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The Best 10 Saree Outfit To Wear As A Wedding Guest

The Best 10 Saree Outfit To Wear As A Wedding Guest

  • Looking for some saree outfits as a wedding guest? Here we have prepared a complete list for you, check this out now!

Saree outfits are not only elegant but also comfortable and graceful. If you are also looking for or planning a saree outfit as a wedding guest then, this blog is a must-read for you. Saree is one of the most beautiful outfits for every Indian woman.

As we all know wedding season is here! We all are confused about what to wear to the wedding. Saree is one of the lucky-go options. So, here is the list of the top 10 saree outfits that you can carry as a wedding guest and steal the show.

Top 10 saree outfits to steal the show

We understand that picking up a perfect saree for a wedding function is one of the most daunting tasks. Deciding on color, fabric, accessories, or hair-do requires a lot of effort. So, here to reduce your extra efforts we have curated the top 10 saree outfits that are definitely going to help you.

1. Saree with a jacket

One of the most popular saree outfits is to style it with a jacket. If you want to be modern and traditional at the same time this outfit is a perfect option available for you. All you have to do this pair your saree with a jacket instead of a blouse. We have seen many celebrities like Kareena Kapoor carrying this outfit with grace.

She paired her black striped saree with a black jacket and the statement neckpiece. This look is just perfect for all the corporate women there.

Saree outfits images

You can give your ethnic Avatar a modern touch with the jacket. Do remember that you carry a jacket which is complementing your saree look.

2. Ditch traditional blouse

Instead of a normal blouse, you can go for a western top and pair it with a saree. Bring out the off-shoulder top or ruffled sleeves. If you are picking pink or a blue cotton or linen saree, then you can go for a white off-shoulder blouse.

Make sure that you choose the right colors and accessories to create a mesmerizing impact. This way you came re-invent your old saree into a modern look.

3. Saree with dhoti pants

It is one of the most comfortable and trending ways to wear a saree. If you are already going experimental and love to try out new things then, this saree look is just perfect. You can hear it with dhoti or pants.

Do you know that this trend was started by the fashionista of Bollywood Sonam Kapoor? Do you want to know more about Sonam Kapoor fashion, click here?

4. Mumtaz draping style

Mumtaz saree outfit was so popular in the 60s and 70s and this trend is back. If you are looking for a saree outfit as a wedding guest then, you can pick up this retro style saree with a glittering border.

5. Multicolor saree

Multi-color saree outfits

The multicolor saree outfit is one of the most trending and off-beat fashion trends. Whether you are looking for a wedding outfit or a wedding function outside this saree is stylish just perfect.

We saw Deepika Padukone pulling off this multi saree outside with full grace and elegance. You can find the stuff from local markets like Sarojini Nagar and Santacruz. These are also available on different online platforms. 

6. The color block effect

The Colour block is quite trending since 202o. Color blocking is not only limited to western outfits, also you can create color blocking. Be very wise and careful while choosing the color blocking impact.

You can take inspiration from Deepika Padukone’s outfit. Deepika Padukone carries a pastel hue saree with a yellow blouse to create a color-blocking impact. She carried blue earrings to complement the entire look.

7. Net saree is the new trend

Saree outfits photo

Net sarees are super stylish and look classy. You can pick up the net saree with saree Zardari detailings or you can go for heavy borders or deep neck blouse or plunge necklines.

On many occasions, we have seen celebrities carrying net sarees and making headlines.  The sarees are super glamorous and if you are a fashionista this is the optimum choice. 

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8. The ruffle saree

Ruffles are the hot trend. You don’t need heavy jewelry or a super stylish blouse when you have a ruffle saree. Yes, you read it right!  Try to pick up a sequin blouse with a plain saree. If you are going for a plain black ruffled saree outfit you can go for a silver sequin blouse. 

9. Belt

Saree outfits

If you want to add more fashion to your saree look then, you can opt for the belt. All you have to do is pearl saree with an embellished statement belt which is complementing your entire look.

It is one of the most latest saree trends and looks super good. If you want you can pick up the saree blouse that goes well and complement your blouse. 

10. All white

White is one of the best color options that you can pick. There are so many actresses who made the white saree look. From Sharmila Tagore, Hema Malini, and Rekha’s era to Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor we have seen white outshining in every generation. 

Summing up

Saree is the most loved outfit. So, these were some of the latest saree outfit trends that you can carry as a wedding guest. There are many other trends, prints, and fabrics available so you can experiment accordingly. You can go for a balloon sleeved, blouse, or a corset blouse. You can pick a printed, pendulum blouse, or a v-shaped blouse.

You can take different colors from pastels to black to white to any other color. Before picking a saree make sure that you choose the right saree for the right occasion. If you are looking for a saree outfit for mehndi then you can pick from different shades of green, lemon, or neon. If you are looking for a saree outfit for Haldi then, you can play with different tones of yellow and orange colors. 

If you are someone who loves silk but cannot wear it then organza is one of the perfect options. It looks similar to silk but is comparatively light in weight and more breathable.


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