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Red Pants Styling Guide : Best 15 Ways To Style Red Pants

Red Pants Styling Guide : Best 15 Ways To Style Red Pants

  • If you've played it safe with your fashion choices,  discuss what shirt to wear with red pants. This is a fact, we are all  black and white  to death! So, let's check out some best red pants styling ideas.

Undoubtedly, red is  timeless, quintessential and bold, and our personal favorite is definitely the red pants. We believe that nothing boosts your confidence like colorful socks.

If you’ve played it safe with your fashion choices,  discuss what shirt to wear with red pants. This is a fact, we are all  black and white  to death! But flashy colors are all the rage right now, and there’s nothing sexier than beautiful red pants. Whether it’s an important meeting at the office or a day out with friends, a red shirt and pants combo will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Best red pant styling ideas for 2023 

So, if you’re wondering what to wear with red pants, we’ve rounded up ten different ways to style them with ease! For those of you who haven’t caught on to the red socks trend, here’s your sign to do it! Now, scroll down to find out what goes  with red pants.

1. Red pants, black and white striped shirt

Red Pants
Red Pants: Red pants, black and white striped shirt

If you’re wearing red pants for the first time, pair them with a black and white striped t-shirt. It’s great office wear. You can also replace the t-shirt with a sleeveless turtleneck or a  sweater. Complete the look with the red pump.

2. High-waisted red pants and blue shirt

High-waisted pants are all the rage right now. They create a great silhouette and enhance your luxury quotient with ease. Pair them with a light blue button-down shirt, tuck them in and show them how! You can also add a chunky belt in a neutral tone for a sleek look.

3. Red leather pants and off-shoulder top

Red Pants
Red Pants: Red leather pants and off-shoulder top

Have dinner plans but not in the mood to put in the effort? Go bold with these red leather pants,  white off-the-shoulder top, and red heels. You’re ready to eat in less than 5 minutes! Don’t forget to put on  red lipstick. Pair it  with a pair of floral or plaid high heels to accentuate your outfit!

4. Red pants and printed shirt

Show your inner personality with a pair of ankle pants and a printed shirt. Tie your hair into a smooth bun and wear big glasses or sunglasses and black heels. You can also throw in a shoulder bag for good measure.

5. Red pants and striped shirt

Red pants and striped shirt
Red Pants: Red pants and striped shirt

Don’t hesitate to play with patterns by moving subtly  away from the usual. Pair your red tapered  pants with a  striped top. Wear a wide black belt to tighten your waist and elevate your outfit.

6. Red palace and black shirt

Ditch your usual fitted pants for a bohemian look. Pair red palazzo pants with a simple black top and  red scarf for this boho-chic look. A floral pashmina or a silk scarf also goes well with this atmosphere.

7. Red panties and beige sweater

Ditch the formal formal outfits for a  bit and try something new. Red ankle pants paired with a delicate beige sweater are elegant and sophisticated. A pair of kitten heels and a cute little bun are a great way to complete this look.

You can also choose another neutral color, such as cream. Bodysuits, especially turtleneck bodysuits, are very popular right now and  very flattering for this figure.

8. Cigarette red pants and black round neck

Wear high street fashion without looking too casual. A black crew-neck sweater or jumper with red  pants and ankle strap heels is a great way to complete this look.

9. Tapered pants and crop top

This matching  crop top and pants is a must-try. It screams the party but not in a way that is too gimmicky or flashy. You don’t need any accessories to get this look. Just a clutch and some pumps will get the job done!

10. Red plaid pants and tank top

Instead of a skirt or  shirt, wear red plaid pants. You can wear it with an oversized white shirt or a plain crop top and Converse. Talk about killer street style!

11. Red wide leg pants and white pleated top

Burgundy, wine, purple, or brick red wide leg pants are great options if you want to tame  red a  bit. Pair them with a fine chiffon pleated shirt or a silk top for an elegant look. You can wear a beige blazer or  leather jacket and carry a purse if you go to the party. Also, add a black or beige  blazer to accentuate the whole look.

12. Red lace pants with white strapless top

Mix structured shadows with flowing fabrics to create a balance between the two. This white lace-up silk top accentuates the red pants. You can choose to wear it up or down with outfits like these.

13. Red ankle pants and patterned t-shirt

Highlight your inner tomboy look with  red pants, a patterned t-shirt, ankle boots, and oversized sunglasses. Complete this look with a shoulder bag!

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14. Embroidered pants and red kimono

Turn your head when you walk into a room with these red embroidered pants and white top. The icing on the cake is a floral kimono. If you want to take a little risk and do it all, you can trade flowers for animals.

15. Red striped panties with oversized tops

Go grunge and sporty  with these culottes, an oversized t-shirt or sweater, and Converse shoes. The great thing about this look is that it has a subtle vintage vibe. 

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Now, you know what to do with those red pants that are bought for a discount on a whim, allowing the imagination to take control. Well, red pants are all the rage right now and can look stunning when paired with a subdued top. You can also choose from a white off-shoulder top, a black and white  striped t-shirt, a printed white shirt, a light blue blouse, a black tank top, or beige items when you’re wondering. what to wear with red pants The trick to styling the right red pants  is to stay confident,  simple, and wear red lipstick. 

 Flashy colors are all the rage right now and there’s nothing more appealing than  good  red pants.  A button-down shirt or  tank top combined with red pants will make you stand out in the crowd.  Whether you are attending a business meeting, a party, a casual lunch or a match, you can wear red pants anywhere!


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