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Sonali Kulkarni Fashion: The 8 Looks By Her Winning Hearts

Sonali Kulkarni Fashion: The 8 Looks By Her Winning Hearts

Sonali Kulkarni Fashion

Sonali Kulkarni is an Indian film actress who has worked in films across different languages such as in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and even Tamil films. She is widely known for her acting skills and for her humble and polite nature on set as well as in her personal life. She even worked in an Italian film for which she even won an award later at the Milan International Film Festival in the year 2006. Being such a talented actress, she also is known for her fashion. Now, let us take a look at Sonali Kulkarni fashion looks.

Sonali Kulkarni Fashion looks are pretty impressive 

1. Welcoming summer with glamour

The summer season has already arrived and so one prefers to wear light coloured clothes with breathable fabrics to wear during summers so as to stay comfortable and cool in it. But some like Sonali Kulkarni prefer wearing bright colours to welcome the summers.

In one of her social media posts, she is seen wearing a bright yellow saree that has a floral pattern over its edges along with a bright blue sleeveless blouse. Sonali Kulkarni’s gorgeous looks, a pair of huge diamond earrings, pink glossy lips and some amount of eye makeup have turned the look really amazing and summer-ready.

2. The classic red and green combo

Sonali Kulkarni Fashion

The colour combination of red and green is classic and every green. Both the colours are strong and have a way of connecting with each other that makes them look so well on any or every person who decides to wear them. In a picture shared by Sonali Kulkarni, she is seen wearing this very classic combination in the form of a saree.

A dark green sheer saree that has floral embroidery over it has been matched with a red coloured sleeveless blouse. Not just this but jewellery made of precious stones and diamonds has been added to this look while she has a pink lip colour and a winged liner plus kajal on her eyes to bring some drama to her look. Well, Sonali looks absolutely stunning in this picture and it does not seem like she knows how to age at all.

3. Royal blue look

The colour is referred to as royal blue because in the olden days, it was very difficult to extract blue colour from the natural things available and so it was also very expensive. Only the royals could afford it and so it got its name as royal blue from then. Wearing this colour makes every person feel royal and so even Sonali must have felt it too.

During an event, she was seen wearing a royal blue saree with a dark pink border that also had some small-sized silver patterns over it with a pink sleeveless blouse. A golden clutch bag, a pair of gold bangles, a diamond necklace and similar earrings with straight hair makes Sonali Kulkarni look spectacular in this classic combination of colours.

4. The wow factor

A woman like Sonali Kulkarni has such a persona that any person who sees her goes ‘Wow’. Her beauty and charm along with her sweet and calm personality match every outfit that she wears and she wears falters to miss the mark of looking stunning.

In a picture posted by Sonali Kulkarni on her Instagram account, she is seen wearing a bright yellow saree with golden and red floral work all over it and it looks as if the saree itself is made of real and precious gold. With that saree, she has worn a blouse that is white in colour and has floral golden embroidery over it. A golden chocker, a pair of long golden earrings, a huge gold bracelet and a silver finger ring make one go wow!

5. The party glam

Parties and events are an important and essential part of a Bollywood celebrity’s life and they always make sure to look their level best during such events as they are captured by the cameras of different media houses. While attending Filmfare Awards in Mumbai this year, Sonali wore a saree that is perfect for a night party look.

A golden shimmery saree with a sleeveless dual-toned black and golden velvet blouse has made a very classy statement. With absolutely no jewellery except a pair of long earrings and a strong makeup look that includes dark red lip colour, reddish-black eye shadow and some amount of high light make the perfect party wear look and Sonali Kulkarni is rocking in this outfit.

6. The casual look

Well, Sonali has always posted a lot of pictures of herself in traditional wear rather than western wear. No offence to that but one can understand her love for sarees just like any other woman. But she has posted a picture of herself in casual western wear and she still manages to look stunning in it as well.

Sonali is seen wearing a white collared t-shirt with a light blue, buttoned knee-length skirt. Black high heels, curly hair and subtle brown lip colour, as well as eye shadow, look absolutely great over Sonali and it manages to not overpower the casual theme of the outfit.

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7. The Indo western look

Indo western looks are back in the game and women love to wear them as they add style, glamour and even comfort to the looks. Such looks make the best semi-formal looks and can even be worn to parties if needed.

A long oversized kurta with multiple colours, dark blue, white and grey with skin-toned legging pants and black boots with a half bun and a red lip colour have kept well with the Indo western theme of the outfit. Sonali looks very beautiful in this look and must say that she looks ageless in this picture.

8. The simple look

Keeping up with Sonali Kulkarni fashion looks, she prefers being as simple and casual as possible and so this look is also one of them. In this look, Sonali is seen wearing a light coral coloured kurta with some floral mirrored patterns over its collar.

A half sleeves coral coloured kurta with a manual sutra that has diamonds added to it, bow-shaped studs in the ears and a sun-kissed makeup look with a black medium-sized bindi on the forehead complete the look and overall Sonali Kulkarni looks stunning in this look.

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