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Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles For you to try In 2024 

Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles For you to try In 2024 

Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles For you to try

A curly bob hairstyle is a bob hairstyle for ladies who have inherently curly hair or purposely curl their straight hair. Curly hair may be worn in almost any bob style. The trick is to give it the appropriate form for natural curls. 

Bobs can be inverted, stacked, angled, A-line, graded, and many more styles. A curly bob hairstyle may increase the volume of your hair, especially if you add lengthy layers.

Curly bob hairstyles are feminine, fun, and simple to style. For a long time, the consensus was that curly hair sounded better longer since it naturally grew broad initially before settling down. 

Many celebs with textured hair, like Tia Mowry and Zendaya, have lately been photographed with curly bobs, and we are fascinated. 

Get yourself a change with the Chic curly bob hairstyles 

Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles For you to try
Tress Trends The Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles for Your Inspiration

If you’re considering trying this curly bob hairstyle, we’ve got you wrapped. Check out some lovely curly bob examples below.

1. Retro Curly Bob

Retro haircuts are never out of style. This exquisite hairdo, along with the appropriate cosmetics, will turn attention wherever you go! 

All you have to do is spritz some texturizing spray, put on beautiful clothing, and you’re ready to go!

2. Curly Bob With Bangs

Who said curly bob hairstyle couldn’t have fun with fringe? Because we are here to say that, yes, you can.  Curly bobs with fringe are really popular right now and can be obtained in a variety of forms on the internet. 

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Here’s a set of curly fringe separated in the centre to create a curtain appearance. This kind of fringe complements the short scruffy bob cut for curly hair.

3. Long Chocolate Bob

Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles For you to try
Curls Galore Top 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles to Elevate Your Style

Chocolate is an offering from God. It’s the only thing that women of all ages and nationalities are on board with. If you do not enjoy chocolate, I am not going to trust you. Bring that lovely present to your lengthy curly bob hair, as well as you’ll be humming ‘I Feel Good’ all day & choosing a new hairstyles.

4. The Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is a fantastic summer hairstyle. This outfit gives off a warm vibe. It just reminds me of the beach plus fires in campsites. 

This is a two-layered inverted bob, also called a graded bob.

5. Designer Bob

Shaving designs on the underside of a bob are currently quite popular. The remainder of your bob descends over the design, covering it. 

However, when you clip your curly bob into a high ponytail, the design is visible. 

6. Classic Bob

This traditional curly bob hairstyle is the ideal balance of fun and feminine. With this short bob, you won’t have to comb your hair each occasion you go out. It also makes grooming your hair much easier. 

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No more spending hours looking at the mirror trying to work out which hairdo fits best. Another advantage is that this bob highlights your cheekbones as well as jawline.

7. Messy Short Bob

Nothing is prettier than a short curly bob hairstyle

It appears elegant and young. The short bob may define your face and highlight certain characteristics. The swept fringe adds a lovely finishing touch to the outfit.

8. Inverted Shingle Bob

Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles For you to try
Curl Power 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles to Rock Your Look

We are sure all of us have visited the beach. Have you ever observed how the sun’s rays seem to shimmer as they fall on beachfront sand? 

This hairstyle is inspired by such phenomena. We can almost sense the warmth coming from these blonde hair. The black roots lend height to the contours of your face.

9. Simple Shaggy Bob Cut For Curly Hair

Another bob style for curly hair is quickly gaining favour. It’s the shag. It looks great, especially when curled. The shorter the hairstyle, the better. 

Meg Ryan has been providing us with the right hair inspiration for this hairstyle for years. It’s time we listened to her. This haircut is suitable for ladies of all ages, in case you were asking.

10. The Triangular Curly Bob

This girl’s blazing red hair makes me think of a youthful Nicole Kidman from Days of Thunder & box braids hairstyles to try.

A close companion of ours claims that when she trims her curly hair, it appears straight at its base and curly at the tips. we have to say, it looks stunning!

11.Waves Bob

This bob reminds me of ocean waves during a storm, or at least how painters depict them. The whole back is trimmed short, with the exception of a few strands in the front that are feathered and left longer. 

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The best aspect about this curly bob hairstyle is that with the correct makeup, you can make any bright eye colour stand out.

12. Thin Curls Bob

Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles For you to try
Bounce and Bob Explore 15 Fabulous Curly Bob Hairstyles for a Trendy Look

The nicest thing about kinky curls is their volume. Women with kinky hair look stunning even without makeup. 

If you want to highlight your coils, try a layered bob with curled fringe. You won’t be disappointed.

13. Side-Swept Bob

A side-swept bob complements all facial shapes. It looks great on everyone! If you’re unsure about cutting your hair, this is the safest option. 

The bright pink colour gives some spiciness to this hairstyle. If you want to be bold, colour only one side of your hair & best bun hairstyles ideas to try.

14. Colored Tips Bob

Colouring the tips of your hair might benefit in a variety of ways. It enhances your facial features and draws attention to your eyes. 

It also enhances your natural hair colour. The idea is to choose a shade from the same colour family as your base colour.

15. Long Curled Bob

Best 15 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyles For you to try
Bobbed and Curled 15 Chic Hairstyles to Transform Your Curly Bob

Yes, you can get Taylor Swift’s gorgeous style using a curling iron. Taylor Swift’s style is always eye-catching. 

So when she chopped her hair short, the entire globe was transfixed. And we must admit, this curly bob hairstyle is really fantastic.


When it comes to curly hair texture, most of us become stuck for ideas. However, it is more challenging to conceive of bob haircuts for the same. But do you trust us when we state that this option is now available?

Bob haircuts are the most fashionable appearance now trending throughout the world. But, given that most of these styles are seen on women with flat or wavy hair, how effectively do they work with curly hair? Curly bob hairstyles are quite fashionable and simple to style.

Bobs are more trendy because they may be styled beautifully with loose curls along with a new haircut. If you’re on the same page, these curly bob hairstyle ideas and trends can give you some inspiration.

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