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Best 15 Traditional Engagement Dress For Couple

Best 15 Traditional Engagement Dress For Couple

  • The right traditional engagement  dress will make your wedding shine and make people wait for your big day. So, listed out some of the best outfits for you, check-out now!
Traditional Engagement Dress

The two heart of the bride and groom are also close to one another as the wedding season draws to a close. At this point, all they can think about is how to make sure their wedding is a picture-perfect dream. This grand engagement deserves a great traditional engagement dress, which signals the beginning of a remarkable journey, kicks off the ceremony.

Because of this, the right traditional engagement  dress will make your wedding shine and make people wait for your big day.

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Best traditional engagement dress ideas 2023

Here are some traditional engagement dress for couples that also add a modern touch to the occasion to assist you in your dilemma.

1. A Designer Anarkali and Three-Piece Suit

Traditional Engagement Dress
Traditional Engagement Dress: A Designer Anarkali and Three-Piece Suit

If you have refined taste in clothing, this is the best Indo-Western engagement outfit. a dark blue formal suit worn by the fashionable groom. while the bride-to-be is rocking a metallic Anarkali for her engagement look.

This stunning duo will definitely look great together and complement one another.

2. Contrasting Lehenga and Purple Sherwani

The most recent fashion trend is to wear contrasting outfits. You can pick a traditional engagement dress that goes well together and is the same colour as this lovely couple.

An ethnic lehenga looks great with a stunning velvet-textured sherwani. In your engagement photo, you both will look stunning together.

3. Crop top and black suit

Traditional Engagement Dress
Traditional Engagement Dress: Crop top and black suit

Bridal gowns these days tend to be more contemporary than traditional. This chic combination dress is perfect for a couple. A net crop top and grace skirt look stunning with a formal suit.

It gives you an elegant commitment look that people will remember for the rest of their lives.

4. Floral Prints in Various Shades

In a world full of fashion, sometimes the best and simplest choice is to wear something ethnic. It will never go out of style to dress in a traditional engagement dress like a saree or kurta.

The bride can wear a red saree with a floral print, and her groom can complement her in a floral-print Nehru jacket.

5. Dusty Blue Sharara And Mustard Yellow Kurta

Traditional Engagement Dress
Traditional Engagement Dress: Dusty Blue Sharara And Mustard Yellow Kurta

Don’t you think it gives us major fashion goals?With a light sharara and a tassel crop top, the gorgeous bride can make a statement.

Whereas the dapper groom can wear a mustard-coloured kurta to match her.

6. Pastel Kurta and Lehenga in Vibrant Shades

Who says boys can’t wear pastel shades? The bride can go with an elegant fuchsia pink lehenga, while the groom can adorn her in a pastel kurta.

In a cake-cutting ceremony, this kind of traditional outfit for couples looks beautiful.

7. Formal Suit and Evening Gown

Traditional Engagement Dress
Traditional Engagement Dress: Formal Suit and Evening Gown

Are you prepared to host an elegant engagement party at your location? If you want to look super stylish, you should check out this engagement couple dress combination.

A stylish velvet tuxedo and a wedding gown with a mermaid cut will work well together.

8. Magenta Shade Saree and Matching Nehru Jacket

If you’re looking for a zest top that makes a fashion statement, this is the one for you. You will be the most stunning bride when you wear a saree in a shade of magenta with a gown that has no sleeves.

A floral Kurti and Nehru jacket in the same shade are elegant options for guys.

9. Red Midi Dress and Black Suit

The eye-catching combination of black and red never fails to ignite the stage. By dressing in different shades, the stylish couple can make each other look good.

A stunning black formal suit and pants can be displayed by the groom. whereas the stunning bride can wear a stunning red midi dress.

10. A combination of blue outfits

In spite of all the statements and ethnic traditional engagement dress, this one is completely unique. For a casual yet stylish look, the adorable couple can opt for matching outfits.

The grooms with the coolest appearances can wear jeans and a stunning blue jacket. To match him, brides can wear a long gown in the same shade.

11. Royal Blue Sherwani with a Pristine White Anarkali

A Pristine White Anarkali with floral embroidery is a stunning ensemble. Statement bridal jewellery will complete this stunning ensemble.

A royal sherwani in a deep blue colour is the best option for a subtle white bridal ensemble.

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12. A Lehenga in Ocean Green with a Grayish Sherwani

These traditional engagement dress with distinguishing concealments are the best couple’s dresses for commitment.

By pairing a white floral sherwani with a sea green embroidered lehenga, the couple can choose a sophisticated look. To give his royal engagement look more definition, the groom can add a black embroidered stole.

13. A Grey Blazer And A Floral Midi Dress

You can look like a cowboy in a beautiful midi dress. For a couple who wants to stand out from the crowd during their engagement, this is the most stylish ensemble.

14. Matching Velvet-Textured Florals

Are you looking for a couple’s engagement dress that matches? This one will satisfy your requirements.

A stunning engagement dress for a royal event features floral embroidery on velvet. You can wear a velvet sherwani and a lehenga with floral prints if you have very exotic tastes in clothing.

15. A Formal Suit and a Pink Gown

What a beautiful moment captured in photographs! With his signature suit on, a millennial groom looks like a charming prince.

To look good with your prince charming, you should wear a fancy dress in a blush pink colour.


These combinations of the best  traditional engagement dress is unquestionably some of the most recent and cutting-edge designs of clothing and are among the most frequently worn for the event.

You have the option of selecting the traditional engagement dress based on the time of day, whether the event is during the day or at night. Jewellery and a hairstyle must complement the dress to make it shine even more.

Choose the best looks that you can’t resist and pair them with the hues, theme, and time of the decor.


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