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Urfi Javed Fashion – Her 10 Unconventional Outfits

Urfi Javed Fashion – Her 10 Unconventional Outfits

  • Urfi Javed fashion is making headlines these days. The OTT fame Urfi Javed is hitting the headlines almost daily for her personal styling sense. Check out now!
Urfi Javed Fashion

The OTT Big Boss fame Urfi Javed fashion is hitting the headlines almost daily for her personal styling sense. From her backless outfit to a high slit dress Urfi Javed failed to create a fashion statement and instead became a reason for a troll.

Today, we are going to talk about Urfi Javed’s Fashion and how it created a buzz for her regretful outfit choices. Urfi Javed started her career in 2016 with the TV show named Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania. Lately, she has worked on different daily soaps like Meri Durga, Bepanah, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and many more.

Top 10 Urfi Javed Fashion outfits created havoc in the fashion world

She was also seen in one of the famous web series called Punch Beats season 2. Recently we saw her on one of the famous reality shows Bigg Boss OTT.

1. The Shimmery Backless Dress

Urfi Javed Fashion

Urfi Javed grab everyone’s attention with her hooded backless dress. The outfit included a bold skirt which was paired with the backless top with balloon sleeves and veil. She was patient with the creamy handbag and high heels. She was trolled for her outfit and people completely disliked the look.

2. The Trashbag Outfit

Urfi Javed fashion is quite experimental and impractical. Kudos to her creativity in turning a single trash polythene bag into a backless halter neck short dress during the OTT Bigg Boss task. However, this outfit didn’t go well with the audience and people mercilessly trolled her.

3. The Orange Backless Top without Stings

Urfi Javed Fashion

Urfi Javed is making fans go crazy. She set the internet again on fire with her orange bold backless weird outfit. This outfit included white pants with an orange backless top. Her fans were completed surprised to see how this top did not have any stings.

4. The Ripped Denim Jacket

Urfi Javed fashion includes the airport look. We saw her in a denim jacket with a frayed hem. The outfit gave us a sneak peek at her pastel sports bra. This jacket was pared with the lowest denim and in the photo, she flaunted her abs and curves.

As soon as she posted the photograph people started trolling her massively for her look. People were completely confused that what made Urfi think that it is the best airport outfit.

5. DIY Crop Top

Urfi Javed Fashion

Urvi Javed fashion loves to experiment with her outfits. Apart from the trash bag outfit she again made the headline for turning socks into an outfit. Yes, you read it absolutely correctly! The actress took a sock and joined it using a bangle. Then, she paired this crop top with the pants and carried a black top along with it.

6. The Grey Pant Suit

Urfi Javed has been called out so many times for her unconventional fashion. Here, is another bizarre airport look. Urfi Javed wore a grey pantsuit with high heels and open tresses. But do you know what exactly was weird about this outfit? The flimsy innerwear that she carried under her blazer. Netizens didn’t like this outfit at all.

7. The Weird High Slit Dress

Urfi Javed Fashion

Urfi Javed’s fashion is completely unconventional and unapproachable. Her high-slit dress raised many eyebrows. We saw an actress update for a high-slit outfit. The shirt-like cut-out design at the waist of the outfit is what captured people’s attached. Urfi looked super hot but this outfit was not loved by many. Her pictures were bombarded with so many comments.

8. Rihanna’s Met Gala look

Urfi tried to recreate Rihanna’s met Gala look using the Aluminium foil. Yes, you read it right she created an outfit inspired by Rihanna’s look using the aluminum foil and paired it with some neckpieces dark lip shade, and heels. Urfi Javed’s Fashion is unconventional but at the same time, she is super creative in recreating a celebrity look with affordable options.

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9. One Leg Leotard

Urfi Javed fashion is inspired by Hollywood stylists and celebs. She shared a reel on her Instagram where we saw her dressed up in a nude-hued leg leotard. This outfit was inspired by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

10. The Bold See-Through Top

Urfi Javed Fashion

Urfi Javed last year in November shared a photo of her bold see-through top. This outfit was inspired by supermodel Bella Hadid in 2020. This outfit included a blacktop with transparent net fabric featuring the strappy sleeves.

She paired up the top with a pair of black trousers which were complimenting the look. She kept the makeup subtle and added nude lip shade to her lips.

Summing up:

Urfi Javed fashion choices are completely unconventional. The actress is quite bold with her choices and this is what makes many heads turn around. Urfi is quite creative and experimental with her outfits but when it comes to practical terms.

This young actress loves to recreate the outfits of the Hollywood celebs, from Kendall Jenner to Zendaya. Her outfits generally have bold cuts, slits, and deep necklines. So, let’s wait and see what next Urfi has for her fans!


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