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Gorgeous 11 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color You Need in 2023

Gorgeous 11 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color You Need in 2023

  • Strawberry blonde hair color is at the top of the pile of most desired hair color!
Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

You’ve probably heard of the stunning strawberry blonde hair color. But really do you realize what this sought-after hair color resembles? Strawberry blonde seems to be the softest red hair color on the spectrum.

It possesses a red-tone base hue with blonde streaks running across it to give it a bright appearance. While many individuals covet this hair color, only a few can claim it as their natural color. Isla Fisher, Nicole Kidman, Holland Roden, and Amy Adams are all celebrities with this hair color.

10 strawberry blonde hair color that you need to try 

Explore these distinct strawberry blonde hair color styles to see if you can discover a color that suits you!

1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Plus Soft, Multi-Tonal Highlights

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Multi-Tonal Highlights

Although strawberry blonde hair is never going out of style, add several tones for a trendy makeover.

Rachel McAdams’ untidy, strawberry-blonde hair color with dark roots is sophisticated and glamorous.

2. Strawberry Blonde Hair Plus Copper Undertones

Who else except Blake Lively could pull off the strawberry blonde look so well? The combination of subtle orange hues plus copper tones looks very good.

What we really liked how the diva wore her hair in a sloppy, twisted ponytail. This hairstyle will look excellent on those with fair skin colours.

3. Golden Pink Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Golden Pink Strawberry Blonde

With this lovely strawberry blonde hair color, you’ll feel and appear like such a Greek goddess.

This style’s warmer blonde has wonderful copper undertones that lend it a nearly dazzling look.

We are pretty sure this hair colour will turn heads when you walk out into the sunshine.

4. Subtle Blonde Balayage

If you don’t want to go for a complete hair of strawberry blonde locks, here’s an easier method to incorporate components of them into your hair.

To add a wonderful soft glow to your lighter brown or blonde hair, try modest strawberry blonde balayage touches.

The subtle red colors will add depth to your hair without even being overly bold.

5. Highlighted Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Highlighted Strawberry Blonde

The majority of ladies who come into a salon are looking for that beautiful sun-kissed looking hair that is Extremely difficult to achieve.

If you’re one of such women, here is another look you should certainly try. This all-over strawberry blonde colour job has indeed been taken to the next level with the addition of blonde highlights plus lowlights to provide complexity.

6. Dark Toned Strawberry Blonde

For all of you women who favor darker-toned hair, here is another hairstyle that will look great on you.

With its copper undertone, this colour job leans closer into strawberry than blonde. Soft blonde highlights provide dynamism and sharpness to the overall look.

7. Light And Bright Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: Light And Bright Strawberry Blonde

Try out this gorgeous hair colour to add a little (or a lot) of brilliance and lustre to your hair.

The term “celebration” refers to the act of bringing together two or more people in a single location to celebrate a special occasion.

8. Metallic Strawberry Blonde

Go big and show off your daring side with this very stylish strawberry blonde hair color.

Whereas the rest of the world attempts to avoid the brassiness which accompanies hair colouring, this look celebrates it and shows it off in all its splendour. The shiny straight bob adds to the shine aspect of this style.

9. ‘Almost Red’ Strawberry Blonde

This strawberry blonde hair color falls somewhere between all-out red as well as strawberry blonde hair color.

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This flaming look is primarily ginger red with such a streak of blonde going through it. This hair looks fantastic when dressed in a high layered cut with curls.

10. Copper Strawberry Blonde

Alluring, sexy, as well as seductive are thoughts that occur to your mind when looking at this stunning hairstyle. This coppery hue of strawberry blonde hair color adds a metallic touch to the entire look.

This is another hair colour to consider if you are looking for a striking and fierce style.

11. Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Ombre has long reigned supreme in the world of hair colouring. Naturally, it made it into this ranking as well!

If you aren’t prepared to part with your dark hair completely, you may simply ombre the bottom portion of it into a gorgeous strawberry blonde hair colour that would match your chocolate brown tresses nicely.


Strawberry blonde hair color is at the top of the pile of most desired hair colors. It could be because it’s an uncommon, natural hair colour, but we’d like to say that it’s because it’s so strikingly attractive.

Permit us to describe what makes strawberry-blonde hair so distinctive. It’s a stunning color that mixes golden blonde plus copper red undertones for the ideal warm shade.

Moreover, like other hair colors, it can be adjusted and varied in depth to fit your choices. So, your version of strawberry blonde hair color might be more red or even more blond relying on what hair color appears best for your skin color.


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