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Should I wet my hair everyday? Best Answer That You Need To Know

Should I wet my hair everyday? Best Answer That You Need To Know

Should I wet my hair everyday?

Should I wet my hair everyday is the most common question asked. Beauty is an essential part of an individual’s life, especially the external one. Your hair tends to form one of the most important and most cared for aspects of external beauty of any individual irrespective of their gender.

Trimming, cutting, nourishing, and moisturizing the hair lets them shine and gives them the volume and bouncy effect which is loved by all.

The haircare industry is doing very well because of all of this. When an individual lets their hair open, it is said that their beauty gets enhanced and the inner glow comes out on the face so a lot of individuals prefer to keep their hair open. 

Should I wet my hair everyday?

Protection of the hair : An important aspect of every individual’s life

Protection of the hair is one of the most important things that individuals do as everyone fears losing their hair and going bald, which is a sign of wither growing old or looking less beautiful, or even looking ugly.

Every person does their best in order to keep their hair clean, voluminous, and healthy as no one wants dull, dry, and greasy hair. So in such cases, it is crucial to keep your hair tied up because wetting them every day will make them exposed to dust, pollution, and even more chemicals.

Prevention of hair fall : A growing topic of concern among individuals

The fact is that our hair is very sensitive and with the growing environmental concerns, it gets even more important to take care of and protect our hair constantly. Tying the hair is one of the best solutions for all of this because it prevents hair fall which is a growing concern among most individuals present in this world.

Should I wet my hair everyday?

One important thing to remember here is while tying the hair up, one should avoid using elastic rubber bands as they leave a colossal effect on the hair while they also damage the hair and hamper its growth.

The use of a fabric scrunchie especially the one made from silk, fabric scarfs, and other similar stuff can help to prevent damage to the hair and they do not hamper their growth too. Such stuff is very much being promoted because they do not tangle the hair and also do not leave the hair knotted.

Scrunchies are far better and gentler when it comes to comparison with an elastic rubber band or hair tie. This is mainly because of the presence of the texture in between your hair and the rubber present in the scrunchies.

Indeed, wetting your hair makes you look beautiful, and stunning and might seem like a great option to you but that is not how it seems. Wetting of the hair often results in split ends and breakage of the hair which is not a good sign for the hair. In such cases, tying up your hair in the comfort and not-so-tight hairstyles can help prevent damage to the hair. One important thing to remember is that tying the hair up very tightly can also cause damage and breakage to the hair so the stress here is to keep the hair tied in a loose hairstyle.

should i wet my hair everyday

Going for a normal ponytail, braids, messy or even a neat bun, loose Dutch braids, French braids, sleek top knot bun, the regular braided ponytail are some of the hairstyles that can be done to prevent breakage and damage to the hair but one has to keep in mind to use fabric scrunchies or scarfs like that made of silk, double layers, ruffles, ribbons, satin, velvet, fur, lycra and of any shape and size.

Prevention of hair breakage and damage while sleeping

It is also not suggested to sleep with the hair open as the hair becomes a subject to the factors like the temperature and humidity present in the room and the pillow cover you sleep onand this, in turn, leads to hair fall and breakage. One tends to sleep directly over their hair while lying down to go to sleep which should be prevented so tying the hair in a loose hairstyle becomes important in this case especially if you have long hair.

Tying up the hair in a loose hair bun on the top of the head makes sure that you do not directly sleep on your hair. One can even use a hair wrap for the same reason instead of tying the hair in a bun.

But it is also not suggested to keep the hair tied up for almost every hour of the day. It is advised to give your hair a break from being tied up and to loosen up a little. Wetting your hair every day or keeping it tied up the whole day, both ways can cause damage and breakage to the hair so one needs to find a balance between the two techniques to keep the hair healthy and protected from damage.

Because leaving the hair open always causes spit ends and keeping it tied up always makes the hair feel exhausted, causes pulling of the hair and that in turn can cause in receding hairline.

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One solution to this would be to try and style your hair differently every single day and keep it loose and comfortable. If you have e short or medium length of hair then leaving it open while going to bed at night time is advised, setting it free above the head is important. Using a cotton pillow cover is advised to prevent the hair from static, loss of moisture, and breakage. The use of a hundred percent cotton pillow cover is the best in such a case.

Summing up

To sum up, wetting the hair every day is not a solution and so is tying the hair up all day. One needs to give the hair time to breathe and allow it to be free at night while going to bed because this is the time when your body relaxes and so does your hair. 

But if you have long hair, keeping it tied in a loose bun over the head is crucial in order to prevent sleeping directly over it at night. Finding a proper balance between wetting the hair and keeping it tied up the whole day is up to every individual now if they want their hair to be healthy and thick and voluminous.

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