6 Best Puff Blouse Back Designs Idea Picked Up For You

  • Check-out some amazing puff blouse back designs ideas for this wedding season of 2022. Flaunt your style like a diva and spread your charm.
Puff blouse back designs

Here are some amazing puff blouse back designs that are pretty perfect for you! A saree is a form of garment that has been designed quite well in a manner that instantly makes one look mature, stylish, and even sensational.

Being a traditional wear outfit, it still gives that sassy and chic modern and western sort of vibes. A game changer when it comes to the saree is the blouse that one decides to pair it with.

With a variety of options to choose from in the market, the internet has been lately flooded with puffed sleeves blouse designs. It seems like people find them irresistible as they serve quite a modern as well as trading look at the same time, which is pretty rare with the rest of the blouse designs.

Gorgeous 6 Puff blouse back designs

Being such hype, there is a lot of confusion regarding what back design suits best for a puffy sleeves blouse so here’s a look at some of the ideas that can be employed while stitching the puff blouse back design.

1. The simple design

Puff blouse back designs (3)

Since quite a lot of people prefer their bodies to be as covered as possible in a saree, having a simple back design when it comes to a puffy blouse is the best choice since a puffy blouse tends to be a bit dramatic and gas the ability to grab the attention so no one would actually wonder how the back of the blouse looks like. Having a completely covered back with buttons on the back to secure the blouse in place can be done in terms of a high neck puffy blouse design.

2. The traditional back design

One of the ways to style the back side of your puffy sleeves blouse would be by sticking to the most common and trusted designs so as to make you feel comfortable and easy and that you do not feel conscious all the time when you decide to wear a blouse.

Having a U-shaped back line can create a very simple but beautiful design that can be later modified with the help of a fancy border or some embroidery so as to make it look a little fancy and elegant.

Just like the U-shaped back line, there is also a V-shaped back line and a round-shaped back line as well which are pretty common among all individuals but are the safest options if one does not want to be experimental and wants to stick to the basics and to the options that are comfortable and simple. Such back lines go really well with any kind of sleeves such as the puffy sleeves and so sticking to these when in emergencies is probably the best option to go for and the most ideal one as well.

3. The backless design

Being in a modern and changing society that is turning quite accepting towards females now, it is easier to wear the clothes that one desires to wear be it strapless or backless, one can now wear these outfits though not in all environments (for safety reasons) but in most environments and in a comfortable manner.

Puff blouse back designs
Puff blouse back designs images

Having the Doris attached to the steps of the blouse make it easier to tie them at the back to hold the blouse together and in a secure manner while letting the back be visible and the person look sassy so as to slay in that sort of a back design.

4. The netted back design

Has it ever happened to you that you decided to go for a backless blouse design and after receiving the final blouse you realized that the cut on the back is too deep or it makes you conscious or that it has ever invited unnecessary comments from others that you find uncomfortable to deal with?

After facing such a situation, one always feels the need to stop wearing such a revealing blouse despite its beautiful color and pattern. But one does not have to do this any longer.

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Adding some amount of netted material or sheer fabric on the back less part can cover up most of the back and adding some Doris and fancy beads, broaches or even a fancy border to such a fabric will make it look like a normal blouse and no one will ever suspect of it to have been a backless blouse so all the ladies who have lost all hopes of wearing their favorite backless blouses, here’s some motivation for you.

5. The almond cut-back design

Puff blouse back designs

The amount cut puff blouse back designs though not that common, can be like an alternative for backless blouses since not a lot of skin is revealed through such kinds of blouses and they even look traditional. Since modern and the current generation prefer to have a bit of unique and uncommon designs in their outfits, switching to the almond cut pattern at the back of a puff blouse will look quite beautiful while still being decent.

Summing up: 

So, these were some of the trending puff blouse back designs which are perfect for any age group or saree design. You are going to love the designs and patterns.


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