Saina Nehwal: A Look At Her Successful Journey

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Any or every individual in India is aware of the name Saina Nehwal. From a young kid to an old adult, there will be hardly a few people who are not aware of who Saina Nehwal is. She is a professional Indian badminton player who has won twenty-four international titles for her country, India.

Not to forget the fact that Saina has represented India thrice at the Olympics. Saina Nehwal’s lifestyle is something worth giving some of your attention to.

She was formerly the world’s number one badminton player and the only Indian female player to achieve this feat but soon lost that spot and slipped down to the number two position. But, a wounded tigress bounced back even more strongly and so did Saina and she finally gained her number one spot back after a few years. She is also the first Indian female player to have won a medal at the Olympics for India.

Net Worth

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According to several news and media reports, Saina Nehwal’s net worth is estimated to be around six million dollars, which is over forty crore rupees. Well, that is quite a hefty amount for an athlete like her but let’s just say that Saina deserves to own this amount as she has proved herself against time and shown the world that a woman can become a world player despite having all the odds pointed towards her or despite struggling.

It has been circulating that Saina is currently earning over forty lakh rupees on a monthly basis that also includes brand promotions, etc. Her annual income is expected to be around rupees five crores. By going through such amounts, one must have had at least a rough idea of how well Saina earns and how much brands desire her for the promotion of their products or services. This shows the hype of Saina.

A career full of grand achievements and victories

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Be it the Olympics or any other world championship, Saina has always given her best and her full dedication in order to win it irrespective of the fact that whether she has won it later or not. Saina has had so many achievements in her name that now it feels like winning is the only thing that Saina knows the best and then comes her sport, badminton.

In her entire career, Saina has managed to win four hundred and fourth one wins out of the six hundred and fourth five matches that she has played by far in her career. Starting from Olympics 2021, she won a bronze medal for India and later won a silver and a bronze medal in women’s singles in the World Championship for the years 2015 and 2017 respectively. Talking about the Commonwealth Youth Games, Saina won a gold and a silver medal under the girl’s singles and the mixed team category during the years 2008 and 2004 respectively.

During the Uber Cup, Saina won two bronze medals under the women’s team for the years 2014 and 2016 respectively. During the Common Wealth Games of 2006, she won a bronze medal while in 2010 she won a silver and a gold medal in the mixed team and woman’s singles categories respectively. In the year 2018, she finally manages to win two gold medals in women’s singles and mixed team categories and the nation could not have been prouder of its daughter.

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Talking about the Asian Games, Saian won two bronze medals in the year 2014 and 2018 under the women’s team and under the women’s singles respectively. During the Asian Championship, she won three bronze medals in the years, 2010, 2016, and 2018 in the women’s singles category. While the World Junior Championship was founded on, Saina managed to win a gold medal in the year 2008 in the girl’s singles category and a silver medal in the year 2006 under the same category.

The luxury assets of Saina Nehwal

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Saina being such a renowned badminton player who earns decent enough to make an independent living of her own is something that needs to be appreciated. To take an overview of all her luxurious and expensive assets, let us start off with her current residence in Hyderabad.

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Apparently, this residence or this royal mansion of Saina’s is worth a whopping amount of over four crore rupees which she purchased in the year 2015, and is made in such a manner that it represents the South and North Indian cultures well. Well, that is indeed a very luxurious amount to be spent on a home, especially in a place like Hyderabad.

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Now, let us get to her car collection. Celebrities usually have a very picky taste when it comes to the automobiles that they own as it is an asset that is a symbol of their success and wealth as well. So getting back to Saina Nehwal’s car collection, she owns a handful of some of the best luxury cars in the world, that is, a BMW 3 series car that was gifted to her by the Indian cricket lord Sachin Tendulkar after her heroic win at the 2012 Olympics, a Mercedes-Benz, a Toyota Fortuner, and a Mini Cooper. Sources have also revealed that her whole car collection is worth above three crore rupees.

Summing up

To sum up all of this, Saina Nehwal is a daughter of our country India who has never failed in destroying the hopes of Indians over a medal or a title at the international level and has always made sure that the Indian tricolor flies on the highest level possible. There has hardly been a match after which the audience has not heard the national anthem of our country, India.

Such a hard-working and dedicated athlete requires to gain the attention of her spectators and even earn a decent amount out of it, though it is only because of her talent and skills on the badminton court. If one observes carefully, Saina prefers to maintain a distance from the cameras of the media and enjoy her private life with privacy and simplicity. She also does not spend her money on unnecessary and overpriced things unlike a lot of other celebrities and that is what makes Saina Nehwal’s lifestyle different from others.

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