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Best 10 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs For 2023

Best 10 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs For 2023

  • You can check out the best Valentine's Day nail art designs from our blog.  We have listed out the best one for you!
Valentine’s Day nail art designs

Have a bunch of leftover red nail paint from the Christmas season? The good news is that it can be used for Valentine’s Day manicures. Of course, the hue is timeless all year, but with love in the air and roses serving as the major emblem of the mushiest day of the year, red is the designated color of Valentine’s Day and, as such, a strong choice for nail art. You can check out the best Valentine’s Day nail art designs from our blog. 

When we suggest that red or pink Valentine’s Day nail art designs are a safe pick, we don’t imply that you have to stick to a particular color on cupid’s birthday.

Work those colours into heart patterns or French tips; add kiss patterns; and use glitter or matte to represent your excitement or understated acknowledgement of this celebration. These inventive nail painters express their feelings with basic polish or manicure embellishments such as rhinestones, jelly polish, and gold foil.

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Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs in 2023

We’ve discovered festive encouragement for the lonely among us among the Valentine’s Day nail art designs below.

There are so many lovely and inventive manicure concepts out there — some are simple enough to do yourself, while others you should probably capture and take to your favourite manicure expert. We’ve gathered some of the most adorable Valentine’s Day manicure designs to inspire you to paint your heart on your nails. Scroll down to see some gorgeous Valentine’s Day nail art designs.

1. Kiss of the Half-Moon

If you find it difficult to let go of your seasonal nail designs just after the occasion in question, try Miss Pop’s Valentine’s design. This is one of the best Valentine’s Day nail art designs used a striper brush to paint pink and purple kisses above a gentle backdrop, creating a translucent half-moon that will transform into a rising moon as your nails grow, so you can keep this mani on until St. Patrick’s Day.

2. French festivities

Aside from looking great with a Valentine’s Day dessert pop, this convertible French is a great option if you like both colours equally. Begin by adding suitable base layers in alternating colours to one or more accent nails.

“When dried, use a precision brush to add the thin, red tip to the tip of the nail, staying near to the edge and following the form of the manicure,” explains Savanna Galvan, a nail technician at Los Angeles.

3. Hearts in Pink Ombré

Smith totally hand-painted this beautiful ombré artwork – no big deal. “I started with two dots, then pulled the bottom of the markings into a triangle form with a soft bristle brush, giving route to the ideal heart every time,” she reveals of her approach. “It’s critical for this design to have highly pigmented colours.”

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs
valentine nail art designs : Hearts in ombre

We recommend Essie’s Whirl of Things for the deepest pink tone. And for the base colour, we choose Zoya’s Brighton, a lovely fuchsia with glitter tiny particles.

4. Combination of Shiny and Matte

Although red or pink nails on Valentine’s Day may be expected, nail artist Nikoleta Szalak employed some surprising pairings to create an amazing manicure.

For the delicate, matte pink nails, she used Blue Nails’ Mineral Foundation in Natural, while for the glossy red nails and the charming little valentines at the cuticles, she used the same brand’s gel lacquer in the shade Fireman.

5. Hearts in Two Colors

Who thinks you have to wear red heart-shaped tips? Nail artist Courtney Wetmore created a gloss variation of this take on the French manicure including one red triangle and one dark-skinned nail, utilizing Essie’s classic black Liquorice and Hiking Heels.

6. Ombré in Red and Pink

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs
valentine nail art designs: Ombré in Red and Pink

 Walker isn’t against basic Valentine’s Day manicure designs. Here, she gave a client a stunning ombre manicure, beginning with red-hot tips and tapering to hot pink on the tips of the elongated, egg shape nails. Ombre is one of the best Valentine’s Day nail art designs.

7. Crush on a Cartoon

This mani is a charming nod to one of the most legendary cartoon crushes of the 1990s: Helga’s crush on Hey Arnoldtitular !’s character. Devin Strebler, a superb Tampa-based nail artist, disrupts the matt pink ombré foundation with a deleterious heart and spot-on images of Helga adoring a photo of Arnold.

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8. Flames in red, pink, and purple

Valentine’s Day nail art designs
valentine nail art designs Flames in red, pink, and purple

Walker achieved this fire style by first applying a light peach and cream base to the nails, then hand-drawing the flames with a fine-line brush then particular kinds of pink, red, and purple colours. When creating this style at home, don’t fail to use lacquer to provide the fingernails with a glossy sheen and, obviously, to minimize fading.


Valentine’s Day nail art designs may conjure up images of overly sugary riffs on Hershey kisses and smooch patterns, but we’re here to prove that heart nails don’t have to be corny. In reality, there are lots of cool Valentine’s Day nail art designs that you’ll want to wear long after February 14.

Consider rainbow manicures in pastel or pink patterns, dazzling rose-gold finishes that really appear grown-up, and a few dark-skinned alternatives for people who can’t bring themselves to wear red and pink.


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