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Shanaya Kapoor Fashion: The Top 11 Trendy And Cool Outfits

Shanaya Kapoor Fashion: The Top 11 Trendy And Cool Outfits

  • The Kapoor family has never let us down when its come to fashion. And so does Shanaya Kapoor Fashion setting the bars high!
Shanaya Kapoor Fashion

Shanaya Kapoor fashion looks and outfits are being loved and appreciated by the audience. Making a debut in the Bollywood industry this year is yet another star kid from the Kapoor clan. Shanaya’s acting skills in her recent advertisements are already subject to criticism and memes on social media platforms. But, irrespective of her acting skills, Shanaya Kapoor’s Fashion sense is something worth checking out.

Like her cousin, Sonam Kapoor, Shanaya has a good taste in fashion and knows how to mix and match her outfits well. She has been in the limelight even before the announcement of her debut movie due to her choice of outfits while she was spotted during her outings like in the gym, restaurants, etc.

The Top 11 Coolest Shanaya Kapoor Fashion Looks 

1. Off-shoulder short dress

Scrolling through Shanaya’s Instagram account, one can see that in her first post to reach one lakh likes, she is seen soaking herself in the sunlight, wearing an off-shoulder short dress with a deep neckline which she has paired with minimum makeup and wavy hair.

Shanaya looks breathtakingly gorgeous in this post and the comments on this post suggest that boys are definitely smitten by her looks. The above-mentioned look of Shanaya is from early 2021 and is perfect for girls who like dressing up in a minimal way and do not prefer adding accessories to their looks. This look is definitely worth a try for such girls.

2. Spaghetti sleeves

Shanaya Kapoor Fashion

In yet another picture of Shanaya from the year 2021, she is seen wearing red, spaghetti sleeves, a short dress with a decent amount of makeup, a wavy hairdo, and minimum accessories. Shanaya looks smoking hot in this outfit as she mentions that red chili was her inspiration behind this look and her look is perfect for a date night look.

3. The Adidas Look 

Shanaya Kapoor Fashion

Similarly, another remarkable look of Shanaya from the year 2021 was a picture she posted promoting the Ivy Park and Adidas collaboration. With two cute little braids in her hair, sun-kissed makeup looks, and a pair of hoops in her ears, Shanaya looks ready to kick start the day in this outstanding attire.

4. Floral Short Dress

In addition to that, in one of her posts from 2021 again, Shanaya is seen donning a light pink and green floral short dress which she has coordinated with a bracelet and two pendants, and her signature wavy hair look. Her minimum makeup look in this post actually makes one wonder how flawless she is. Girls can definitely take a note from this look as it is perfect for a lunch date or a movie date with friends.

5. Oversized Boxy 

Shanaya Kapoor Fashion

A look of Shanaya’s which is a lazy girl’s favorite look is dated back in March 2021 when she is seen wearing a boxy fit oversized, white hoodie from  House of Drew by Justin Bieber. Shanaya is seen flaunting her bare skin in this picture and looks absolutely comfortable in the outfit. This is a perfect look for a Sunday which is usually a lazy day as one can look trendy and fashionable while being comfortable at the same time while wearing this outfit.

6. White Deep Neck Short Dress

Shanaya Kapoor Fashion

Girls these days want to look trendy and classy. Well, Shanaya Kapoor has that outfits that will make others say – “what a girl!”. In a recent post on Instagram from March 2022, Shanaya is seen wearing a white, deep neck, short dress and she has paired it with matching hoops, glossy lips, and white footwear. Well, Shanaya Kapoor truly proves that she is a fashion icon to the gen – z.

7. Modern Day Cindrella look 

Imagine being on the highest building in the world and looking absolutely stunning and picture-perfect. To be honest, Shanaya Kapoor has lived this moment while she was in Dubai recently. She is seen wearing a neon green spaghetti dress with a slit on one side of her legs. With crystal heels and perfect hair, Shanaya looks like a modern-day Cinderella.

8. Violet and Dark Blue Dress

Shanaya Kapoor Fashion

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Bollywood beauties love designer Manish Malhotra and walking the ramp for him is almost like a great achievement that one can have experienced in their life. Being a newcomer in Bollywood, Shanaya Kapoor has already experienced this and many are already jealous of her because of the same reason.

Shanaya is seen wearing a violet and dark blue dress with a slit on the legs and cuts on the back. Straight hair and long silver earrings give a Latin goddess-like vibe from Shanaya Kapoor. Walking the ramp for the first time for a renowned designer like Manish Malhotra and walking alongside a talented actor like Siddhant Chaturvedi is the best thing that can happen to a newcomer in this industry.

9. Active wear 

Shanaya Kapoor Fashion is all about active wears and comforts. Working on a paid partnership for a designer like Ritu Kumar is truly the dream of millions of girls in India today. And yet again Shanaya Kapoor is the dream stealer here. Her latest post on Instagram shows Shanaya Kapoor flexing a Ritu Kumar activewear for the year 2022. Ritu Kumar and Manish Malhotra, two A-list designers of India, want to work with you, how amazing would that be !!

10. Sleeveless White Crop Top

A look back in 2021, in one of her Instagram posts, Shanaya Kapoor is seen wearing a sleeveless white crop top, blue ripped jeans, a no-makeup makeup look, and wavy hair. Imagine looking this flawless and fabulous as if you have not taken much effort to look this good. Well, all your efforts will be paid off if you look like this in turn. This look is just perfect for a beach outing, even clubbing, or a small get-together.

11. The Denim Shorts

Shanaya Kapoor Fashion

Bollywood divas are fond of flaunting their toned bodies and the beach is just the perfect place for it. Being on the beach, the most preferred outfit for a woman is definitely something like denim shorts and a comfortable top and Shanaya Kapoor is the proof of it. In an Instagram post, Shanaya is seen wearing a brown sports bra and mini denim shorts which makes her look like this cool and chill girl.

Summing up: 

Analyzing Shanaya Kapoor Fashion looks through Shanaya’s Instagram posts makes one realize that she truly understands how to coordinate her outfits with the right amount of makeup, hairdo, and accessories. She is a new age fashionista who is soon to enter the Bollywood industry. 

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