21 Best Traditional Punjabi Dresses For Men And Women

Traditional Punjabi Dresses

Over the years, clothing has evolved in all aspects. The Fashion industry in India has touched a wide range of styles and added ordination. Thereby, with a plethora of transformations, both in ethnic and western approaches to fashion, clothing has seen the impact of various ages like the Mohenjodaro civilization, the British Raj, Post Wall Street Crash along with the 1990s and 21st century. Traditional Punjabi dresses are quite poppy and rich in coloyr. 

And with the emergence of brands, we have also witnessed a fusion of clothing in both western and traditional styles in India. Especially, with women’s roles have changed to more powerful, independent, and diverse, the emergence of pantsuits, shorts, skirts, etc has beautifully westernized the ethnic concept. It has made options more available for all class and style tastes.

To put a more focused light on the fashion funnel, the traditional dress of Punjab for both men and women has marked a growing trend of fusion to survive modernization.

With elements of tunics, Patiala pants, flared blouses and more, the element of diversification indeed, comes as a happy multicultural touch. The traditional dress of Punjab for men is Kurta and tehmat while that for women is a salwar suit.

However, over the centuries, the standard dressing of Punjabi suits has evolved with the introduction and fusion of cultures and various techniques. To name a few, below are the various traditional dress of Punjab for both men and women.

Top 11 Traditional Punjabi Dresses For Women:

1. Punjabi Suit with Patiala Salwar:

Punjabi traditional dresses

This baggy and pleated trouser has its roots in the city of Punjab called Patiala and was initially donned by men but later became a part of women’s attire as well. It is usually combined with a Kurti and a chunni for women with a draping pattern at the back. Involving various modern designs, it still keeps in touch with the tradition it was introduced with. It is one of the easiest and most comfortable dresses worn by Punjabi women united with grace and style.

2. Kurti & Dhoti

The second on the list of the traditional dress of Punjab is Kurti with dhoti. This chic ensemble will create a perfect Punjabi dress fusion and will bowl people over. Punjabi dresses look dazzling with contrasting color options like maroon and yellow, white and red, green and blue, and so forth.

3. Phulkari – Floral Heritage of Punjab:

Phulkari, which means ‘flower craft’ has been nestled in the culture of Punjab that goes back to the 15th century. Its bright colors are embroidered in a manner that speaks volumes about the women and their clothing desires. It famously appeared in the tear-jerking love story of Heer-Ranjha by Waris Shah and the creative art of embroidery has not changed its technique since its introduction. 

Women of all ages and classes don this cloth that reflects their life through the various colors entrenched on it. It can be woven on shawls, Kurtas, Dupattas, and Lehengas with eye-catching blends of intricate patterns and is worn on all occasions by the women of traditional Punjab.

4. Suit with Churidar:

Beautiful and graceful, this traditional dress in Punjab women is perfect to add a touch of femininity to the personality. A perfectly embroidered Punjabi suit with a churidar will sculpt the figure amazingly.

5. Anarkali Kurta & Pants:

Anarkali is all about being extravagant and grand. Make a grand entry to any occasion with a touch of fusion to this ethnic clothing. Pair your Anarkali kurta with a pencil or straight pants for a modern appeal.

6. Punjabi Ghagra – Adding Richness to the Femininity of Punjab:

One of the few traditional dresses that has been modernized is the Punjabi ghagra which is a part of a four-piece outfit that originated in Punjab but is now worn in Haryana and parts of Himachal Pradesh. This attire is mostly donned during ‘Giddha’ a famous folk dance of Punjab performed by women to twirl around in mesmeric colors while singing folk songs reminiscent of its culture.

7. Punjabi Suit with Sharara:

Shimmy through any occasion with a Punjabi suit paired with sharara is a typical traditional Punjabi dresses. It also make a memorable statement. The traditional Punjabi suit will look amazing with flared-up sharara and give you a majestic look.

8. Parandi:

Punjabi traditional dresses

Bedecked with jewelry and colorful threads, Parandi or Paranda is a hair accessory used by the women of Punjab. In addition to that, it also symbolizes love when a bride receives it from her husband as a form of affection. In older times, women wore Paradis to enhance their traditional beauty and make their hair look longer in the simplest way possible by intricately weaving threads together and tying them to their long and lush hair.

