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Best 25 Questions To Ask Your Crush

Best 25 Questions To Ask Your Crush

  • Nothing is more enjoyable, thrilling, butterflies-in-your-stomach-inducing, and heart-pounding than falling in love with someone new and wanting to learn everything about them, especially if you're feeling the same way in return. 
Best questions to ask your crush

You’ve developed a crush. You get those butterflies in your tummy every time you see them. Maybe you blush and your heart races. You feel like your younger self all over again, lacking the courage to take the initial step. After all, what if they are not interested in you? Worse, what if you discover you’re not truly interested in them?

Here’s a list of helpful best questions to ask your crush to get to know them better. Whether you’re searching for the best questions to ask your crush in person, these questions are open-ended and insightful, allowing for deeper conversation and maybe even a love connection to grow. 

Feel free to pick and select the best questions to ask your crush from this list, or customise some of them to fit your connection with this individual. Please keep in mind that these flirtatious questions to ask your crush are simply the beginning of what will ideally be an ongoing conversation.

If you’re still looking for conversation starters, here are some simple and best questions to ask your crush. Once you have additional knowledge, utilise it to ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation continuing.

1. What intriguing interests do you have? 

 Best questions to ask your crush
Flirty Inquiries 25 Questions to Ask Your Crush and Keep the Conversation Going

This question might help you determine whether your hobbies are similar or whether you should widen your horizons to pursue new ones.

2. What is your favourite movie? 

What is your favourite television show? These questions will help you decide whether you’ll binge the next great series together or watch the latest blockbuster. 

It can help you determine whether you share the same interests and open the door to additional debate about everything from your favourite characters to why a character is the worst.

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3. What sort of music do you like listening to? 

You may follow up by asking who their favourite musical artist is, what their favourite song is, what is the finest concert they’ve ever attended, and so forth. 

People’s musical preferences are an excellent method to make them feel more at ease, since they frequently have a lot to say.

4. When was the last time you spent much too much money? 

This is a great one to discover what they prefer to buy for themselves or do with their time. You can determine whether they are more of a thing or an experienced person.

5. Tell me about yourself in 10 words or fewer. 

 Best questions to ask your crush
Getting to Know You 25 Best Questions to Ask Your Crush

This is an open-ended inquiry that the individual may take anywhere! It also requires thinking to condense something into only a few lines, therefore they must carefully analyse their facts. 

Perhaps you want to know your crush on a deeper level. You want more than a hello to start the discussion. Here are some best questions to ask your crush to begin creating a relationship.

6. How do you prefer to spend your leisure time? 

Similar to inquiring about their hobbies, this inquiry can help you grasp your crush’s interests and how they prefer to relax or have fun. Extra points if you utilise this question to arrange your first date!

7. What’s your favourite meal?

 If you want to take it a step further, this might assist you figure on where to take them on a dinner date. If it is a different sort of food than yours, you may always try it.

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8. What are your guilty pleasures? 

Depending on the situation, this might be a flirting question, but it’s a fun one! Perhaps they enjoy eating ice cream or binge-watching reality television. Whatever it is, it might reveal a lot about how they prefer to unwind.

9. Are you a morning or evening person? 

 Best questions to ask your crush
Conversation Starters Top 25 Questions to Ask Your Crush

This might assist you understand when they are most active. If they’re a night owl, they might not answer as swiftly in the morning.

10. What are your hopes and aspirations? 

This is a loaded question, so don’t ask it straight away! This allows you to better grasp your crush’s aims and desires while also gaining insight into their personalities.

11. What is your favourite childhood memory? 

This inquiry might trigger nostalgic sentiments, allowing you to bond over how you were raised or share childhood stories. This encourages more intimate communication and can lead to some really sensitive discussions, so use it with caution.

12. What is on your bucket list? 

This inquiry might help you comprehend your crush’s long-term ambitions. And what they tell you might reveal a lot about their long-term aims and ambitions.

If you’re convinced that you want your crush to be more than that, you should prepare some of the best questions to ask your crush or her that would spark a deeper conversation. You want to form a stronger relationship in order to progress beyond being buddies. 

13. What’s your greatest fear, and how do you conquer it? 

This question encourages vulnerability, therefore not everyone will be comfortable sharing it. 

However, it may help you understand a lot about a person and avoid behaviours that can exacerbate their concerns. They may not have overcome it, but you can assist them go through it together.

14. What is the most essential lesson you’ve learnt in life thus far? 

 Best questions to ask your crush
Discovering Your Crush 25 Thoughtful Questions to Ask for Deeper Connection

This question gets you thinking. It causes individuals to be introspective, reflect on their life experiences, and share the useful ideas they have gained. You may benefit from their experiences and exchange your own. 

15. How do you describe success, along with what are your life goals? 

Personal milestones are crucial. It demonstrates that individuals have ambitions and desire to continue moving forward. You can check whether your beliefs on success are similar. If not, that is not always a negative thing! These might vary with time.

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16. What is your biggest deal-breaker in a new relationship? 

Everyone has something that makes them uncomfortable, therefore you want to know what your crush has and how to prevent it.

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17. What did you learn from your previous relationship that will benefit you in your future one? 

People learn and develop from all experiences, so talking about what you learnt after the end of a relationship can bring new insight and perspective on future relationships & impress your crush.

18. When did you first get your heart broken? 

Learning about previous relationships is an excellent method to establish a stronger connection.

19. What is your life philosophy? 

Many people have a personal slogan. Asking someone what it is might help you discover more about their values and what they hope to convey into the world & Tips for Choosing the Best Sunscreen.

20. What is the finest praise you’ve ever gotten? 

 Best questions to ask your crush
Curiosity Unleashed Best 25 Questions to Spark a Connection with Your Crush

You can learn about the person’s ideals and how to appreciate and complement them in the future. Save it for future reference. 

Sometimes you don’t want to take yourself too seriously! You simply want to flirt with your crush. Perhaps that brings them home with you. Perhaps you’re simply developing anticipation. Regardless, here are some of the best questions to ask your crush.

21. Who was your first kiss with? 

Bonus points if you respond to their answer with the inquiry, “Would you like me to be your last?” Asking someone about their first kiss may be a pleasant opportunity to remember, share memories from the past, and joke about previous relationships & Benefits of Cucumber.

22. What’s your ideal dating night? 

Hopefully, it hasn’t occurred yet, and you can turn it into a reality! When you bring it to life, you not only display active listening, but you also provide a delightful opportunity for her to realise her ambitions.

23. What is your love language? 

When you ask this question, you will discover a lot about how people prefer to receive affection. This is one of the best questions to ask your crush.

24. What is your favourite physical attribute, and why? 

Depending on how they respond, this might be entertaining and flirtatious. Direct the inquiry to elicit a flirtatious answer and express how much you agree. Request to view some photographs!

25. Do you like to make the first move? 

This inquiry might assist you in understanding how your sweetheart like to be pursued. Some want to be pursued, while others like to be the aggressor. 


Nothing is more enjoyable, thrilling, butterflies-in-your-stomach-inducing, and heart-pounding than falling in love with someone new and wanting to learn everything about them, especially if you’re feeling the same way in return. 

Every relationship has a “talking phase” in which the goal is to have the best questions to ask your crush and have as many open and honest talks as possible. This “getting to know you” phase, which should involve a lot of regular dates and hangouts, is mostly used to learn about them and determine whether they’d be a suitable fit for you. 

You don’t have to have everything in common—differences are fine!—but the more you know about someone, the easier it will be to decide whether you want to pursue anything more serious together. 

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