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Best 10 Navratri Lookbook Ideas That You Can Try In 2023

Best 10 Navratri Lookbook Ideas That You Can Try In 2023

Navratri lookbook

Navratri, a vibrant and joyous Hindu festival celebrated across India, is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when people dress up in their finest traditional attire, dance to the rhythmic beats of Garba, and revel in the spirit of devotion and celebration. Whether you’re a seasoned Navratri enthusiast or a newbie looking to join the festivities, we’ve got you covered with this traditional Navratri lookbook.

The festive air is thick with excitement as Navratri approaches. It’s that time of the year when we gather to celebrate, dance, and create lasting memories. To make your Navratri experience even more special, we’ve curated five additional stunning navratri lookbook that will make you the center of attention during the nine nights of revelry.

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Best Navratri lookbook to try in 2023 

In this article, we’ll explore ten stunning navratri lookbook that will help you stand out during the nine nights of revelry.

Look 1: The Classic Chaniya Choli

Let’s kick things off with the timeless Chaniya Choli ensemble. This traditional Gujarati outfit consists of a vibrant, flared skirt (Chaniya) paired with a matching blouse (Choli) and a colorful dupatta.

The key to nailing this look is to choose bright, contrasting colors and intricate mirror or embroidery work. Accessorize with chunky silver jewelry, jingling bangles, and a pair of comfortable mojaris. You’ll be all set to twirl gracefully to the Garba beats.

Look 2: The Elegant Sari

For those who prefer the elegance of a sari, Navratri is the perfect occasion to drape one in a unique way. Opt for a lightweight silk or chiffon saree with traditional motifs.

Create a stylish draping style like the Gujarati or Rajasthani style to make a statement. Complete the look with a matching blouse and heavy silver jewelry. The sari is not just a garment; it’s a symbol of grace and sophistication.

Look 3: The Fusion Fusion

If you’re in the mood for a fusion look that blends traditional and contemporary elements, consider pairing a trendy crop top with a long, flowing skirt. Look for skirts with traditional prints or embellishments.

This fusion ensemble offers comfort and style, allowing you to dance the night away without any hindrance. Add a statement necklace and jhumkas to complete the look.

Look 4: The Regal Anarkali

Step into the world of royalty with an Anarkali suit. This regal outfit features a long, flowing frock-style top paired with fitted leggings. Choose an Anarkali in rich, deep colors like royal blue, maroon, or emerald green.

The intricate embroidery and embellishments on the Anarkali make it a perfect choice for Navratri. Don’t forget to adorn yourself with golden accessories to match the grandeur of this outfit.

Look 5: The Stylish Indo-Western

For a modern twist on traditional navratri lookbook, go for an Indo-Western look. Pair a stylish kurti with palazzo pants or dhoti pants. The key is to choose a kurti with ethnic prints or embroidery.

Accessorize with a statement belt, jhumkas, and bangles. This look offers a perfect blend of comfort and style, allowing you to dance with ease while looking effortlessly chic.

Look 6: The Graceful Lehenga

Elevate your Navratri style with a graceful lehenga choli. Lehengas are known for their flowing skirts and intricate detailing, making them a go-to choice for festive occasions. Opt for a flared lehenga in a vibrant hue with traditional embroidery.

Navratri lookbook
Navratri lookbook

Pair it with a well-fitted choli and a matching dupatta. Accessorize with statement jewelry and a bindi to complete the look. This ensemble embodies timeless elegance and ensures you twirl with grace during Garba.

Look 7: The Royal Bandhani

Bandhani, the tie-and-dye fabric technique, is synonymous with traditional Gujarati attire. Choose a bandhani saree in rich colors like crimson, indigo, or mustard. The intricate patterns and vibrant hues make it perfect for Navratri.

Drape the saree in the Gujarati style or opt for a unique draping technique. Pair it with a contrasting blouse and traditional jewelry for an authentic look that celebrates the heritage of the festival.

Look 8: The Chic Crop Top

For a contemporary twist on Navratri fashion, consider a chic crop top paired with a high-waisted, flared skirt. Look for skirts with mirror work or embroidery to infuse a touch of tradition.

Crop tops come in various styles, from off-shoulder to halter necks, allowing you to choose the one that suits your taste. Complete your look with statement earrings, a stack of bangles, and comfortable footwear. This outfit is perfect for those who want to blend modern fashion with Navratri’s traditional essence.

Look 9: The Dazzling Sharara

Shararas are making a comeback in the world of fashion, and Navratri is the ideal occasion to flaunt this navratri lookbook. A sharara features flared pants paired with a short kurti and a dupatta.

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Navratri Lookbook Sharara
Navratri Lookbook Sharara

Opt for a sharara set with intricate embroidery or embellishments. The flared pants allow for easy movement during Garba, while the kurti adds a touch of elegance. Pair it with matching accessories, and you’re all set to steal the spotlight.

Look 10: The Contemporary Gown

If you prefer a one-piece outfit, a contemporary gown is a fantastic choice. Look for gowns with Indian-inspired designs, such as floor-length anarkali gowns or Indo-Western fusion gowns.

Choose one with vibrant colors and exquisite embroidery. Gowns offer both comfort and style, making them an excellent choice for Navratri events. Add statement jewelry, a clutch, and heels to complete your look.

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Conclusion: Dance to the Rhythms of Navratri in Style

Navratri is not just a festival; it’s a celebration of culture, music, and togetherness. And what better way to be a part of this grand celebration than by donning the perfect traditional outfit? Whether you choose the classic.

Navratri lookbook
Navratri lookbook

Chaniya Choli, the timeless sari, a fusion look, a regal Anarkali, or a stylish Indo-Western ensemble, make sure you embrace the vibrant colors, intricate designs, and festive spirit of Navratri. With these stunning Navratri lookbook, you’ll not only look the part but also dance your heart out, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

So, gear up, ladies! It’s time to dress to impress and dance to the infectious rhythms of Navratri. Embrace the traditions, celebrate the diversity, and let your style shine during this auspicious festival.

Happy Navratri!


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