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Preity Zinta Lifestyle: Her Houses, Net Worth And More

Preity Zinta Lifestyle: Her Houses, Net Worth And More

Preity Zinta Lifestyle

Preity Zinta is a well-known Indian film actress and a successful entrepreneur who has created a very lasting impact in Bollywood film indubitably her talent and skills. Due to her roles and characters in the movies that portrayed strong and influential personalities, she conceptualized the concept of being a female protagonist in the Bollywood film industry.

This paved the path for bigger screen time for female actresses. Her life has been quite a glamorous gala and so having a peek into it is surely worth it. Let us now have a look at Preity Zinta’s lifestyle.

Preity Zinta’s Net Worth

Preity Zinta Lifestyle
Preity Zinta Lifestyle pictures

Being a successful Bollywood actress and now an entrepreneur, Preity has earned herself quite a decent and a whopping amount of one hundred and ten crore Indian rupees as her net worth. She earns a total of over twelve crore Indian rupees annually and over one crore Indian rupees monthly.

This means that her total net worth is about fifteen million US dollars. Apparently, she charges around two to three crore Indian rupees for an individual’s brand endorsement which itself is a major part of her earnings. She has turned herself into a film producer and a television judge while she is also the co-owner of the renowned Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kings Eleven Punjab. This whopping amount does not ever come in the way of charity and donations for social and good causes and Preity Zinta ever.

She owns a studio that apparently is worth around six hundred crore Indian rupees and since she co-owns a team in the Indian Premier League, her share in the team has been accounted for a whopping amount of rupees three hundred and fifty crore Indian rupees and she is spotted quite often in the stands of the stadium cheering up her team while they play a game in the stadium.

Her Houses

Preity Zinta Lifestyle
Preity Zinta Lifestyle pictures

Being born in Shimla, Preity is very much fond of its nature, environment, and the vibes of the place and will surely to emotionally connect it as well as she must have had a lot of memories of this place and so not owning a house in such a wonderful and dreamy place is something that will feel weird and missing out on something. She is believed to own a luxurious hill house in Shimla that she makes sure to visit every time she flies home to India. One can even spot glimpses of her house in her Instagram pictures as she enjoys nature and its beauty while being in this house.

Preity is also quite a proud owner of two luxurious houses in Mumbai city of Maharashtra. It has been reported that she these houses are situated in the elite and luxurious and developed places of Juhu and Bandra and have cost Preity quite a wholesome amount of money.

Beverly Hills in the United States of America is a place that has been well known because celebrities like the Kardashians, the Jenners, and many others have their luxurious abodes in this place and this has been one of the classiest and most luxurious places in the US that every person knows about.

This is the very same place where Preity Zinta lives currently with her husband and her two little twins. She owns a modern and huge mansion in Beverly Hills and seems like she loves this place since she keeps giving glimpses of her house quite often while giving life updates to her fans.

The Car Collection

Preity Zinta Lifestyle
Preity Zinta Lifestyle pictures

Seems like Preity Zinta has quite a good choice in cars as she owns a Lexus LX 480 Crossover, a Mercedes-Benz E class, a Mercedes-Benz 350 D, and Range Rover Vogue.

The Lexus LX 480 is an SUV car that costs around thirty-five lakh Indian rupees that has a five-and-a-half liter engine and three hundred and eighty-three BHP. It can reach a speed of zero to one hundred within just seven and a half seconds and has a top speed of two hundred and twenty. This car is also the first and the oldest car owned by Preity Zinta.

The 3.0 liters V6 diesel engine car with two hundred and twenty-eight BHP of horsepower and five hundred and forty NM of torque is the Mercedes-Benz E class that had a German base. This sedan car reaches a speed of zero to a hundred within just seven seconds and has a top speed of two hundred and thirty kilometers per hour. Twelve kilometers per liter is the fuel efficiency of this car.

The Mercedes-Benz 350 D has a three-liter V6 diesel engine and this SUV car can generate two hundred and fifty-eight BHP and has a torque of six hundred and twenty NM. Within just eight seconds, this car can catch up to the speed of a hundred from a speed of zero and has a top speed of two hundred and twenty-two, and gives a fuel efficiency of eleven kilometers per liter.

With a whopping price of over one crore Indian rupees, the Range Rover Vogue is the most expensive car standing in Preity Zinta’s garage. It has a two-liter V4 engine and a power of two hundred and thirty-six BHP. In just eight seconds, it can reach a speed of a hundred from the speed of zero and all of this makes the cost of Preity Zinta’s garage go up to a grand total of around three crore Indian rupees.

Summing up: 

This was a quick glimpse of Preity Zinta’s lifestyle and her collection of cars. She is an exceptionally brilliant performer and has given various hits like Kal Ho Na Ho, Veer Zara, Koi Mil Gaya, Lakshaya, and a lot more. Currently, she is living a happy married life with Gene Goodenough and owns an IPL team Kings XI Punjab.

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