Paradis come in different sizes and colors and can be adorned with ornaments like necklaces, tikka, bangles, and golden shimmer added to the tip of it. It exhibits the exuberance of the women of Punjab and is extensively used by women all across India.

9. Suit with Lehenga:

If you are in a whole traditional kind of mood, a suit with a lehenga will be the perfect pick. Turn up the bling with mirror work and embroidered patterns. This will also make perfect wedding attire and draw all the attention with its exceptional gold scallop border at the hemline of the Kurti.

10. Punjabi Suit with Jacket

While Punjabi suits are all about tradition and ethnicity, clubbing them with a jacket will turn the whole look more sophisticated. So, if you want to stay up to trend but also carry a touch of elegance, this is your choice to go with.

11. Jutti – The Flamboyant Footwear of the Punjabis:

Punjabi traditional dresses

The Jutti or the Punjabi Jutti has been a part of the royalty of the Kings for 400 years and is traditionally embroidered on leather in real gold or silver threads. One of the unique features of this handcrafted footwear is that it has no left or right-side distinction and can be worn on any foot of choice. Being worn by the men and women of Punjab, it is the most comfortable and stylish flat-soled footwear worn mostly at weddings and festivals. It brims with shimmer and extensive embroidery that contains the heritage of Punjab.

Top 1o Traditional Punjabi dresses for Men

12. The Jama – The Flared-Up Piece of Cloth:

The men in the Punjab region wore Jama which is a long piece of cloth during the Mughal period. Tight from the torso flaring up like a skirt at the ankle or the knees, it is worn with a turban on the head reflecting royalty and the majestic nature of the kings. It was originally a dress for the men but was also worn by women with tight-fitting pyjama. Characterized by the long sleeves and tied under the armpits, it allows freedom of movement, making it another comfortable traditional attire of Punjab.

13. Sherwani with Dupatta – Bridegroom Dress:

Traditional Punjabi Dresses

The ultra-traditional dress in Punjab is what every Indian man casts his eyes on for his wedding attire. A sherwani with a dupatta and a matching turban and a layered beaded necklace will cast a classy spell on everyone around.

14. Turban:

Sikh men don headwear based on cloth winding known as pugg or pagri.  Men wear a customary turban which is there in different colors. 

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15. Kurta & Pajama:

Traditional Punjabi Dresses

One of the basic traditional dresses in Punjab for men, Kurta and pajama has always been in vogue and will always be. The simple and elegant attire fits all occasions and at the same time, works as a casual day attire too.

16. Kurta with Dhoti:

Kurta with dhoti makes an amazing option for men as much as it does for women. Being one of the hottest trends for men, dhoti and kurta can be donned in various ways too for a perfect fusion look like maroon and gold dhoti kurta, monochrome blue dhoti kurta, etc.

17. Tehmat:

Traditional Punjabi Dresses

Tamba or Tehmat is a Punjabi-style lungi with folds at the front. Men Bhangra dancers wear Tehmat with a kurta. This is one of the dance costumes of Punjab.

18. Kurta with Jacket:

You can create various looks with Kurta with a jacket. For a charmer look, you can choose a floral jacket over the kurta, for a vibrant look, opt for a bright yellow kurta with a square pocket, for a quintessential ethnic look, a Jawahar coat will do wonders.

19. Kurta with Pencil Pants:

Traditional Punjabi Dresses

This debonair combination will give a suave touch to your personality. Play the classic role with a touch of modernity and arrive in style on all occasions and functions. Pair it with a wristwatch and a pair of mojaris.

20. Kurta and Churidar:

Play the traditional Punjabi look and show off your built-in well-fitted kurta with churidar. You can opt for a monochrome kurta and a churidar is a traditional dress in Punjab to create a subtle appeal.

21. Waist Belt:

You can accentuate your waist with a kurta and dhoti with a waist belt. While dhoti will flare up your look, an embellished waist belt for festivals will create just the right balance. Style a messy hairdo and a well-trimmed beard to finish your look and garner a lot of attraction.

Summing up:

Traditional outfits scream elegance. Especially, the 21 traditional dress of Punjab, in so many variations, speaks volumes of the culture and values for centuries. With this lowdown of ethnic dressing styles with a modern twist, create various looks and flaunt them stunningly.


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