and “Pin Up Rockabilly” terms, you haven’t discovered  other aspects of the popular polka dot pattern. Because the polka dot dress can look vintage, playful and/and vintage. It all depends on the style and of course the cut of a polka dot outfits.

In this fashion blog, we bring you  style ideas on how to wear and incorporate polka dot outfits in a great way. As  mentioned, polka dot outfits can be worn very flexibly and are suitable for any occasion. For example, you can wear a classic polka dot dress to the office. But also create a soft punk outfit with  boots and a leather jacket.

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Do’s and Don’ts when wearing polka dot outfits

Here, we have listed out do’s and don’ts for wearing polka dot outfits:-


 Balance the size of the bean. Remember where you’re going and choose clothes that stand out.  Experiment and play with prints, plaids or stripes  with polka dots.  Wear black shoes when in doubt. Choose simple accessories to enhance your outfit.


Wearing too many polka dots in one outfit. Choose the pieces that match the polka dots. Too big or too colourful when choosing polka dots.  Choose large or bulky accessories over flimsy ones. 

Best polka dot outfits

The polka dot pattern is also suitable for wedding guests on festive occasions, such as bohemian weddings. They work in  summer and winter. For this reason, you can’t go wrong with  polka dot fashion.

1. Summer polka dot outfit with high-waisted long skirt

Our beautiful long polka dot dress with side slits  not only fits like a glove, and goes with dresses in sizes 34 to 40. It’s a talent combo! Because the voluminous summer dress can’t be worn alone with the  off-the-shoulder top as fitting as a two-piece dress. You can also pair a polka dot skirt with a simple shirt or t-shirt.

For this reason, long polka dot outfits are a must-have for the upcoming summer vacation! It doesn’t matter if you want to go for a fancy dinner or just visit the city: polka dot summer dresses are right for you.

2. Dresses, pointed-toe skirts in everyday life

Why shouldn’t you  wear a polka dot dress in everyday life? Because the polka dot pattern can be combined with many styles.  For example, a cute polka dot dress  can be worn with chic boots, sneakers or  sandals. 

polka dot outfits
polka dot outfits : Dresses, pointed-toe skirts in everyday life

And for this reason, polka dot dresses are suitable for almost any daily activity. Alternatively, you can wear a polka dot skirt with a leather jacket or jeans for chilly days. 

You can also create a wonderful fall and winter outfit for every day. By pairing a polka dot maxi skirt with a warm sweater and thigh-high boots.

Of course it’s also very simple. Simple in a maxi dress or polka dot mini skirt. It is best to wear jewellery made of pure gold  or pearls.

3. Coral polka dot dress

Flaming coral combined with polka dots is how you turn up the heat for a gentle polka dot pattern. If that doesn’t prove to you that polka dots are more than just a classic motif, we don’t know what else will. Tied up her hair  in a ponytail,  nude makeup,  brown lipstick and finished with ankle boots.

4. White polka dot dress

polka dot outfits
polka dot outfits : White Outfits

 Playful, cute and elite. But if you want to break the feminine silhouette of this outfit with ankle boots, know that it has been approved by experts around the world. The high neckline and long sleeves add glamor to  this outfit, so all you need is a side pocket to complete the look.

5. Blue and white polka dot slit dress

Borrow a bit of  Parisian style and look like a diva in this super chic slit dress. A smooth bun, silver heels, belts and angled shades add up to hundreds of hairstyles for an effective look. If you want to accentuate this outfit even more, you can opt for ankle boots or knee high boots.

6. Black and white polka dot skirt

polka dot outfits
polka dot outfits : Black and white polka dot skirt

 There’s nothing more flattering than a polka dot dress paired with a tank top and a shrug. Kitten heels, simple studs, ocean waves and a laptop bag with this outfit will take you  from everyday work to  summer evenings.

7. Dotted jacket

 We’ve found you the perfect companion this fall, but not something  straight out of the magazine. Dotted tube top. Unobtrusive, right? Tube top,  long skirt, beige boots and long coat. Damn, why didn’t we  think of that sooner?

8. The top of the dotted tube

 How about an oversized suit? You know he’s trending, right? Gone are the days of dandy white shirts, tight pants, and perfectly tailored blazers. Pair them with baggy pants or a long skirt, an oversized blazer, and a yellow polka dot shirt. 9. Dotted shirt and vest

Switch to party mode and go from the office to your date on  Friday night. A red polka dot pencil skirt, a white shirt and black heels are all good options. Don’t forget to apply some  lipstick before entering the room.

10. Red polka dot pencil skirt

polka dot outfits
polka dot outfits : Red polka dot pencil skirt

Spring or summer, the beach or the local market, an indoor party  or an outdoor lunch – buy one of these dresses because you can find them useful wherever you go

11. Pink polka dot pleated skirt

After the signature black and white polka dot pattern, brown is  most coveted. It’s underrated and almost looks like an underdog style. Skirts, cardigans, wraps, and pencil skirts are all minimalist, sophisticated, and stylish combinations with brown polka dots.

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It is an undeniable fact that most women love polka dot outfits. However, there is also the fact  that not everyone can wear luxurious and well-groomed polka dots. The secret to successfully rocking a polka dot  dress is to blend a sense of nostalgia with a modern aesthetic.

The polka dot outfits idea shared in this article can serve as inspiration for styling flowing one-piece outfits, ruffles, dresses and formal dresses. You can easily wear a polka dot outfit if you pay attention to balance. However, avoid large jewelry and too many prints or patterns when wearing polka dots.

Polka dot outfits are timeless classics. If you know how to style them correctly, they will be perfect for almost any occasion, be it summer or winter. National Dots Day is celebrated on January 22 every year to rock the dots in homage to the iconic style of Minnie Mouse.


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