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Best Adipurush Movie Looks 2023 : The Biggest Controversial Movie

Best Adipurush Movie Looks 2023 : The Biggest Controversial Movie


Adipurush, the much-anticipated Indian epic mythology-based film, has finally arrived in theatres. Given the star-studded cast as well as the assured high-end visual effects, this Rs 500 crores production has generated a lot of buzz among the public. Fans were excited for the debut of this film since the trailer seemed promising. The trailer featured the appropriate background musical soundtrack and cinematic cuts, making it a huge smash.

Adipurush’s first-day box office haul far surpassed Pathaan’s first-day collection. Since the trailer debuted, this film has been the subject of much debate.

Adipursh best looks in 2023

In this post, we will dig into the intriguing world of the character clothes in “Adipurush,” looking at the inspirations for their designs, the process of innovation used by the wardrobe designers, and the influence they have upon the overall visual story of the film.

Prepare to go on a sartorial voyage through myth and imagination as we explore the beautiful world of the “Adipurush” character outfits. Now let’s dive into the lookbook of this 500 crores movie:

Prabhas’s appearance is more jesus like than Shri Ram in the Adipurush film


Prabhas, dressed in a vest and dhoti with his hair pulled back, shows off his warrier side as he points a bow towards the sky, with lightning flashing in the backdrop.

Netizens are mocking Prabhas outfit for resembling Jesus rather than Lord Ram. Some fans connected Prabhas’ look in the film to that of Jesus Christ, which deviated from the anticipated representation of Lord Rama, resulting in fun mocking.

Modern Look Of  Goddess Sita

Despite her appeal as Mata Sita as well as the improper cinematic chances she takes with her wardrobe selections, Kriti Sanon falls below of the crucial effect. Sita was dressed in a low-hip saree and exuded glamour most of the time, even though this was not the Ramayan we were all familiar with.

Kriti Sanon, who portrays Sita, the Hindu goddess, in Adipurush, wears a cotton saree accompanied by a strapless blouse.

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Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of the 10-headed Lankesh has sparked a meme frenzy:


Ravan’s sporting a black T-shirt makes it really mockful. The audience have criticised the style, claiming that it is overly extravagant and untrue to the Ramayana. Raavan’s ten heads are intended to be demonic as well as terrifying, however it appears like the VFX went awry on this one. Although Saif Ali Khan’s acting was excellent, the cringy and comical VFX has sparked a meme frenzy.

Netizens have reacted angrily to Saif Ali Khan’s 10-headed appearance in the much-anticipated flick Adipurush. Some have welcomed the appearance, while others have criticised it. Khan may be seen in the film with ten heads, each with a different expression. The appearance portrays Ravana, the enemy in the Ramayana.

‘Bollywood’s Hanuman resembles a Musalman’

The characters of Lord Hanuman from Ramanand Sagar’s series “Ramayan” and “Adipurush” are also contrasted. Devdatta Gajanan Nage portrays Hanuman in the film. Netizens have remarked that Hanuman’s appearance in the film is comparable to Islamic dress.

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Kiara Advani

It should be noted that no Hindu wears a beard without a moustache. This movie should be prohibited… They are slandering our Ramayan. They’re representing Ravana as well as Hanuman as Mughals with beards yet no Tika on their brows.

Hanuman was shown wearing leather garments, despite the fact that the description of his look is explicitly stated in the Hanuman Chalisa.

‘Indrajeet or South Delhi’s tattoo artist?’ Adipurush’s ‘disaster’ unleashes a torrent of parodies


The film’s makers have received a great deal of criticism and hatred for their portrayal of Meghnath, which has fallen short of fans’ expectations. Furthermore, the addition of unusual tattoos on Indrajeet’s body has displeased viewers. 


Finally, the character outfits featured in the film “Adipurush” have captured the attention of both fans and cinephiles “quite literally”. The wardrobe crew for the film has spoiled the faithful spirit of the characters while including their own unique interpretations. Each clothing should portray the grandeur as well as authenticity connected with the epic, from Lord Rama’s regal dress, performed by Prabhas, to the interesting and unique look of the adversary, Lankesh (Ravana), portrayed by Saif Ali Khan.

The clothing should not only add to the aesthetic attractiveness of the picture, but they also play an important part in portraying the characters’ character traits and feelings. As a whole, the character outfits in “Adipurush” are not up to the mark in bringing the legendary characters to life.

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