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Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls: The Best 5 Hairstyles For Beginners

Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls: The Best 5 Hairstyles For Beginners

Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

The summer season is at its peak and so leaving your hair open is definitely not an option these days. The amount of sweat, odor, germs and later blackening of the neck makes it worse to leave the hair open so girls always resort to tying a ponytail of their hair during the summer season.

It keeps them cool, makes them sweat lesser on the neck and it can also be styled in different ways that look beautiful over any or everyone. So let us now have a look at ponytail hairstyles for girls that can be used not just during summers but throughout the year.

Ponytail hairstyles for girls: Quick 5 ways

1. The high ponytail

ponytail hairstyle for girls

Managing one’s hair when it is all over the face feels so irritating and it looks so messy. Especially I’m the summer season when the sun is at its full potential and the heat causes you to sweat excessively, one feels the need to tie a high ponytail, right? Well, the look that is suggested below is not just suitable for the summers but also for any occasion irrespective of whether its traditional or western.

The sleek high ponytail is currently doing the rounds of hairstyles especially after a lot of actresses seem to be obsessed with it after the beginning of the summer season. This hairstyle is very easy and can be done within the snap of a finger.

So to start off, one needs to comb their hair very neatly and later tie it in a high ponytail that is nice and tight. One has to make sure that there are no strands of hair outside the ponytail. To ensure that the baby hair are intact, the use of aloe Vera gel or any hair gel and serum will work and get the work done well.

2. The low rise ponytail with middle partition

ponytail hairstyle for girls

Well, partitioning of the hair makes an individual’s face look even more defined, sharp and attractive. When it comes to traditional events, individuals usually prefer middle partitioning and it is like the go to traditional event look for them. The below mentioned hairstyle though is more apt for traditional wear outfits and events, it can also go well with modern and western outfits and events as well.

To achieve this hairstyle, one has to divide their hair accurately into two equal halves to get the perfect middle partition of their hair. Then tie a low ponytail after the partitioning is done. This hairstyle will look even better with long hair.

Straightening the hair before styling it in the ponytail will enhance the hairstyle even further and this can be a quick and easy look for so many women out there who always wonder what hairstyle is to be done when it comes to family events or any traditional events.

3. The high ponytail with a weave

ponytail hairstyle for girls

Doesn’t singer Ariana Grande look amazing and cute in her signature high ponytail hairstyle? Don’t you feel like wanting to have that same hairstyle and look cute and get compliments from others? Don’t you ever feel or wonder about how exactly to achieve that exact and specific hairstyle? If yes, then here is a guide to achieving that ponytail look.

Start off by applying a decent amount of hair gel on your hair and then comb it well and in a neat manner and later tie it in a high ponytail of your comfort. To secure the baby hair from coming apart of the hairstyle make sure to reapply some more hair gel or aloe vera gel. Later to get that lengthened hair effect, grab a hair weave or a hair extension and tie it around your high ponytail very gently and patiently. Secure the extension with the help of bobby pins.

Take a small strand of hair from the ponytail and then cover up the attachments of the hair extension to give it the natural hair look and you are done. You will have the best and sleek hairstyle within the fraction of a few minutes.

4. The chignon ponytail

Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

Well, a lot of girls do not prefer tying their hair in the simple, usual and boring ponytail. They would rather want to go for a hairstyle that is even` more easier and that can be done even without looking into the mirror if possible.

Such girls prefer the half tied ponytail or the chignon ponytail which is usually seen over the heads of typical Chinese household members. This ponytail does not require you to take a lot of effort or to put in a lot of your precious time. It can be achieved within a few seconds as well. The only major requirement of this ponytail is medium or long length of the hair.

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Comb your hair well and then with the help of a rubber band, fold your hair into half and that is it. You have the perfect chignon ponytail that is ready within a few minutes and does not even need a lot of hair care products.

5. The segmented ponytail

Just like the chignon ponytail, another unusual hairstyle is the segment ponytail. It takes quite a few minutes to get the expected outcome but the results are worth the time spent on doing it. One will probably be needing some amount of help to get this ponytail done well.

This hairstyle will work only on girls with long hair and the ones who want voluminous hair that do not look simple and boring. So start off by middle partitioning of your hair.

Once that is done, section your hair into three parts horizontally. After that, using the hair from the very first section, tie two high ponytails with rubber bands and secure them well. Later combine the two ponytails and the hair from the second section and tie that hair into one single ponytail.

Summing up

Completing that step leaves only the hair from the third section so grab that hair and combine it with the ponytail from the hair of the previous two sections. This will again form another single ponytail. And the look is complete here. A tip would be to straighten one’s hair before doing the hairstyle so as to make it easier to do the hairstyle and even to add more glamour to it.

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