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Best 10 Trending Sunglasses 2022 You Need To Have

Best 10 Trending Sunglasses 2022 You Need To Have

Best trending sunglasses 2022

Sunglasses are the all-new trend of 2022. Every girl wants to look stylish and flaunt her beauty. So, here we have curated a list of trending glasses. We have so many glasses available in the market but deciding which one is so tough. So, choose your favorite one now from the list that we offer. 

Whatever you wear and where ever you go, a pair of sunglasses can simply add glam to your look. So just like you follow the latest trends in your outfit you just cannot miss out on the latest trends in glasses. As soon as the summers arrive some new pair comes up creating a buzz among fashion bloggers and B-town divas.

So, even if you are not a fashion blogger you need to have at least one pair of trendy glasses. Here is this blog to help you to know some of the latest trends and which pair will suit your face.

Top 6 Trending sunglasses that you need to have  

1. Over-Sized Sunglasses

Trending Sunglasses 2022

Over-sized glasses have huge lenses in square shapes and there is no frame. These sunglasses cover most of your face. They look stunning with your casual look or one piece. These have become fashion statements and that’s why we have seen many B town divas wearing these glasses.

Initially, these sunglasses were made for the sports person but now have become a fashion trend. These sunglasses suit rectangular or oblong-faced people. You can choose the color according to your preference or you can buy one with pink pastel.

2. White rectangular sunglasses

Trending Sunglasses 2022

If you really want to break the monotony and ditch your black sunglasses then, rectangular white sunglasses look stunning. They look classy and suits round face with wider cheekbones. So if you want your face to look thinner rectangular glasses are the best choice.


Trending Sunglasses 2022

Aviators can never go out of trend. This one-piece has given us inspiration for many colored lens versions. In 2020 aviators have come with a new color-blocked look. You can go for simple shades or try glossy colors.

They look perfect on strong jawlines and defined cheekbones.


Trending Sunglasses 2022

How can we miss out on Priyanka Chopra’s tiny glasses look? You will find them in an angular, sharp edge, or broad frame patterns and prints. They look amazing and are really good to compliment your casual or formal look. Rihanna and Gigi Hadid are celebrities who have hyped tiny glasses. These simple yet elegant glasses can add spark even to your simple outfit. 


Trending Sunglasses 2022

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Cat-eye has always been on this list of trends. The only difference is it comes every time with a new bang. They come in various styles, colors, and patterns.

A cat-eye shape is preferred for people who have a heart-shaped face. So, a heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead and narrow along the jaw. So, choose any pair with balanced colors or a vintage or funky look.


Clubmaster is super cute and is perfect for any face shape. They are perfect if you are too lazy to choose which sunglass suits your face the most. You can go for tinted or colored block versions or can choose wooden frames as well.

 You need to know your face shape and measurements before you opt for any sunglass style. There are various categories and different face styles. So, make the right choice and buy the right sunglasses. Do keep a check on sunglasses that protect you from UV rays as well. You can buy them from or mantra. They have the latest design and patterns with discounts available.

Summing up

So, hope this article helped you and you now have a complete list of the trending sunglasses. Shop your favorite glasses and let s know in the comment section which one is your favorite.

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