Best 10 Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas For Guests In 2023

  • We  know that is quite tough to pick a right summer wedding outfit but now, you have such a huge variety of options available. We have listed out some of the best summer wedding outfit for you!
Summer Wedding Outfit

It is always enjoyable to be a guest at Hindu weddings! You get to meet a lot of long-lost friends or relatives, dress up in Indian garb, and eat a lot of delectable food. But what should an outsider dress like when attending an Indian wedding? Although Indian clothing is not only glittering and beautiful but also offers a wide variety of options, there are many different fabrics and dresses to pick from. It will be really uncomfortable for you if you wear something bulky and synthetic to a summer wedding outfit. Also, if it’s winter, it’s not a good idea to wear anything too light.

You won’t be able to enjoy the company of others or the cuisine, and you won’t look well, if you are not dressed appropriately. These are some examples of Indian wedding guest attire you can choose from.

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Summer Wedding outfit that are ideal for guests 

For the most stunning and magnificent-looking custom-made Indian ethnic wear, get in touch with the top designers. When it comes to attending Indian summer wedding outfit, you should choose from the options listed below:

1. Elegant and timeless: the saree

Summer Wedding Outfit
Summer Wedding Outfit: Saree

You did indeed read that right! If you avoid wearing excessively adorned ones, sarees are the ideal clothing choice for summer wedding outfit because they offer plenty of airflow and are lightweight. For a royal appearance, go with a silk saree.

You might also choose a chiffon saree with tasteful embroidery only on the borders and pallu for that timeless appearance. For a statement of style, wear it with diamond jewelry. You might also choose a hand-woven silk saree and accessories with big silver pieces to achieve the current “it” bohemian aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of sarees, such as a Banarasi silk saree or a Kanjivaram saree, but as an Indian wedding guest, you must take care not to over accessories because it would take away from the elegance of the saree.

2. Combined blouse, skirt, and dupatta for a lehenga

Dressing up for a wedding invitation fits your sense of style perfectly if you enjoy fusion fashion. For special occasions, flared maxi skirts with traditional accents like zari weaves or embroidery are ideal since they are airy, light, and allow for airflow. When wearing the skirt, pair it with a shirt or crop top that also has a touch of Indian culture.

By selecting a lehenga skirt and blouse set with mirror work or tribal motifs, you may also add a bohemian touch to this ensemble. Instead of a necklace, opt for some appropriate, but big, earrings. This turns out to be the best Summer wedding outfit.

Have a light lehenga customised for yourself, and wear it with a simple blouse. Put on a sheer cape with only the edges embellished in place of the dupatta.Even though a cloak this thin and transparent adds no more bulk, it nonetheless makes you appear unique and lovely. You won’t have to worry about lugging a dupatta around because of this outfit. The Banarasi lehenga is a good choice because it’s both conventional and modern.

3. Draped Lehenga

Summer Wedding Outfit
Summer Wedding Outfit: Draped Lehenga

Another method to look stunning in a lehenga at a summer wedding is to wear one that is draped. A draped lehenga is one that lacks the typical flowing skirt design.

4. Salwar kameez, a Patiala suit, or a Punjabi suit

Maybe the most comfortable Indian summer wedding outfit is the salwar kurta. But, to prevent coming off as too boring in a salwar suit at a wedding, add some heavy embroidery with a dupatta to give it a unique spin. Use a lighter dupatta if the suit is heavier, and the opposite if it is.

Use a dhoti-style bottom, a Patiala, or a sharara instead. They’ll look fancier right away with these pants. To feel comfortable and appear utterly unique, choose a fabric like raw silk or tussar for your clothing. Since that the bottom-wear is the major focus of this ensemble, you could choose to wear a dupatta or not.

5. Lightweight dresses

Summer Wedding Outfit
Summer Wedding Outfit: Lightweight dresses

To be ready for a summer wedding invitation, close your eyes and buy an ethnic attire. Fusion apparel, as we previously stated, is what will save us during this summer’s wedding season. Such dresses are commonly accessible in shops and online.

But be careful when selecting the fabric. Such gowns look fantastic in silk and chiffon, but stay away from anything with brocade, velvet, or embellishments all over it. One-piece costumes called gowns are comfortable for moving around in. Choose a classy hairstyle, some gorgeous stone or pearl jewelry, and a purse with embellishments. At the wedding reception, you’ll be the centre of attention!

6. Anarkali outfit that is floor-length

The floor-length Anarkali dress is the greatest option for you if you want to dress up but incorporate more ethnic aspects into your ensemble. You can avoid the hassle of lugging around a flared gown by wearing an Anarkali floor-length dress, which has a broad A-line style but isn’t excessively flared.

Only the yoke and border of the Anarkali dress will also be embellished. As a result, it won’t be particularly hefty. To show off that royal demeanor, wear this summer wedding outfit with jarao jewellery.

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7. Lehenga Saree

Summer Wedding Outfit
Summer Wedding Outfit: Lehenga Saree

A lehenga and saree together is known as a lehenga saree. Although absolutely original, it is probably a lehenga. Saree received a pay increase. Beautiful flaring from a lehenga are combined with a saree’s pallu. However, sleeveless blouses typically look a little strange with lehenga sarees.

You should pair it with a full sleeve or half sleeve blouse. You can wear it as one of the distinctive Indian summer wedding outfit at the ceremony or celebration.

8. A churidar, a kurta, and a dupatta

This is a hack in the truest meaning of the word, to be sure. Put on a thin kurti and churidar. Although the dupatta will be the major focal point of the ensemble, you can even use fabrics that are a blend of cotton and silk. Use a dupatta with a simple solid-color pair of kurta-churidar that is richly embroidered or adorned.

The dupatta will steal the show and draw attention away from your basic kurta and churidar set. No, the dupatta does not need to be excessively bulky. You can pick a sheer fabric dupatta made of net, georgette, chanderi, etc. Only some stitching, zari work, or decorations will do.


These were some of the best summer wedding outfit that you can invest in 2023, these not only look super stylish but are also super comfortable and breathable. We  know that is quite tough to pick a right summer wedding outfit but now, you have such a huge variety of options available. You can experiment with your look, pick different colors, styles and pattern. Hurrah! Your summer wedding outfits is ready and you are all good to flaunt! 


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