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Yami Gautam Fashion: The Dazzling Diva And Her Amazing Style Sense

Yami Gautam Fashion: The Dazzling Diva And Her Amazing Style Sense

yami gautam fashion

Yami Gautam fashion has always created hype. From her ponds advertisement to her exceptional performance in Uri, she has won many hearts. It is an Indian actress who began her career by featuring in commercials for the brand Fair and Lovely she later got her opportunities in the South Indian film industry.

Furthermore, she entered Bollywood after that and is being given her best at providing good quality content through her roles and films. Yami has a beautiful face and the prettiest smile which makes her look so cute and innocent. She even has a fashion sense that is immensely pretty and very stylish. Let us now have a look at Yami Gautam fashion.

Yami Gautam fashion: The top 8 looks of the diva

1. The white look

The colour white is being seen abundantly across all the places that one visits these days. This is because the summer season is here and the climate is too hot to bear. In such cases, people prefer to wear light coloured clothes that absorb less heat and keep the body comparatively cooler. While in Goa, Yami Gautam was spotted in an all-white outfit when she took up the podium as the speaker of the Goa fest.

She wore a white corset top with a white sleeveless long jacket over the top and to match them, she wore white parallel pants. Well, this look would have been too white on the rest of the days but when in Goa during summers, such an outfit for a fest is the best and it also makes one appear very stylish while being in their comfort and calmer.

Yami only wore a few finger rings as her accessories and opted for a sun-kissed makeup look. Her hair had slight waves and it gave the leaflet tropical vibes that suited the weather of Goa.

2. Keeping it casual

Casuals are the most used outfits these days as summer brings out the lazy person inside you and one does not want to look like a mess informal outfits while dripping in sweat due to the summer heat. So what to do when one wants to wear casuals and still wants to appear cool and fashionable? Take inspiration from Yami Gautam then.

Yami is probably a rare kind of a person who looks this good even without makeup or accessories on the camera as she poses for a picture on one of her film’s posters. She is seen wearing an oversized blue denim jacket with white bell-bottom jeans.

To maintain the casual look in a fashionable manner, Yami has added a huge black leather handbag while her hair is slightly crimped towards the edges and she has her bare skin exposed in this happy picture.

3. A dose of green

Green is a very nutritious and healthy colour that feels so refreshing and rejuvenating. It is such a colour that it makes the skin look glowy and bright while it also looks classy and expensive. Who does not like such a colour right? But how exactly to style it can be a question that many of you might be having so let us take a few tips from Yami Gautam then.

She is seen wearing a plant green blazer top with the same coloured parallel pants. Yami looked like a breath of fresh air in this outfit, like a treat to the eyes as she was so pretty in this outfit. This time her hair has been curled and she has black heels on her feet. A no-makeup makeup look with a subtle pink lip colour makes the outfit shine even more than usual.

4. Magical Yami in front of the monument of love

yami gautam fashion

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India is considered to be the monument of love in India for over a lot of decades now. The white marble that it is made from is the beauty of this monument and shows that even a simple and plain colour like white is capable of showcasing the love of one individual for another. While posing in front of such a monument Yami looked like she was wearing real gold over her.

She preferred to wear a full sleeves dark golden long kurta that was pleated from the waist till the bottom. She looked like she was dressed in pure gold and was ethereal to watch her in this amazing outfit. This time too, she had wavy hair and oxidized earrings with a pair of round black sunglasses.

Her makeup here was a no-makeup makeup look and that went very well with the golden theme of the outfit. Learn more about the basic makeup tricks and hacks for beginners. 

5. The classic black and white look

yami gautam fashion

The colours black and white form the oldest and most nostalgic colour combination and they both go well with any other colour but look fantastic without another. With such colours over Yami, one can expect to see the magic take place and be mesmerized by Yami Gautam fashion style.

She is seen wearing a full sleeves white shirt that she has folded on the sleeves and tucked inside her chic black leather high waist pants. The shirt had puffy sleeves and a pocket over it while the pant has a slightly pleated effect on the top.

Her hair is wavy as always and this time she has a bronzed makeup look with black smokey eyes and subtle brown lip colour and they do not overtake the black and white colours of the outfit so it all looks pretty good over her.

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6. The black magic

yami gautam fashion

Yami Gautam fashion apart from pastels is about the black or darker shades. Black is a very bold and powerful colour that promotes strength and even beauty. Its names and individuals appear very beautiful upon wearing it and so this is true for Yami as well. She wore a black dress during the promotion of one of her films and she looked fabulous in it.

The dress had half sleeves and was a midi dress. Her hair is like usual but her makeup has a slightly stronger punk blush this time but it goes very well with the dress giving it a decent and classy look overall.

In another look, Yami is seen wearing a black denim midi dress with thin black straps, pin-straight hair, bold red lip colour, hanging earrings and a white tote handbag.

The dress has a white lining and to add some cool effect she has added black rectangular sunglasses to it and she looks very chic in this look.

7. The simple look

yami gautam fashion

Yami Gautam fashion is about the bright colours. WE saw her wearing a bright yellow blazer and light blue denim pants during the promotion of one of her films and she managed to look simply gorgeous in it. Her style, attitude and confidence in the pictures that she shared while wearing this outfit say it all and she looks as bright as a star in this simple but elegant outfit.

Summing up 

Yami Gautam Fashion is all about soft pastels and bright colours. She has always amazed us with her outfit choices. We all love the colours and shades that she picks. Know more about her wedding day outfit to take inspiration from her wedding attire.

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