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Best 15 Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi you need to book for your D-day 

Best 15 Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi you need to book for your D-day 

Best 15 Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi you need to book

Weddings are majestic centrepieces in the colourful fabric of Delhi’s cultural environment, celebrated with grandeur, emotion, and splendour. The bride, the pinnacle of elegance, beauty, and anticipation, is at the core of these breathtaking events. And there is an elite league of artists who wield brushes and palettes to create magnificent creations in the arena of bridal enchantment – the bridal makeup artists in Delhi.

It’s no wonder that Delhi has a profusion of these creative geniuses who convert brides into magnificent visions on their most significant day.

Join us on a journey to meet the craftsmen who make bridal fantasies a reality, infusing each stroke with creativity, talent, and a touch of enchantment. With their unrivalled expertise and passion, these makeup artists play an important part in ensuring that every bride exudes confidence, charisma, and an iridescent shine as she walks down the aisle.

Bridal makeup artists In Delhi for the amazing bridal glow 

Let us enter the enchanted realm of 15 top bridal makeup artists in Delhi, where creativity meets talent to create bridal beauty beyond comparison.

1. Vidya Tikari: The Trailblazer of Bridal Beauty

Best 15 Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi you need to book
Top 15 Bridal Makeup Artists to Glam Up Your Delhi Wedding

Vidya Tikari is a wedding makeup pioneer with over three decades of expertise.

Her name is connected with traditional beauty and grace when we talk about bridal makeup artists in Delhi. Vidya’s talent is in accentuating a bride’s natural beauty while embracing the bride’s uniqueness. Vidya Tikari’s beauty talent guarantees that the bride appears beautiful and radiant at every wedding, traditional or modern.

2. Ambika Pillai: The Glamour Guru

Ambika Pillai is a name synonymous with flair and glitz. Ambika is one of the most loved bridal makeup artists in Delhi.She knows how to synthesize classic techniques and current trends.  Ambika’s ability to create varied styles while preserving her unique touch is very amazing, with a large clientele that includes celebrities and weddings alike.

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Ambika is frequently sought after by brides desiring an expensive and dazzling appearance. You can check out her work on her online social media handles. 

3. Shalini Singh: The Makeup Maverick

Shalini Singh is well-known for her ability to produce a wide range of bridal styles, from beautiful to experimental. 

Her makeup expertise is distinguished by meticulous attention to detail and a great awareness of current trends. Shalini creates personalised looks that reflect a bride’s style and personality using her expertise in numerous cosmetic methods.

4. Meenakshi Dutt: The Beauty Maestro

Best 15 Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi you need to book
Unveiling Delhi’s Finest The 15 Best Bridal Makeup Artists

Meenakshi Dutt is one of the bridal makeup artists in Delhi with years of experience & in the silver jewellery market in Delhi, Her speciality is designing enthralling bridal outfits that are a seamless combination of history and innovation. Meenakshi’s ability to change brides while emphasising their greatest features demonstrates her skill.

Depending on the bride’s preferences, her expert hands may produce anything from a delicate and natural look to a strong and dramatic appearance.

5. Pooja Khurana: The Fusion Artiste

Pooja Khurana is known for her ability to integrate traditional and modern elements in her bridal makeup artists in Delhi. Her understanding of numerous cosmetic methods, as well as her experience in airbrush makeup, enable her to create beautiful and long-lasting looks that brides appreciate. 

Pooja’s creative style and attention to detail make her a favourite among brides who want to look trendy but gorgeous.

6. Sakshi Sagar: The Minimalist Magic Maker

Sakshi Sagar’s makeup methodology is on enhancing a bride’s innate beauty with a little touch. Her makeup is distinguished by gentle, subtle tints and delicate finishes. Sakshi’s ability to create subtle yet magnificent wedding looks draws brides who want a new and minimalistic image.

7. Amrit Kaur: The Radiance Architect

Amrit Kaur is known for her beautiful and luminous bridal appearances. Her makeup technique is all about transforming a bride’s inner brightness into a luminous look.  Amrit’s awareness of various skin tones and textures enables her to create looks that not only look lovely but also boost a bride’s confidence and charm.

