Best 7 Diwali Makeup Looks That You Can Try This Diwali 2023

Diwali Makeup

Diwali, the festival of lights is a time of vibrant celebrations, dazzling decorations, and joyous gatherings. It  is a time for celebration and dressing up in your finest attire. 

Afterall who would miss a chance to flaunt it ! This diwali dress up in your finest attire and rock your personal style ! Everyone knows that the best way to shine is definitely with some stunning makeup looks. Diwali makeup is not to shine your skin, but it is a way of self-expression, and to reflect one’s inner radiance and the spirit of the festival. It’s a opportunity to bring out your inner artist by playing with colors and creating your own personal styles that lighten up the festive mood.

Whether you’re a makeup pro or a beginner, these Diwali makeup looks will make you feel like a star during the festival radiating glow. From glamorous eyes and vibrant lips, we have got a guide for almost everything. So, are you ready to light up the room with your beauty? Then what are we waiting for? 

Let’s dive deeper into top 7 Diwali makeup ideas that will enchant everyone on Diwali guiding us towards the journey of inner beauty, solace and culture.

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Top 7 Diwali makeup ideas: Try out these makeup today 

In this vlog we will discuss about various makeup looks that will make everyone awe-struck , ranging from classic makeup look to contemporary, we have got you a diverse options to make you dazzle this diwali. Keep scrolling cause we are going to begin this Diwali makeup journey in style and radiance!

1. No makeup look 

Keeping your Diwali makeup simple and minimal is now the most trending thing on charts. It can enhance your beauty simply as a natural beauty! But a key to get flawless glow comes with choosing the right foundation, concealer, and primer for your skin tone.

Application of  a damp beauty blender helps you get an even and radiant complexion making you shine effortlessly.

2. Pink Delight 

An all-pink monochrome makeup unquestionably makes you stand out and give out delightful aura. This style is perfect for the chic and bold individuals who want to add a  touch of playful elegance.

Whether it’s pink lipstick or blush this monochrome look infuses the freshness of the festive season. So, go ahead and let your inner pink enthusiast shine this festive season!

Diwali Makeup
Diwali Makeup

3. Smokey eyes Trend 

Who doesn’t know the all famous smokey eyes ? Whether you prefer an intense or a subtle smokey eye, this trend adds drama to your eyes alluring everyone during the festival. A full blown smokey eyes makes you feel bold and a softer smokey eye makeup look on the other hand strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity for the festive occasion.

So, if you want to mesmerize anyone or even fall in love with yourself either of the smokey eyes is a great option !

4. The elegant style

If you want that high-class and luxurious vibe this diwali then you must absolutely try the boujee style ! By adding a touch of gold elements you can get that luxurious effect bewitching almost everyone !

This look gives off  an  aura of elite and sophistication making everyone convinced that you are natural with that  sense of luxury and style right there !  Let us all rock that boujee girl look this Diwali !

Diwali Makeup
Diwali Makeup

5. Nude Makeup Look

We are sure everyone has heard of nude makeup look after all its the most trending thing right now right ! How about incorporating this trending look into our traditional Diwali ? Sounds crazy right.

But trust me nude makeup look is all that we require this festive season. It embraces natural beauty and simplicity by using soft, neutral shades to enhance your features without the need for bold colors.

This understated approach can be perfect for those who prefer a more subtle and elegant appearance during the festival. With a focus on flawless skin, subtle eye makeup, and muted lip colors, the nude makeup look allows you to radiate a natural glow and celebrate Diwali with grace and sophistication.

6. Red Lipstick

Do you want to feel empowered ? You now know what to do ? A perfect red lipstick is all you need.The right shade of red can boost up your confidence and elegance instantly transforming your appearance.

Whether it’s a matte or a glossy finish red lipstick is a timeless choice that never went out of style and never will ! Then are we ready to awe struck everyone with simple yet fascinating red lipstick ?

7. The Indian Look

Diwali Makeup
Diwali Makeup

Are you ready to knock everyone out with your ethnic desi look. We all know the effect a desi girl has on everyone. Just with simple bindi and Jhumka’s we all fall for that desi.

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Imagine the wonders a desi look can work when worn with perfect attire and makeup.Simple yet captivating a Indian Kudi look makes everyone fall head over heels.

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Diwali is not just a  community’s festival but it is a symphony of lights, colors, and traditions that create an atmosphere and makeup has always been a integral part

of our tradition dating back to centuries. Whether its trying on new trendy looks or sticking to classic makeup, the bottom line lies within the very fact that it is a means of expression for your personal style.

Diwali makeup doesn’t just represent cosmetics and techniques. But it shows the true spirit of the festival – a way of inner radiance, beauty emphasizing the moral value that  light always overcomes over darkness. It’s an expression of one’s  culture and tradition, and a way to unlock your creativity within.

It is a time to shine and rock yourself with style. Whether you prefer a natural look or want to go all out with bold makeup it’s all on you ! Whether you want to embrace yourself with trending makeup like smokey eyes or try on  the classic traditional bindis and jewelry, the choice is yours.

The bottom line is to create a festive look that reflects your unique personality. By using the right makeup, you can truly dazzle and enjoy the spirit of Diwali to the fullest. 


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