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Shruti Hassan Fashion: A Quick Glimpse of Her 9 outfits

Shruti Hassan Fashion: A Quick Glimpse of Her 9 outfits

shruti haasan fashion

An Indian film actress who has worked in multilingual movies in the Telugu, Tamil and Hindi film industry and who also is a mind-blowing playback singer is the very talented and beautiful Shruti Haasan. She has been facing the camera since her childhood as she has acted in a few films and now as a grown-up too she continues to face it as she says it makes her happy.

Well, besides her acting skills, her fans are really happy and get inspired by Shruti Haasan’s fashion it is beyond expectations and always stunning.

Shruti Hassan Fashion: The Best 9 looks for her

1. The lady in black

shruti haasan fashion

A saree is a lady’s best friend when it comes to feeling their self-confidence and impressing others by leaving a good impression on them. A saree can do it all. Well, in one of Shruti’s latest pictures shared on her Instagram account, she is seen wearing a black saree with yellow and green floral designs all over it. A plain black full sleeves blouse just helps to attract the attention of others over the saree by not being too over the top.

Silver bangles, a unique designed finger ring, two jhumkas in the ears and a hairband with a diamond over the straight hair add a twist of modern taste to the traditional outfit and enhance the overall looks of the saree making it seem like it is suitable for a traditional as well as a western outfit. A smokey eye makeup, nude lip, strong contour and well-defined brows are just the wow factors of this whole look.

2. A dose of some daily greens

Well, it is a very known fact that the colour green promotes life growth etc. Green is also a colour that promotes nutrition as most of the vegetables that are green in colour have a lot of health benefit and so a daily dose of green vegetables can add fitness and health to your life. Watching Shruti Haasan in a green dress makes one feel that she has completed her dose of nutrition for the day.

Satin dresses are back in the fashion trends and they look very aesthetic and beautiful over each and every woman irrespective of their size and shape. With Shruti Haasan wearing a green satin dress it is just like a treat to the eyes of the viewers. With pin-straight hair and flawless makeup, Shruti Hassan fashion looks incredibly phenomenal in this look.

3. The white beauty

The colour white has been gaining a lot of popularity and attention lately from all the divas of Bollywood and elsewhere. A simple and subtle colour like white promotes peace, calmness, and coolness and is even soothing to the eyes. With Shruti Hassan fashion look in a white outfit, it is incredibly a treat to the eyes.

In a series of pictures shared by Shruti Hassan on her Instagram account, she is seen wearing a plain white top with matching jewellery over it. A set of two Pearl necklaces and similar rings along with a strong makeup look makes this whole look perfect for a casual as well as a formal look.

4. The denim love

Well, who doesn’t love wearing a pair of good jeans with a perfect fitting neon coloured top? A skin fitting neon green full sleeves crop top with perfectly slim-fitting denim jeans is what every girl dreams of wearing as it makes the body appear to tone.

Pin straight hair a new makeup look, golden hoops on the ears and a pair of comfortable sneakers are what keep every girl going and comfy. This look gives the perfect summer season wipes and is also perfect for a holiday.

5. The perfect party wear look

In one of her posts, Shruti Haasan is seen wearing a spaghetti sleeve short dress which is an absolute party wear dress. With the belt on the waist to make the body look more toned a few layers of necklaces and hoops make it the perfect party way outfit. Silver high heels and long black curly hair just raise the standard of this look.

6. The red smoking hot beauty

shruti haasan fashion

Red is a universal colour that promotes love and even hotness or joy. Seeing Shruti Haasan in a red outfit makes one feel all of these three emotions in one go itself. In a red, floral printed half sleeves traditional gown, Shruti looks tremendously elegant and extremely beautiful in it.

Her long black hair curled on the edges, oxidised earrings, dark lip colour and spot-on makeup are perfectly done to match the vibe of this ageing Indo western outfit that you will not be able to take your eyes off.

7. The green glow

shruti haasan fashion

Green is a lovely colour that is not so frequently chosen to be worn especially during a traditional event but unlike others, Shruti Hassan fashion ideas are filled with different choices and love exploring different things in the world of fashion.

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In a throwback picture, Shruti Haasan is seen wearing a green saree with a white pearl necklace and a diamond bracelet. Fancy animal-shaped silver earrings and flawless makeup make her look like a modern-day princess.

8. The little black dress

shruti haasan fashion

Shruti Haasan loves travelling the world and during one of her recent trips to Dubai, she wore a very pretty black short dress. The best part of this look was that Shruti let her dress express the vibe by wearing only two-finger rings as accessories and keeping her hairdo very simple in a straight hairstyle.

This is a total night outlook and is also perfect for a date night and a lazy girl’s favourite look.

9. The Grazia cover girl

Shruti Haasan fashion

During one of her latest shoots for a famous magazine, Grazia, Shruti was seen covered up in all the luxurious branded outfits that are globally in demand. This is a very hyped look as it looks cool and funky.

On the cover page of this magazine, Shruti is seen wearing a sequined turtle neck top by none other than the store Gucci, her black leather trousers too are from Gucci while her printed beige jacket is from Balenciaga. The makeup and the hair are perfect as usual and Shruti Hassan fashion knows how to look gorgeous in such outfits.

Summing up

Shruti Hassan fashion is about comfort and vibrant colours. These were some of the best looks of Shruti Hassan. She has been very active on social media and keeps giving her fans glimpses of her busy life and so keep them engaged. So let us go through the pictures that she has posted on her social media accounts and try to get some inspiration to dress like her in style.

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