8. Simran Kalra: The Vintage Elegance Artisan

Best 15 Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi you need to book
The Ultimate Guide 15 Must-Have Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi

Simran Kalra’s makeup is a tribute to classic elegance. She specialises in incorporating traditional aspects into her bridal outfits, resulting in a timeless and beautiful appeal. Simran’s ability to take brides back in time while preserving a modern edge is simply astounding.

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9. KritiDS: The Bold and Beautiful Maven

KritiDS is recognised for her daring approach to wedding makeup. Her work is distinguished by the use of brilliant colours, strong contrasts, and one-of-a-kind methods.  KritiDS is frequently sought out by brides who want to make a statement on their wedding day because of her ability to create dramatic and eye-catching designs that leave a lasting impact.

10. Anjie Gogna: The Transformation Enchantress

Anjie Gogna’s cosmetic artistry transforms brides into gorgeous goddesses. Her attention to detail and dedication to capturing the spirit of a bride make her a sought-after artist.  Anjie’s ability to create ensembles ranging from subtle elegance to high drama guarantees that each bride on her wedding day feels like the greatest version of herself.

11. Shruti Sharma: The Trendsetter

Shruti Sharma is well-known for her ability to define trends and push creative limits in wedding makeup.

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Her ability to play with colours, textures, and methods results in one-of-a-kind and inventive styles that are trendy, fresh, and completely stylish. Brides looking for a cutting-edge look frequently turn to Shruti for a splash of modern flair.

12. Jasmeet Kapany: The Boho Chic Creator

Best 15 Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi you need to book
Elevate Your Wedding Look 15 Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi

The makeup artistry of Jasmeet Kapany is all about portraying the free-spirited and bohemian vibe. Her ability to incorporate boho-chic aspects into bridal makeup results in looks that are effortlessly elegant, quirky, and deliciously out of the ordinary. 

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Jasmeet’s works convey a casual elegance that appeals to brides wanting a non-traditional yet stunning look.

13. Guneet Virdi: The Whimsical Dreamweaver

Guneet Virdi specialises in producing fanciful and magical bridal designs. Her makeup is distinguished by soft, romantic colours and delicate motifs that convey a sense of enchantment. Guneet’s talent to create ethereal and mystical looks makes brides appear and feel like they’ve walked into a fairy tale.

14. Aakriti Kochar: The Modern Muse Maker

The makeup artistry of Aakriti Kochar reflects current sensibilities and aesthetics. 

Her ability to play with vivid colours, graphic motifs, and avant-garde methods yields looks that are elegant, edgy, and completely intriguing. Brides desiring a modern and avant-garde look select Aakriti’s unique and trendsetting approach.

15. Nikki Harale: The Ethereal Beauty Architect

Best 15 Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi you need to book
Discover Delhi’s Elite 15 Bridal Makeup Artists You Need to Know

Nikki Harale is known for her ethereal and otherworldly bridal outfits. Her makeup work is distinguished by delicate, romantic tones and exquisite embellishments that create a dreamy ambience. Nikki’s talent to infuse ethereal appeal into her designs results in brides that resemble charming goddesses, exuding beauty and elegance.

What to consider while selecting bridal makeup artists in Delhi? 

Here, are some points to keep in mind while selecting bridal makeup artists in Delhi:- 

  1. Before finalising the makeup artists ensure that you keep a check on their work. Ensure that there is work is according to what you are looking for.
    2. Make sure that you share all your ideas, thoughts and the final look you want to create. Never hesitate to share your views.
    3. Keep a budget. It is very important to set a budget before you go for a quick search. 
  2. Get a rough idea of what products they are using. Make sure to tell your make-up artists about your skin condition, allergies or any concerns.
  3. Last but not least, ensure that you do not select makeup artists based on the price only.


The quest for bridal beauty finds its perfect companions in the 15 top bridal makeup artists in Delhi and lehenga shopping places in Delhi, where tradition meets contemporary. As we near the end of this handpicked list, it’s clear that these artists are more than simply makeup magicians, but also storytellers who utilise brushes and palettes to make fantasies come true.

Bridal makeup artists on this exclusive list have perfected their profession, catering to the unique likes and dislikes of brides from various backgrounds. From the ethereal appeal of classic looks to the modern allure of modern aesthetics, these artisans have perfected the art of enhancing a bride’s natural beauty while maintaining her distinct individuality.

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