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Rihanna Lifestyle: Net Worth, Relationships And Success Story

Rihanna Lifestyle: Net Worth, Relationships And Success Story

Rihanna Lifestyle

Want to know about Rihanna lifestyle? Robyn Rihanna Fenty or simply Rihanna is a well known and currently the most trending and influential singer, actress, fashion designer and a business woman from Barbados. She got her first break into the music industry at the mere age of sixteen years.

She initially wanted to complete her high school but as destiny has its own fate, Rihanna chose to pursue a career in music instead and that decision of hers has paid off to her. Since Rihanna’s life is all about luxury and fancy things, let us now have a look at Rihanna’s lifestyle.

Rihanna Net worth

Rihanna Lifestyle
Rihanna Lifestyle pictures

Rihanna has made it to the news and to the front pages of all the possible leading magazines in the year 2022 as she became the youngest self made billionaire woman with a net worth of one point four billion dollars (US dollars) which is one hundred and forty crore in Indian rupees. Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s cosmetic brand is the one responsible for her current net worth since the brand was a success from the moment of its launch.

She co owns it with French luxury retailer LVMH and the Fenty Beauty cosmetics brands had earned and generated more than five hundred and fifty million dollars worth of revenue I. The year 2020 and her stake in this well established and widely spreading brand is what consists of the majority of her fortune. In the Savage X Fenty lingerie line, Rihanna has about thirty percent of stake which raised money ag the a one billion dollars valuation in the year 2021. Rihanna bagged the twenty first rank on the Forbes List of America’s self made women.

Rihanna lifestyle: The expensive watch

Currently being the most richest musician in the world, Rihanna owns a Rolex Datejust which is a wrist watch from the luxury brand Rolex and it is probably one of the most expensive and stunning pieces in Rihanna’s kitty. The silver and champagne coloured watch is worth a whopping amount of twelve thousand seven hundred US dollars and contains a reinforced steel and a yellow gold band. This is no surprise that Rihanna can own such an expensive object rather the addition of such a classic watch will look sophisticated and complete over any of Rihanna’s looks.

The expensive and vastly spread houses

Rihanna Lifestyle
Rihanna Lifestyle pictures

Being rich and famous accounts for having he house of your dreams where one can spend the rest of their life or their quality time in a relaxed and secure form and be able to release all the work stress and calm the mind but the cost of Rihanna’s Hollywood hills house will blow your mind. Reportedly, Rihanna purchased a mansion in Hollywood Hills worth over six million dollars and this house is probably the most expensive house owned by Rihanna. It contains six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a huge swimming pool and a tub, a home theater and a spa to keep up with Rihanna’s busy and hectic life and schedules.

Since Rihanna is the literal sensation in town currently, who would be satisfied by owning just one huge mansion? So Rihanna also owns a beach mansion in the Pacific palisades in Los Angeles which is prices over six million dollars. It has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a game room that reportedly is very huge, a spa and a rooftop sun deck surrounded by oak and sycamore trees and this house is a perfect option to isolate from the rest of the world but within luxury and comfort.

Rihanna lifestyle: The expensive cars

Lamborghini seems like the personal favourite luxury brand of cars for all rich Hollywood celebrities and they perhaps flaunt it quite frequently and with style. People owning such a car probably have the best in class taste in cars and know what defines luxury at its best. Rihanna owns a Lamborghini Aventador prices over seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars and this super car has a massive amount of power and it also gives comfort and runs at seven hundred hp and is an Italian car.

In addition to the Lamborghini, bad gal Riri also owns a Porsche 911 Turbo worth over one hundred and sixty thousand dollars. This car is supposed to be a gift to Rihanna from singer Jay Z and ROC Nation as they were mesmerized by Rihanna’s melodious voice. It’s a black coloured car that contains an engine of five hundred and eighty hp and this swanky and luxury car us also one of Rihanna’s most expensive owned items.

Rihanna Lifestyle
Rihanna Lifestyle images

Summing up:

There probably is no person present in this world who does not recognize Rihanna’s lifestyle. She has a successful cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. This is her most expensive and prized possessions. The brand accumulated a total of around five hundred and seventy million dollars in around fifteen short months which is a very short period of time and probably a great achievement.

Global stores such as Sephora have been carrying the brand as it has been a huge success from the moment of its launch. Unlike the rest of her expensive and prized possessions, this is the most expensive one that will always continue to bring fortune and profits to Rihanna.

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