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Watch Brands: The Best 15 Watch Brands That You Need To have

Watch Brands: The Best 15 Watch Brands That You Need To have

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Watch Brands are the love of every individual. In the old days, it was the saying “you get what you pay for” whether it was quality or quantity but nowadays we all want to look good by fitting our clothes into our budget.

So, to make sure that you do not have to waste all of your time researching the Internet, here are some brands that give watches that have both stylish features and come within budget.

Watch brands that you need to have once in a lifetime 

1. Citizen

Citizen was founded in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss inventors. Till then, it has grown into such a huge brand. In the present day, the brand citizen prides itself on its affordable and stylish watches. 

2. Timex

Timex was founded in 1854 Timex is an American manufacturing brand and is a subordinate of a Dutch company named Timex Group B.V. . The company offers a suite of watches for boys, girls, men, and women. It also has a very good line of watches that has a style for everyone and every occasion. That comes within an affordable range.

3. Fogg

brand watch

Fogg is a collection of digital and analog watches for men and women, as provided by fog. Dial color, dial shape, and band color of these watches add up to their versatile design patterns. You can also find amazing chronograph watches in an affordable range. Search for the cheapest watch online and select a nice one for yourself.

4. Swatch

Swatch is created to be one of the most affordable watch bands on the market. Switch derives its name from the blend of switch and watch. It’s amazing how much mileage swatches got out of some injection molded plastic Anyways, you can get affordable watches that are stylish with Swatch.

5. Titan

Titan is the largest and leading producer of watches in India and 5th in the world. Titan watches have been a perfect example of elegance and style. Titan wrist watches are known for quality and design. Although Titan watches are a little on the expensive side, they also have a huge variety of watches that can easily fit your budget.

6. Sonata

Brand watch: Sonata

Sonata is the sub-band of Titan group that sells quality watches at cheap prices. This sub-brand Carters to the leads of both men and women with their range of SF and Ocean series. So, whether you need to gift a watch to your friend or buy it for yourself. Sonata gives you a variety of choices at a low cost.

7. Fastrack

Fast Track was a sub-brand of the titan, but it developed to be an independent brand in 2005. It even offers digital and smartwatches in various designs and patterns that you can choose. Watches from this brand have unmatched style and quantity and are loved by all. It is one of the leading brand watch. 

IT manufacturers and distributes an amazing collection of accessories like bags, watches, belts, sunglasses, etc. Fastrack offers a lot of great quality watches at a low price.


Brand watch

Triver was set up by four friends in 2007 who were fed up with the reverence accorded status in tradition in the worst industry. The name TRIWA stands for “transforming the industry of watches”. Treva offers affordable watches with a clever blend of classic elements that are supported by fashion colors.

9. Naviforce

Forming in 2012, China, Naviforce is an independent watch Brand. There are various designs and patterns through the exclusive range of Navy force watches with which you can flaunt your wrists. The Quartz series of Navy Force is a best seller on various eCommerce platforms.

To avail of the best deals on Naviforce watches, you can buy them from various e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

10. G-Shock

G-Shock was first created by Cashio engineer Kikuo Ibe The only reason input cell was because it had a 10-year battery life and would survive for 10 meters. Fall on a hard surface. And was water-resistant to 10 bar ( 100 meters.) 30 years later. This presence still takes some beating when it comes to durability Now it comes with a range of added extras. World Time, automatic Calendar, Alarm unit, moon display, etc All within budget.

11. Roadster

Brand watch

Roadster is one of the emerging brands that produces and manufacturers avoidable watches. It offers a long collection of casual, semi-formal, and formal watches.

Watches for men are available at a cheap price, the roadster also has an unbeatable quality. You can buy any watch at a cheap price, that suits your need for occasions.

12. Skagen

Skagen Denmark’s brand initially of watches of Skagen Designs Ltd. Named for Skagen a Jutland, Peninsula, and Denmark’s northernmost town Skagen Designs Ltd was purchased in 2012 by Fossil.

It offers a wide variety of products. Like watches, handbags, sunglasses, etc. The watches Come in different designs and patterns, all affordable to the common person.

13. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger began in 1963. It had an initial focus on male sportswear. The company was sold to Philips Van Heusen ( PVH ) Corp in March 2010. It offers a wardrobe full of classic pieces that men will always want to wear, whether it is at beaches, on holidays, or at a party. Focusing on the classical design it provides us with a huge range of affordable watches.

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14. MVMT

A crowdfunding campaign was started by G Castle and Grammar Lepanto. To get them off ground. They wanted to prove that huge markups and breezy retail premises were not necessary for success.

Now, since 2013. They have been delighting customers with the crazy designs and patterns that a man could wish for while keeping them affordable and at in-budget prices. 

15. Seiko       

This was founded in 1881, in Japan, Seiko is known for introducing one of the world’s first quartz Wristwatches. It produces stylish steel automatics that are more reasonably priced than its Swiss counterparts. Their quartz watches have an unending battery. All thanks to the groundbreaking kinetic technology.

Why would someone not want or stylish quartz watch with a never-ending battery that comes at an affordable price?

Summing up 

We all agree that watches are a big part of it. But it is hard to find watches that look great and come within the budget at the same time. So, hope this complete list helps you out to the best. 

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