Best 7 Simple Cotton Blouse Designs To Try This Season

  • The wedding season is here! And you want to wear something elegant yet comfortable. Then Cotton Blouse Designs are the best choice for it.
Simple Cotton Blouse Designs

The latest ongoing trend is to match simple cotton blouse designs with designer sarees or vice versa. The people cannot just stop following this trend as it gains fame as the days pass by. If you want to check-out some of the best ideas on cotton blouse designs, we have everything arranged for you. check now. 

From college farewells to parties to wedding ceremonies, simple cotton blouse designs have become the new trend. Now, let us go through some simple cotton blouse designs to have some idea regarding this same trend. So, you can get one for yourself!

Simple cotton blouse designs to try out 

You can check-out the best simple cotton blouse designs, we have listed the ideas down.

1. The hand-blocked design

Cotton Simple Blouse Designs

Cotton fabric is a very much preferred fabric when it comes to traditional wear. It does two things, one; it provides comfort, and two; it keeps the body cooler since cotton is a breathable material. So, a human body sweat comparatively lesser upon wearing a cotton outfit.

One of the most emerging designs these days got to be hand-blocked with kalamkari print over it. The sleeves of such kind of a blouse usually reach till the elbows, that is, three-fourths of the sleeves.

Hence, the word hand blocked and it also involved the local art form of India called kalamkari over it to give it an ethnic touch. It looks totally outstanding upon wearing it with any type of saree.

2. The over-lapped design

Another quite popular simple cotton blouse design is the overlap design. It has also been emerging quite rapidly and people seem to love this idea as they find it interesting and unique.

While it also adds a modern twist to the typical and traditional al blouse pattern or design. Such a Blouse is found in layers, that is, there is a layer over another that overlaps the layer that is beneath and it looks quite cool and cute.

3. The puff-sleeved design

Cotton Simple Blouse Designs

The puff sleeves trend has made everyone in the 80s and 90s go crazy about them. Literally, any picture from that era has captured almost every woman wearing the puffed sleeves cotton blouse.

Believe it or not but people simply cannot resist the puff sleeves and so they are back in the game to dominate the fashion world yet again.

It is always better to have your sleeves puffed to only a medium size and not a huge size. It is because the blouse will then lose its ethnicity and ends up looking like an oversized crop top which seems like a huge fashion disaster.

Keeping the puff too small can make the blouse look very much tighter and make the person feel uncomfortable. So, the Blouse might end up looking weird instead of stylish.

4. The crop top design

Crop tops have been the personal favorites of the youth nowadays. It is as they are cool, funky, and can be termed Indian or even western. These are very much comfortable to wear and even, flaunt your curves.

Be it sleeveless, spaghetti sleeves, half sleeves, or full sleeves, crop tops are not limited to any specific type of sticking or sleeves and any person. Anybody type can flaunt it!

5. The inverted design

Cotton Simple Blouse Designs

Nowadays, life has become so very much hectic that people do not want to invest a lot of time to change into various outfits. So, in such cases, it is best to wear inverted simple cotton blouse designs so that they save the time, effort, and energy of the person and they even look Ethnic and decent while keeping the glamour locked with it.

Be it floral, kalamkari, strips, or polka dots in pattern, the blouse can carry it all. One can even place very different patterns on both sides to give others the impression that they are two different blouses and not two different sides of the same Blouse.

6. The embroidered design

An embroidery is an intriguing form of art that requires a lot of patience. The end results are worth every effort and struggle. Embroidered blouses are the best match with plain and simple sarees or sarees with minimal prints and light colors.

Floral embroidery looks the best and matches with almost any kind of saree be it silk, cotton, nylon, etc.

7. The strapless design

Cotton Simple Blouse Designs

Strapless blouses make quite a bold and strong impression over others. These even look quite beautiful and attractive. Such blouses do require a lot of confidence to wear especially self-confidence and one must not be too conscious of wearing them or one will seem very much uncomfortable while wearing such a Blouse.

When it comes to simple cotton blouse designs, one must make sure that such blouses are stitched pretty well and tight if not very loose. It is because one must not feel too conscious.

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In such cases, one must make sure to add paddings of decent quality or use undergarments underneath the Blouse to secure the Blouse in its place.

8. The collar neck design

Collar’s necks are not the most preferred things by people these days. But, there are a few rare people who choose to wear collar necks, and to be honest they do not look that bad as well.

The advantage of a collar neck is that one can use any type of neckline of their choice with such type of a Blouse be it the V neck, the U-shaped neck, the sweetheart neckline, etc.

Such blouses can even be worn as crop tops or shirts over pants, skirts, lehengas, or even denim as the collar neck provides such blouses the formal look that is needed. They can also be used as casual tops paired appropriately with suitable bottoms.

Such blouses are not 5hat bad to be considered one of the best options for simple cotton blouse designs.

9. The off-shoulder Blouse design

Cotton Simple Blouse Designs

Off-shoulder simple cotton blouse designs are quite a thing these days. It is like they can be paired with almost everything and anything. The sleeves of such blouses can be chosen according to the way a person desires and they make a very good combination of western and Indian touches to the clothing.

Such clothing can even give a good definition to the collar bones and one has the opportunity to flaunt them in such blouses really well.


These were some simple cotton blouse designs that you can get your hands on. There are so many options and choices available in the market from colors to patterns to designs. There is no doubt that simple cotton blouse designs are one of the most comfortable and breathable fabric for summer season. These cotton blouse ideas are just perfect for the summer season and are quite trending as well.
So, hurry up, keep your glam game on! 

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